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Welcome to the Great Wall of Dark Rainy Text
Heyo what me doing good. I’m a knight made of dark rain. I’m dee-arr-kay. Literal translation / A very orgasmic shadowy character. My name has nothing to do with Batman. Also, my real name is not actually Darren.

Freely give Internets
Pic of me in my fav hat
Play my created level in Red Remover
Me with my name cropped off
Kong user ID 5,150,514

Me Links
Games I Supported
Behavior Links
Conduct Guidelines for Kong
Wanna be a Mod?
Still wanna be a Mod?
Helpful Links
Where are my Flash save files?
Want K+?
Formatting Links
Profile Formatting Guide
How to take a screenshot and post it to the forums
Site devoted to taking a screeny
Firefox Related Links
Better Kong for FF
How to Change Your Sex

Favorites as follows…
Red or Black (mood), Basketball, Chocolate Chip Cookies (Trip C), Metal, Iron Maiden, Definitely GTA: San Andreas, Family Guy, you figure out what is what

And here is some music to listen to while you continue reading:

Humpty Dance
Fade to Black
Say Something [I’m Giving Up On You]
Good Riddance [Time of Your Life]
Just Close Your Eyes
Fear of the Dark
Real American
Grep Theme Song

Date and Mod Section
Was Commoner in The Den as of Wiki: June 2, 2011
Member of LOL Clan, Joined June 28, 2011
Was Regular in Eggy as of Wiki: April 5, 2012
Modded: May 3, 2012 → Dec 9, 2013
Was Regular in Pride as of Wiki: June 17, 2012
King of Trolls in Just Trolling: Nov 2, 2012
Room Owner of Hypothesis: Dec 10, 2012 → July 16, 2013
Hypothesis changed to Fear of the Dark: Dec 20, 2012
Forum Modded for The Ninth Realm: May 29, 2013 → Nov 11, 2013
Level cap reached: July 9, 2013
All-Time high score on The Queue Idle: July 16, 2013
Room Owner of Games Workshop: July 18, 2013 → Aug 11, 2013
Forum Modded for Bush Whacker Classic and Bush Whacker 2: July 21, 2013 → Dec 9, 2013
Games Workshop changed to Your Pants: July 23, 2013
Forum Modded for Off-topic: October 21, 2013 → Dec 9, 2013
2nd All-Time high score on It’s Raining Outside! (luv u uzz): August 31, 2014
All-Time high score on IDLE stripped to basics: Sept 7, 2014
Promoted to Officer in Tyrant’s “Legion of Doom”: May 15, 2015

My weapon of choice, instead of a banhammer, was a cardboard tube. *bonks you on the head with a cardboard tube* XD
Many thanks to doodle_man for making me a Mod card and to supersmiley98 for making me a second Mod card!!! Thank you!!! (Also due credit to videogames518)
“DRK’s the hero Pride deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark rainy knight.”
~ elfboy676
“A hero made of rain, striking in the dead of night, as dark as the nightmares of criminals, a true knight of justice”
~ sammanguy
“Dark and Rainy is my Knight, whilst I lay here in the light. He must linger, what a fright. He will prevail, with his wealthy might!”
~ xxlistatxx

My Achievements:
First Impossible badge gotten!!! I got it for Meat Boy on February 28, 2012!!! YaY!!!
Every obtainable easy badge achieved!!! I finished this on April 5, 2012!!! YaY!!!
Second Impossible badge gotten!!! I got it for Focus on May 15, 2012!!!
Third Impossible badge gotten!!! I got it for Pandemic 2 on June 9, 2012!!! YES!!!
Fourth Impossible badge gotten!!! I got it for Run 2 on October 22, 2012!!!
Fifth Impossible badge gotten!!! I got it for The Necronomicon on January 14, 2013!!!
Sixth Impossible badge gotten!!! I got it for Streamline on January 24, 2013!!!
Seventh Impossible badge gotten!!! I got it for Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 on January 29, 2013!!! WOO!!!
Eighth Impossible badge gotten!!! I got it for Frantic 3 on February 10, 2013!!! YES!!!
Ninth Impossible badge gotten!!! I got it for Gravitee on September 12, 2013!!! WOOO!!! (Was also 2,000th badge)

