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Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent Jul. 17, 2013
These games shouldn't be badged. We've been saying it for ages. Anyways, anyone knows what factors are taken into account when 'Power' is calculated? A quick one-post guide to the Medium badge would be appreciated by all of us who couldn't care less about playing this game beyond the badges. You'll get upvoted! =D
Play Ultimate Army Ultimate Army Feb. 11, 2013
What's with the irregular inflow of mediocre games in the Hot New section?
Play Frogout Frogout Feb. 02, 2013
I've eaten all of the flies in level 8 but the level won't transition. Have I missed something or is the game glitched?
Developer response from monzazart

you said box? what box? ;)

Play CAVEMAN CAVEMAN Jan. 18, 2013
I was caught between a moving platform and a stationary one. This crashed my browser.
Play Punk-o-matic 2 Punk-o-matic 2 Sep. 11, 2012
This game was torture. The 'circle crap' is so bland. Couldn't have ended sooner.
Play Little Samurai Little Samurai Jun. 21, 2011
71. I'm 1 away from being an Elite Samurai. =[
Play Kick Out Bieber Kick Out Bieber Jun. 21, 2011
I cried when I had finally killed Justin Bieber. They were tears of joy.
Play ZitS: the Saviour - Act 1 ZitS: the Saviour - Act 1 Mar. 23, 2011
You're meant to save a General stranded in an area loaded with zombies and all you're given is a pistol? Isn't this what we're paying taxes for?
Play Ultra Random RPG character pages Ultra Random RPG character pages Mar. 15, 2011
You should've just used a Google spreadsheet for this...
Play Captain_Catface's Disco Agogo! Captain_Catface's Disco Agogo! Mar. 14, 2011
0/5 Needs badges.
Play 10800 Zombies 10800 Zombies Mar. 13, 2011
The game has huge issues with responding, leading me to give a 2/5.
Play Pel Pel Feb. 09, 2011
You don't Silveroid.
Play Zombie Splatter Zombie Splatter Feb. 07, 2011
In Soviet Russia, zombie chainsaws you!
Play Island of Destiny (UNFINISHED) Island of Destiny (UNFINISHED) Dec. 31, 2010
After a few minutes, the sparks simply stopped. No matter where I aimed, nothing came out. Did you add a limit or is this a bug?
Play Light Quest Light Quest Dec. 23, 2010
There is one major, major flaw in this game. Almost every time before I complete a level, an object has to get in the way and stop me from continuing. It blocks the door or an obstacle and I can't pass through thanks to the roof. For this reason, 2/5.
Play Zombie Bites Zombie Bites Dec. 17, 2010
@BobSaggetftw, That's Kongregate's new spam block you're experiencing there.
Play Sim Taxi Bubble City Sim Taxi Bubble City Dec. 08, 2010
Not the best of games. 3/5
Play phosphor Beta phosphor Beta Nov. 26, 2010
Flagged for stolen...
Play Warlords 2: Rise of Demons Warlords 2: Rise of Demons Nov. 22, 2010
The description says 5 races. Either he changed it, or some people out there can't read...
Play The Magic Button The Magic Button Nov. 21, 2010
Nice game, for a first. ;3 5/5