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I am now always at Door to London Below, since The Hall of Odin exists no longer. I am also NOT the DarkxideX from Youtube. My friend gave me the name and I didn’t find out about Dillon until shortly ago. I’m usually on Youtube or watching Kilplix’s Streams. http://kilplix.blogspot.com/
I like Punk Rock and I’m a huge Nirvana/Muse/Weezer fan =w= and I also like heavy metal. My favorite metal bands are Angra and Kamelot. I love epic music and I hate modern pop/rap/fake metal. I read Shaman King, The Iron Druid Chronicles, Hellsing, and One Piece, and I watch Soul Eater, Elfen Lied, and Grimm. My favorite movie is Battle Royale. My favorite character from anything is The Captain.
Random comment for Tyrant~
WilliamTheRanger: dis gayme remines me off call of doody cuz u fite wit gunz and the crds r kinder like killstreek am i rite guys, clik positive so devlipers can c
Favorite Quote: “Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money.” Doodle God 2.
Announcer: The Dark Matter is slowly eating away at the universe, destroying planets and ridding space of light.
Nick: Those little f*ckers!
Telemarketer: Hi. Would you be interested in switching over to TMI Long Distance service?
Jerry: Oh, gee, I can’t talk right now. Why don’t you give me your home number and I’ll call you later.
Telemarketer: Uh, sorry, we’re not allowed to do that.
Jerry: Oh, I guess you don’t want people calling you at home.
Telemarketer: No.
Jerry: Well, now you know how I feel.
zeektheawesome: i’m laughing so hard right now, i think my parents can hear me.
DarkxideX: LOUDER
ConeyKrab: HARDER
ConeyKrab: err… what?
DarkxideX: FASTER
ConeyKrab: :333
zeektheawesome: i’m in a sound proofed basement with no door…
DarkxideX: They trapped you in there alone?!
Cinders101: thats the only place you sick fetishes cant hear you
Cinders101: calling for them
ConeyKrab: Where nobody can hear your zombie stepdad moaning?
MyChemRomance: my worm is so big its head doesnt fit on the screen…
Dingusburger: I once knew a black guy.
Dingusburger: He liked cheese.
Dingusburger: But then he got eaten by an elevator.
Dingusburger: And said,
Dingusburger: “Bitch please.”
Dingusburger: And he got down on his knees.
Dingusburger: And payed his tax fees.
saforoth: Hello people.
saforoth: I have come to rape and pillage you all.
Zelja: i don’t think plumbing pays all that well
TheRealGamerX: And apparently saving the Mushroom Kingdom/world/universe doesn’t pay all that well either.
Kyriva: you’d think collecting all those coins would be worth something though
Zelja: he spends it all on shrooms
titan300: Did you know that Florida is actually one of the origianl 13 colonies. Or is it actually a NPrthern State? Can’t remember which one.
Xymnala: Did you know that Titan flunked History?
DrTurtlePhD: Darc = Try Hard.
Elldaman311: :\
Darcouth: ?
Darcouth: try what?
DrTurtlePhD: At the game :)
Elldaman311: Maybe its like “good luck”
Darcouth: oook
Elldaman311: But not so mainstream
Katare: Turtle heard you liked it hard
DarkxideX: I was like “die!” and he was like “what a nice hammer you have there, here’s a machine part.” >.>
Dimensionless: Lawl.
Dimensionless: "SSSsssSSSss… That’s a very nice hammer you have there… Here, have a gift. -walksoff
JuiceBoxx: Get on tinychat with me!
JuiceBoxx: I wanna show you my septum!!
DarkxideX: You speak French, yet you say lol?
Smoke619: Lol( french accent)
Smoke619: Lulz
Dimensionless: Boring as hell.
DarkxideX: Yep, hell is extremely boring.
Dimensionless: Yep.
camking619: i actually read dante’s divine comedy. hell is NOT boring
DarkxideX: So, Hell is fun and full of excitement?
Dimensionless: Bull.
Dimensionless: Hell is boring.
RustyMetalBox: 1 period is a stop _
Paine3210: sigh.
RustyMetalBox: beautiful execution! bravo!
