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Play Avoider Minigame Suite Avoider Minigame Suite May. 26, 2012
It is very easy to generate simple buttons through pure AS3 code, but you can design them in PS/TheGimp and then import that and then just put in place of that scribbled text. That's All. You can search for tutorials, there might be hundreds of them covering this topic.
Developer response from lSWATLLAMA

Thanks, Danny_Phantom. I like it when a player recommends something constructive. :)

Play Avoider Minigame Suite Avoider Minigame Suite May. 26, 2012
You Seriously Need To Do Better Buttons/Text Than That Poorly Drawn Start/Back/Levelstart Ones.
Developer response from lSWATLLAMA

I agree completely! Do you know any way that I can improve though? What program to use, and what tools in those programs are good, or if I just need to practice?

Play Dodge The Dots Dodge The Dots May. 14, 2012
Not really a fun game, I'd give it a 1/5. Keep trying.
Play Ducky's Adventure Ducky's Adventure Apr. 30, 2012
Why have you uploaded a game that definitely sucks? & You still uploaded it on here, what were you assuming?
Play Asteroids by Blake Asteroids by Blake Apr. 30, 2012
Good Work, 1/5. Keep Trying. :)
Play kong tutorial kong tutorial Apr. 27, 2012
Good tutorial. :) 1/5 -- Keep it up.
Play tower defense storm beta tower defense storm beta Apr. 27, 2012
1) Better Graphics 2) Better Graphics 3) Better Sounds
Developer response from willthechill

ok thanks for the 3 ideas. Graphics will definitely be improved as that is what a lot of people are complaining about! by sounds i'm guessing you mean when you kill a enemy it should make a sound and stuff like that. thanks a lot for your help.

Play Shootorial Development Shootorial Development Apr. 27, 2012
hahaha, nice game. :) 1/5. keep trying.
Play Adventures of green blob Adventures of green blob Apr. 26, 2012
Art is good, controls are not that horrid. And storyline just ends too soon. So I'd give it a 2/5. :) Good job, keep making games
Play Coinbox Hero Coinbox Hero Apr. 22, 2012
@gabinus: Please share the walk-through of how to complete this in 20 Minutes.
Play The Great Siege The Great Siege Apr. 12, 2012
Instead of fighting the fourth boss, I left an Enemy Archer alive in the first wave & made a worker to repair my Wall too. Then I went off to do other work, play other games while the timer goes off.
Play Crash course demo Crash course demo Apr. 09, 2012
Flagged. :)
Play Alien invasion Alien invasion Apr. 07, 2012
oh, did you use Flixel lib for this? --Great work btw.
Developer response from itachirhy


Play Bo's Blast Bo's Blast Apr. 02, 2012
Please provide the links to the Artists & Musicians of this game. The graphics really enhanced the gameplay, although I've played a lot of this type of games & this game surely doesn't standout of them but this is still playable & enjoyable. So I'd say that you've made a good game. Wouldn't it be better if you assigned the Space key for the Skills & Guns menu? & if you made the Guns & Skills menu in the same but tabbed interface. Good Game. 5/5
Developer response from ST3ALTH15

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I am the artist and a guy named Mark Ebbole is the musician who made the awesome soundtrack!

Play The Hero Of Idilia The Hero Of Idilia Feb. 16, 2012
I rated it 5/5. But here's a point (if you don't mind). It's not really that great, I just started a mission & went on doing something else, came back when the character died & the started it again. This game could have been the best if we could control the character. at least there would have been some interaction.
Developer response from Gheata

You'll be able to do that in my upcoming game :D

Play Holiday Block Breaker Holiday Block Breaker Feb. 07, 2012
Good Game, though not anything new or any new concept. I rated it 3/5. Keep making games. :)
Developer response from Abigayl

Thanks. Couldn't really add many new ideas since I only had 8 hours to make it in ;). Trying some new ideas for a future one though...

Play Neon Runner Neon Runner Jan. 30, 2012
I don't know if that's the case but the hitdetection seems a little off because it drops down dead even when I'm not touching it. Still I gave it a 4/5 for the hard work you put into it. Keep it up.
Play Stringy Stringy Dec. 16, 2011
Awesome Game. :D
Developer response from triqui

thank you

Play Can You Survive? Can You Survive? Dec. 11, 2011
Woot, Great Updates. Love it. How about adding flair when the gun shoots? and an actual Gun Sound? And I don't know if it's just me but the Gun isn't automatic, you have to click every time. Keep working on this. It's really awesome. :)
Developer response from Toxicgamerz

there are sounds like when you shoot and when you hit the explosive barrels and when you shoot the zombies. but im not sure if theya re working for you guys.

Play Can You Survive? Can You Survive? Dec. 06, 2011
Well, More Guns(Obviously) - Better Zombie A.I - More Maps - Also May be Night And Day Cycles too. There is a Unity Package for adding Night And Day Cycles into your games. Make the Gun actually play an animation when I press the trigger, right now it just feels like nothing happens. Put recoil, put gun sounds, put gun animations. and also put a hand holding it.