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Play SeppuKuties SeppuKuties Nov. 17, 2012
Explain level 18 to me?
Play Deep Sleep Deep Sleep Oct. 06, 2012
This game is exactly the reason that the first time I tried lucid dreaming I was worried about going into a coma and so I woke up screaming in the middle of the night.
Play Penguin Overlords Penguin Overlords Sep. 26, 2012
It's actually "Dearly Beloved" and "Simple and Clean" so really that's two missing credits
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Sep. 26, 2012
I think the worst part of the game is when the one survivor in Texas was Bieber...
Play Memohuntress Memohuntress Mar. 04, 2012
Best hidden object game I've ever played. And beautiful <3
Play Cargo Bridge Cargo Bridge Jan. 18, 2012
Maybe, if you didn't try to cross with the elephant and the box at the same time, the weight would hold.
Play Cargo Bridge Cargo Bridge Jan. 18, 2012
I feel like... really stupid right now for having taken this long to realize how this game works XD
Play Don't Look Back Don't Look Back Jan. 16, 2012
Most infuriating game EVERRRRRR. But I beat it so it's doable and beautiful =)
Play Coinbox Hero Coinbox Hero Dec. 30, 2011
The ending was well worth the 45 minutes of my life I wasted =D
Play I Love Traffic I Love Traffic Dec. 28, 2011
It only took me 268 collisions. It felt like so much more; I HATE YOU LEVEL 20. I did have to do what someone suggested and turned them all green hoping for the best. Probably took me more than a dozen tries but oh well I HAZ BADGE.
Play Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II Dec. 22, 2011
Nevermind -.- All I had to do was comment, switch back to the one bullet gun and voila. Whoever told me to use the three shot gun >.<
Play Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II Dec. 22, 2011
#$&(@*&#(@& YOU BIRD BOSS. I enjoyed this game until I've tried this fight at least 20 times >.>
Play Myosotis Chapter 1 Myosotis Chapter 1 Dec. 21, 2011
GAH! MORE! Purely Beautiful <3
Play You Find Yourself In A Room You Find Yourself In A Room Dec. 18, 2011
"You begin to feel like you did after your first break \up. You were so sure that it was going to last forever, weren't you?" ;_; WHY CAN YOU SEE INTO MY SOUL?
Play Air Pressure Air Pressure Dec. 17, 2011
Getting the second and third ending first makes finally realizing from the first ending, all the more powerful. Thank you for this game. So much.
Play Sugar, sugar Sugar, sugar Dec. 17, 2011
An eraser would make it too easy to cheat. But a fast forward button would make me complain less about having to restart if I screw up.
Play Words and Physics Words and Physics Dec. 13, 2011
Play One and One Story One and One Story Dec. 13, 2011
So beautiful.
Play Chrono Days Sim Date Chrono Days Sim Date Nov. 13, 2011
Life's toughest decision: letting Emmet walk away so you can meet Cole back in the future, or asking for your handkerchief back so he'll never exist, but you get to be with Emmet in the past. This is a perfect explanation for the confusion of time traveling.
Play Chrono Days Sim Date Chrono Days Sim Date Nov. 13, 2011
I was SO HAPPY to find this on Newgrounds the other day, and it only struck me now to see if you were on Kongregate. I have always loved your sim date games. They are creative and beautifully done. And yes, we all have a character from each game we wish were real ;)