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Play Loved Loved Apr. 20, 2015
This is by far the lagiest game I have ever played on Kong.
Play Robot Wants Ice Cream Robot Wants Ice Cream Jan. 19, 2015
I personally dislike using the arrow keys for movement. There needs to be a WASD option.
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jul. 07, 2014
I dislike being forced to use arrow keys to move. I think the standard is to have WASD be available for this.
Play Barons Gate Barons Gate Sep. 29, 2013
Just bought the ice bow, but I do not see an option to equip it. The 200 was subtracted, but I do not see a bow anywhere. Is this a bug ?
Play Daymare Cat Daymare Cat Jul. 01, 2013
Won't let me use the pyramid. I keep trying over and over.
Play Forgotten Dungeon 2 Forgotten Dungeon 2 Jun. 03, 2013
When I portaled back to the dungeon (from town), I was outside the wall of the dungeon and unable to move.
Play ButtonX20 ButtonX20 Apr. 22, 2013
Game is fun to play. But personally, I hate using the arrow keys to move. I think there should be the option to use WASD.
Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 14, 2012
OK, I played the game 2 days. I am giving a 3/5. I would be happy to give a 4, but there are things that seem out of balance. 1) You never get enough gold to really advance. 2 days, and I am still working on upgrading my skills for 1 character. 2) Even with fully upgraded lifesteal, I die fast to low level monsters. If the monsters always attack first, and always hit, then the chance of skill procs need to go up. 3) Range attackers on the other side of the screen are just too overpowered. Since they always hit, they will kill you if you do not have the right magic. 4) I have gone 5 levels before seeing a chest. 5) Quests are cool, but they need to happen more often. 6) 4 traps on the same level ???
Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 13, 2012
Not playable with even a small amount of zoom on your browser. I had Chrome set at 110% (very little), and none of the windows are viewable in game.
Play Legend of the Void 2 Legend of the Void 2 Oct. 12, 2012
Nevermind, I just saw the guide... I see where the other party members are. :)
Play Legend of the Void 2 Legend of the Void 2 Oct. 12, 2012
How do you get more party members? I have a rogue that started the game with me, but I am about 1/3 thru the game, and I have not found any others.
Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Aug. 25, 2012
I have tried loading this game several times. I get the music, but only a black screen. (using Chrome)
Play Corporate Wars: EARTH Corporate Wars: EARTH Aug. 22, 2012
Big imbalance problems. And you give people enough money to buy 1 tower in the beginning. The money comes slow, and by the time you have enough to buy the 3rd tower, you are completely overrun.
Play Ten castles Ten castles Aug. 18, 2012
OK, not the most exciting. But if you like jigsaw puzzles, it is not bad. Scatter your pieces our, do the corners and sides, and then follow the picture. And you will want to "ZOOM" the page.
Play Zombie Rumble Zombie Rumble Aug. 18, 2012
Needs a lot of work. You get money from running over zombies, but that destroys your van (too quickly - even with the defense purchases).
Play Powerboat Parking Powerboat Parking Aug. 17, 2012
Gamers do not like using the arrow keys for this. Please give the option to use WASD.
Developer response from regale

Thanks for the suggestion. I will be sure to get that updated

Play Will The Game Will The Game Aug. 17, 2012
Not bad, but I do not like the controls. I personally hate using the arrow keys. I prefer WASD
Play Motocross Unleashed 3D Motocross Unleashed 3D Aug. 09, 2012
Not bad for a small racing game. You need to add some rewards and maybe some upgrades that can be bought. Additionally, I hate using the arrow keys. I prefer WASD for direction.
Play Root your way Root your way Aug. 09, 2012
Every time you click "continue", you get an annoying pop-up asking to share with friends. I hate that...... And everything in the shop can only be bought with Kreds?? Really?
Play The Enchanted Cave The Enchanted Cave Aug. 08, 2012
I used the wings, and lost all the gear that I bought.... ??