DarkxideX: claps
Paine3210: pfft.
RustyMetalBox: again! such mastery
DarkxideX: You are now truly an adult.
Paine3210: grumble
DarkxideX: Oh don’t worry, we’re not making fun of you.
DarkxideX: At least I’m not. :o
Paine3210: yah,yah.
Zelja: oh man, that takes me back to high school english, 3 periods is what, an ellipsis?
pyronox: FOS ROH DAH!
DarkxideX: FUS*
DarkxideX: That is all.
pyronox: i dont want to get a mark on my account for copyright :/
DarkxideX: FUS RO DAH
DarkxideX: Am I screwed now?
pyronox: i was a joke dick head
DarkxideX: You were a joke?
DarkxideX: So sorry.
pyronox: yes i was a koke
pyronox: ****
pyronox: JOKE*
katiecat10916: how old ar u guys
PR2_STORY: I r 12.
katiecat10916: me too
DarkxideX: facepalm
PR2_STORY: Let’s be friends
katiecat10916: ok
PR2_STORY: Shut up phrozen! You are ugly!
Phr0zen: So is your mom!
katiecat10916: so is your mom
PR2_STORY: Your mum is uglyierest.
Phr0zen: Dang I can’t possibly top such a witty comeback
CheezezbergrPls: your mom only has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy
CheezezbergrPls: burn
DarkxideX: A 12 year old and a 14 year old…tough stuff to fight against!
CheezezbergrPls: totally
PR2_STORY: Well, we are given the disadvantage that is Cheeze.
PR2_STORY: It’s kinda even.
DarkxideX: I see you have an eye for things.
stefanpaddy: soz bad man
DarkxideX: Guns not just about shootin, it’s about reloadin. You’ll know what I’m talkin about.
Dimensionless: Nyancat came from a poptart having sex with a cat.
Dimensionless: And the child was blessed by a unicorn.
Dimensionless: And charged with the safety of the universe.
Dimensionless: That’s why it now patrols the universe by propelling itself by shitting rainbows.
Dimensionless: The end.
Katare: My friends and I used to have an unwritten rule that whenever some new kid picked Oddjob, it became the sole purpose of us all to hunt and kill him
taintedvision: what’s happening, hall?
DarkxideX: Hai taint.
taintedvision: hey dark
superman11: hey dark
DSxXevious: hey dark
DarkxideX: >.>
Okiora: WOW
Darcouth: You’re so muted
Darcouth: anyway
Brawler500: I got the imp for Dino Run
DarkxideX: Good for you.
Brawler500: quiet you
DarkxideX: Nou.
Brawler500: Yu.
DarkxideX: Yeu.*
Brawler500: w.e.
DarkxideX: Yu = why, you?
DarkxideX: :l
Brawler500: >_>
Brawler500: really?
DarkxideX: Y = why u = you
Brawler500: i know dude.
DarkxideX: Durr hurr.
Brawler500: dark likes men
DarkxideX: Nou.
Brawler500: Yeu.
DarkxideX: Now there you go!
DarkxideX: Oh man, I’ve never had this gold in my whole time playing this game
DarkxideX: laughs maniacally
DarkxideX: blows it all on Bronze packs
Milenko111: Gotta get a shiny lord alex!
venish: Bronze packs. It’s a helluva drug.
WardTheWarden: Classy AND stylist
Zelja: Congratulations! You just won the One Monster One Cup Badge and 30 points!
Katare: Better than Two Monsters One Cup
Ragnarok_Prodigy: Who in their right mind would punch a giant evil floating head?
Ragnarok_Prodigy: Besides Duke Nukem
Ragnarok_Prodigy: And serious Sam
Ragnarok_Prodigy: …and Master Chief…disregard my question. :l
poopininater90: hi
Kyriva: hi poop
poopinater90: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Kyriva: stop it poop
Kyriva: cant*
DarkxideX: can’t**
DSxXevious: kant***
TheRealGamerX: All hail to the glorious ruler of the Hall, Bacter!
TheRealGamerX: And he’s gone.
Hard Badges earned so far: 252
Impossible Badges earned so far: 13
June/5/2011: Level 50 reached

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