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Play Egg Knight Egg Knight Jul. 08, 2015
Why is there no variability in the attacks? It's so predictable.
Play Flash's Bounty Flash's Bounty Nov. 15, 2014
For those of you unaware, this is a remake of the awesome abandonware game King's Bounty. Look it up, download that one and use some emulator so you can play it on your computer. It's a classic. This game is a good attempt -all the things are the same, just updated graphics.
Play Royal Offense Royal Offense Oct. 18, 2013
Moving your units around by mouse? ridiculous
Play Aces of World War II Aces of World War II May. 04, 2013
Developer, if you're still working on this: please try to let us manually adjust the settings so up mouse puts nose down and vice versa. The current way is countintuitive.
Play The I of It The I of It May. 04, 2013
How did t make it through all those traps? He's not half the man I am ahah
Play CaribbeanAdmiral CaribbeanAdmiral May. 04, 2013
Sorry big nit pick with the boss.. how is it that I had 100% boarding chance on my first meeting the Dutchmen? So I won without firing a shot.. all that buildup for nothing.
Play CaribbeanAdmiral CaribbeanAdmiral May. 04, 2013
Really fun game and all, but alot of little nitpicks that prevent me from loving it fully. First one is the fact that the entire side goes first, it should should be one ship at a time
Play Live Puzzle Live Puzzle May. 03, 2013
what an awesome concept
Play Cactus McCoy Cactus McCoy Apr. 13, 2013
Why can't up be jump.. it's too confusing
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Mar. 10, 2013
Please fix the cost of energy drink
Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 23, 2013
i'm having a hard time connecting (the dialog box says "connecting" never stops). Any advice?
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Reboot and switch browsers. If that doesn't resolve it, you'll have to visit SpicyWorld for some one on one tech support from our devs.

Play Battle for Darkness Battle for Darkness Feb. 03, 2013
This is very much a one path game.. you get to the next unit directly after upgrading your basic unit to 100%... makes it really un-fun
Play The Last Stand: Dead Zone The Last Stand: Dead Zone Dec. 26, 2012
i really like this game, but i hate when you try to go somewhere and it doesn't load, but now it's locked as if you went there already :(
Play Arkandian Explorer Arkandian Explorer Nov. 22, 2012
I'm on the level 5 repeatable chess map ... it always freezes when the mage takes its turn
Play Arkandian Explorer Arkandian Explorer Nov. 07, 2012
dang.. even when i play the demon character, he still stops to pray after the battle... :P
Play Siegius Arena Siegius Arena Oct. 25, 2012
ok so since everybody's commented about they keys, coins and moving forward, can i just comment about the music - sounds like 1920's not Rome?
Play Pocket Creature PVP Pocket Creature PVP Oct. 20, 2012
is there only one team that can beat the queen? i've tried so many combinations already?
Play bit Dungeon bit Dungeon Oct. 13, 2012
oohh.. when you die you lose all your powerups and weapons.. a little harsh...
Play Pirateers Pirateers Aug. 17, 2012
1 for having an edge to the ocean!
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Jul. 15, 2012
why do energy drinks cost so much the more of a star you are?