One year results:
Easy: 575/577 = 99%
Medium: 621/813 = 76%
Hard: 79/503 = 15%
Impossible: 1/44 = 2%
Total: 1276/1937 = 65%
Level: 52
Total points: 19156
Total points from badges: 14620
RoS Failric level: 22

August 4, 2012 results:
Easy: 620/622 = 99%
Medium: 721/865 = 83%
Hard: 141/529 = 26%
Impossible: 3/44 = 6%
Total: 1485/2060 = 72%
Level: 57
Total points: 24713
Total points from badges: 17950

Two year results:
Easy: 699/704 = 99%
Medium: 886/967 = 91%
Hard: 253/586 = 43%
Impossible: 8/47 = 17%
Total: 1846/2304 = 80%
Level: 64
Total points: 34901
Total points from badges: 24855

August 4, 2014 results:
Easy: 781/790 = 98%
Medium: 1058/1104 = 95%
Hard: 299/634 = 47%
Impossible: 9/50 = 18%
Total: 2147/2578 = 83%
Level: 65
Total points: 42168
Total points from badges: 29285

Four year results:
Easy: 825/827 = 99%
Medium: 1113/1148 = 96%
Hard: 317/656 = 48%
Impossible: 9/52 = 17%
Total: 2264/2683 = 84%
Level: 65
Total points: 44083
Total points from badges: 30870

Thank You Section
Many many thank yous to the following people for creating or finding avatars for me!!!: (not necessarily are any of them my current avatar)
jjj_9 for finding me a Knight avatar
RevengedJaack for creating my namesake, Knight, dino, and DRK warrior avatars
JeanneDork for creating my DRK avatars, finding my “awesome” logo, and drawing my “Get All The Badges!!!” Knight
ImBlue298 for sending me a kewl Knight avatar
poetic4death for creating my “pure awesomeness”, drk, K, and Drawn Knight avatars
Moshdef for my glowing blue DRK avatar
doodle_man for my Dark letters
KaiJai for my green DRK avatar
Storageheater for the Mohawk shaking guy
MyNameIsNothing for DarkRainyGourd and DarkRainyKat
Woon1957 for LightSnowyPrincess
TheCongressman for Red DRK and Black & red name
uzzbuzz for DarkRainyRaptorKnight
XxLittle_StarxX for Neon red DRK and Purple blob
Stots for Beyonce and Vladimir Putin
Bluji for The Dark Knight and “’twas a dark and rainy night…”
j64e for Crazy Blingee
Potshotlynxlynx for “D’arc reigny, night in grey, white and yellow”
tyler25 for It’s Drk!
Endrry for Space DRK
Attack2100 for DRK Sparkles
TwistedCakez for 2drk4u
FlyingCat for Devil Bird
occooa for DRK Dumb
Gabidou99 for Pac Man Ghost

Thank you Dutchy Dutch for writing a poem about me!!!

Thank you KaiJai X)

Thank you for everything frankiesmum X)

Thank you uuu2


Thank you to racefan12 and ninaboo for their generous help fixing my profile. Thankies!!! I appreciate your help!

Thanks to Zshadow and Kirideth for answering all of my never ending lines of questions xD

Thank you to Perpluid for fixing my Better Kong! You made my life easier again C:

Game Thank You Section
Whoa, Zilch is fantastic!!! Many thanks to ThisBeJess for originally playing the game with me.
ADDITION: Rest in Peace Gaby

Much Thanks to Staticman who greatly aided and helped me get the 26th and final Gold Medal in Demons Took My Daughter and also the badge and the 30 points (May 9)!!! So Thank You to Staticman because your advice was greatly appreciated!!!

