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Play Poker Dice Solitaire Poker Dice Solitaire Feb. 22, 2013
Sweet, just scored 1000/1000!
Developer response from manley

And now the student has become the master! ;)

Play Poker Dice Solitaire Poker Dice Solitaire Feb. 21, 2013
High Score: 945 :)
Play Soldier Diary Soldier Diary Jul. 21, 2012
Level 13 is glitched. Can't push the blocks onto the truck like it does in the walkthrough.
Play Crystal Mania Crystal Mania May. 10, 2012
Nice idea for a puzzle game.
Developer response from AllexandarF1

Thanks :)

Play Little Locations Little Locations Apr. 28, 2012
I've often wondered what it would be like to play a platform game where you can't die. Now I know. Good work. :D
Developer response from nolanlabs

thanks man

Play get the vong get the vong Apr. 22, 2012
Looking good so far. Look forward to seeing where it goes. One problem, I fell off a cloud and didn't die, now I'm stuck running in white.
Play Move The Box Move The Box Feb. 26, 2012
It works fine now. Good game where you have to plan ahead to pass the levels.
Play Jump and Don't Fall Jump and Don't Fall Feb. 20, 2012
Song is hilarious. :D
Play Nightmare Tetris Nightmare Tetris Feb. 19, 2012
Same thing as Hell Tetris, which was based on an xkcd comic strip.
Play Derpy's Muffin Adventure (BETA 1.0.1) Derpy's Muffin Adventure (BETA 1.0.1) Jun. 29, 2011
So cute. Love the name Derpy and being able to fly. Can't wait to see more. Added to faves so I can keep an eye on developments.
Play Castaway 2 Castaway 2 May. 21, 2011
Awesome I have been able to add eggs I got today to my stable. Had to sell the other 2 since they weren't showing up but seems to be working fine now.
Play Castaway 2 Castaway 2 May. 21, 2011
Glad to see a sequel as I loved playing the first Castaway. :) One problem, my eggs aren't showing up to be added to the stable.
Play Magi: The Fallen World Magi: The Fallen World Apr. 30, 2011
Oh duh I can use the arrow keys to scroll around the island map. *facepalm*
Play Magi: The Fallen World Magi: The Fallen World Apr. 27, 2011
Castles and dungeons are hidden behind the quest tracker and other parts of the window so I can't click on them. I got into 2 cities because of the quest available thing but I can't find them now. That's my only complaint, enjoying the game otherwise.
Play Little Sheep Little Sheep Apr. 26, 2011
It's cute. The poor sheep. I've dropped him off platforms to fall out of the sky and got him stuck under lifts. :P
Play Stop! Engage Muffin Contraption! Stop! Engage Muffin Contraption! Apr. 26, 2011
A game with a hilarious name and novelty. I keep coming back to try and get an even higher score.
Play Elastic ball adventure Elastic ball adventure Apr. 19, 2011
This is a well made and challenging puzzle game. 5/5.
Play Classic Hashi Light Vol 1 Classic Hashi Light Vol 1 Mar. 18, 2011
I solved all the puzzles now, awesome game! :)
Play Pipe10 Pipe10 Mar. 09, 2011
Oh hey I just accidentally discovered the blocks rotate/change when you click on them after placing.
Play Pipe10 Pipe10 Mar. 06, 2011
I'm placing pipes and when I'm far from running out of room when they fill and I lose the game.