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Play Cardian Cardian Feb. 24, 2011
A few suggestions that I would like to see: 1.) A warning so it doesn’t auto delete old game if you click new game. 2.) A more accessible sorting system, such as putting all units of same type or faction beside each other. 3.) An option to sort cards newest to oldest or vice versa. 4.) Let us see cards in hand when paused (unless this was intentional). Other than that, I can say this is perhaps the only game in this genre (two sides moving horizontally towards each other) that I like. Most of these I can't stand, but this one keeps me entertained. Sorry for the formatting, I couldn’t find a way to space it.
Play Cardian Cardian Feb. 23, 2011
A confirmation screen when you click start new game would be nice. If you accidently press it, it will clear all your data.
Play Creatures Creatures Dec. 18, 2010
The tank thing moves a bit fast making it harder to line up to aim. Other than that, it seems nice.
Play Ps3 vs Xbox 360 Ps3 vs Xbox 360 Dec. 12, 2010
It's interesting to see how the comments seem to be a battle ground. Nearly all comments are below 5 because PS3 fans rate pro Xbox comments down and vice versa. The way all the comments are nearly even help show how even this "war" is. In my opinion, they are "nearly" the same. Each has its good and bad points, bringing it down to personal preference. The comments show how opinionated the whole situation is when a large number of the comments are either about how one system is better or one system is worse without anything to back up the assertion. There are quite a few who post reasons too. Exclusive games exsist for both systems. Which one has better exclusive games is purely opinion as well.
Play Enigmata Enigmata Aug. 12, 2010
For the level 25 boss Epic, I used the darkness recharger from the Legendary Nova to keep my energy up and then used the healing from a normal nova throughout the entire battle to stay alive. I hope that helps. On another note, I made sure I had enough boss killers for a constant flow and had the 3 million lazer thing from the Black Market.
Play Dance of the Robots Dance of the Robots Aug. 11, 2010
Fun, easy to play, highscores and good music. Not much more to ask for.
Play Feudalism II Feudalism II Aug. 11, 2010
For the hard badge, I found starting with Sieg was the easiest. To start just do quests then capture small towns like normal until you are a decent level and buy plenty of potions. Next, go for the big cities and capitals of "your" nation. Some of the units can one hit you... to counter that, don't use any armour and then they can rarely hit you, allowing you to finish them all off. Once you beat the capital you get the unit that costs 100k each. An army of these can beat every capital. For the duels in the capitals, just use the last katana move and it should one hit all the leaders. You can ignore all the smaller cities once you take over your capital. Hope this helps.
Play Shield Defense Shield Defense Jul. 10, 2010
Strategy: For the first few rounds, nothing to say. Once you have the 360 use it whenever bullets hit you from more than one direction, you can keep it up until the shots are only hit from one side. At the end of each round, be sure to heal your base to near max health. In the later rounds, keep 9 health kits for emergencies, you can put up the 360 while using them. If there's never shots from only one direction, reflect in the direction most come from and let the static shield take a few hits. Try to reflect missiles once they are heat seeking as they will auto hit, only reflect them if nothing or not much is about to hit you. The level ends when all normal tanks are gone or when time runs out while only the boss is out. On level 50, however, you will have to kill the boss even if the timer runs out. If all else fails, you have infinite time, therefore, you can hold the 360 shield on until your static recharges and then get back into the fight. Hope this helps.
Play Shield Defense Shield Defense Jul. 10, 2010
Here's a few things I found helpful: Bonus Rewards: Get the 360 shield in the bonus rewards first, I tried it without it and in the 40's had to restart. I found the explosive shell helpful as it would hit multiple targets, but it's not vital. Lastly, for the bonus rewards, the heatseekers are good. They especialy help for the last boss- you have to beat it even if you run out of time. As a little note, I also bought all the damage reducing things and EMP, but the ones named before are the most important. Upgrades: Energy infuser- It should be maxed out by the end to help clear the tanks faster. Sticky shield- Helps you save a shell for later, but turning on 360 shield will shoot stored bullet. Static Shield- Helpful for stopping any bullets you miss with the 360, I had it nearly maxed out. Base Health- I ended with 200, it's good to have a decent number as a failsafe. Shield Bounce- I got it whenever I had spare money I wasn't saving, not much I can say about it.
Play Factory Balls 2 Factory Balls 2 Jun. 10, 2010
26-30 26.) Shine, water(2x), red, fish, blue 27.) Purple, right plunger(2x), left plunger, white(7x), black(3x), 28.) Both belts, grass, water, vert belt, grass, horz belt, vert belt, grass, vert belt, water (2x) 29.) Hat, blue, hat, turn(2x), hat, black, hat, turn(7x), hat, red, hat, turn(2x) 30.) Shine, water, red, fish, water, blue, fish, green Sorry for format, not enough room.
Play Factory Balls 2 Factory Balls 2 Jun. 10, 2010
16-25 16.) Grass, water, blue, water, white, water 17.) Red, black(6x), white(4x), black(2x) 18.) Green, hat, red, hat, headphones, yellow, headphones, hat, headphones, blue, headphones, hat 19.) Flower, hat, water(3x), hat, water, grass, water 20.) Black, hat, yellow, hat, turn(3x), yellow, hat, turn 21.) Black, both vert plungers, glasses, red, glasses, horz plunger (2x) 22.) Blue, Horz belt, yellow, horz belt, vert belt, yellow, horz belt, orange, both belts 23.) Stand, black, stand, hat, black, hat, stand, white, stand 24.) Hat, blue, hat, grass, water, white, water 25.) Green, hat, yellow, hat, turn(2x), hat, orange, hat, turn, hat, orange, hat, turn(6), hat, orange, hat, turn
Play Factory Balls 2 Factory Balls 2 Jun. 10, 2010
1-15 If it says hat when hat is out, for example, that means put it up. Warning, spoilers: 1.) Blue, green tape, black tape 2.) Seeds, water, water 3.) Orange, belt, blue, belt 4.) Glasses, red, glasses, black, black 5.) Yellow, hat, green, hat, black(4x) 6.) Horz belt, blue, vert belt, purple, both belts 7.) Glasses, seeds, water(2x) glasses, black (2x) 8.) Yellow, stand, blue, stand, hat, orange, hat, stand, blue, stand 9.) Seed, water, hat, water(2x), hat 10.) Red, shine, light 11.) Blue, white(8x), black(4x) 12.) Flower, water, grass, water 13.) Horz belt, purple, horz belt, vert belt, purple, horz belt, blue, both belts 14.) Glasses, seed, water (3x), glasses, black(2x), both plungers (2x) 15.) Shine, light, hat, blue, hat