Also if I’m thanking people here I can’t leave out BlackheartGamer because his guides on Doodle God were of much use and assistance. If you have any problems with Doodle God make sure to search for and check out his guides. Thank You BlackheartGamer.

Much thanks to 123aaa789 and Bob10110 for helping me out in Sacred Seasons MMORPG!!! I couldn’t have done it without your help!!! I appreciate it very much!!! Thanks again!!!

Much thanks to the players of Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG for helping me out!!! Thank you!!!

Many many thank yous to the following people for helping me with games!!! I appreciate it!!!:
XxKey_Master77xX for his help with Crush the Castle
L0LSmilyface for her help with Wake Up the Box
Fricknmaniac for his help with FPA: World 2
Adrokila and solprovider for their help with The Last Stand: Union City
JeanneDork for her help with Cuboy: Cubeture 2
spookahunadoo for her help with Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG
poetic4death for her help with countless games x2
Razzi3l, Punisher2099 and Akshayk29 for their help with Solipskier
123aaa789 and MrGravy for their help with Platform Racing 2
123aaa789 for his help with Platform Racing
123aaa789 for his help with Dream World
123aaa789 for his help with TDP4 Team Battle
Thyrael for helping with Fantasy Online
KaiJai for her help with Kongai
uzzbuzz for his help with Contract Wars

Kong Gaming
Make sure to check out Kongregate’s Philosophical category because it has some of the best games on Kong in it.

Abobo’s Big Adventure is, in my opinion, the best game on Kong.

Good Quotes
Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.
~ Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama
Making love was never about when you and I were in bed.
We made love whenever we held hands.
~ poetic4death
Suicide isn’t cowardly. I’ll tell you what’s cowardly, treating people so badly that they want to end their lives.
~ poetic4death
Thank you to poetic4death for letting me use her great quotes!!! Thanks again!!!

Let’s get cereal, you guys.
~Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.
~Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else.
~He who laughs last didn’t get it.

General Store
Please stop saying that you are bored. You are on a computer, connected to the internet, on a gaming website with thousands of games, in a chat room with hundreds of people and you claim that you are bored? Doubtful. Try applying yourself.

Favorite Chat Quote(s): (although I don’t care much to save these types of things)
DarkRainyKnight: I like Pooh
L0LSmilyface: lol
RevengedJaack: :O
DarkRainyKnight: XD
L0LSmilyface: xD
RevengedJaack: HAHAAHAHA
RevengedJaack: Dark!
DarkRainyKnight: xD
DJFLEX43: :|
DarkRainyKnight: XD
RevengedJaack: aaahahhaa
L0LSmilyface: lol
solprovider on Kong games:
(the second part pertains to me)

solprovider: The key to getting close to them all is to alternate the good and bad games. Like one game that would have been fun if the dev had a clue, then one where you know the dev deliberately made it as unfun as possible, then a really fun game as a reward
solprovider: If you don’t alternate, you’ll quickly discover that you have about 1/3rd of the Badges, and all the rest of the games suck bad
frankiesmum: DRK is trolling me. Earlier his initial was D. Now it is R. :P
DarkRainyKnight: lmao
frankiesmum: You can stop now, K?
DarkRainyKnight: Oh the irony in your statement there :-P
frankiesmum: Hehehehehehehe
DarkRainyKnight: xD
frankiesmum: *hugs and kisses DRK*
DarkRainyKnight: C:
frankiesmum: My formatted profile is back!
DarkRainyKnight: Huzzah!
frankiesmum: Waterproof on the outside, soft and furry on the inside? Sounds like DRK.
KaiJai: Latest fashion, wear a DRK to keep you dry and warm this winter!
frankiesmum: It is like a cue – as soon as food is mentioned DRK arrives. :)
[04:46 AM] MaistlinRajere: HAHA I FARTED
[06:48 AM] Sillinde: Also, I don’t believe DRK can be gay. He’s married to, like, 80% of this chat room.

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