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Anti-Idle: The Game

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Mar. 21, 2013

Rating: 7

It would be nice if this got a Mumble server so that way us Anti-Idler's don't have to stop our progress on our game/file (whatever you want to call it. It would be a nice add-on to this.

Bloons TD 5

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Oct. 25, 2012

Rating: 11

Why are balloons a threat again? Monkey: HE MADE OUR FUR FUZZY!!!

Sad Mary

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Jul. 14, 2012

Rating: 4

why da fahq she depressed in the first place

Developer response from Madcowe

That has to do with the plot which has to be written yet

Sad Mary

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Jun. 25, 2012

Rating: 6

She looks like a rejected pop-tart to get revenge

Developer response from Madcowe

lol hahaha nice one xD