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Play Neon Race Neon Race Sep. 25, 2011
This game has taught me 2 things when I drive. The first thing; avoid purple cars at all costs, they will try and kill you. The second; try to hit red cars, they give you boosts and bonus points!
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Jun. 12, 2011
If a pandemic ACTUALLY hits the world... I pray to god that the person controlling it is me :)
Play Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! May. 27, 2011
I love how its impossible to get brilliant on lvl 1... and I know whats coming for me.... -6000 rating, but idc, you all know its impossbile to get brilliant on lvl 1 on your first try
Play Critter Forge Critter Forge Apr. 26, 2011
How come in the auction house you click for you what you DONT want to see? Why dont you click for what you DO? It would be much more simpler and easier!
Play WarFlow WarFlow Apr. 26, 2011
I find that the skills just make you lose; I usually do 100-150 dmg, then my skill comes along, and then it does 7-10! Please private message me if you know how to make your skill do more damage!
Play Competitive Line Waiting Competitive Line Waiting Apr. 18, 2011
I read all 10 comments; top ones and recent ones; WHEN WILL THIS DAMN GAME LOADDDDDD!!!!! The swirly is cool though, so 5/5 :P
Play Neverending Light Neverending Light Apr. 18, 2011
This game is actually REALLY good! I like the story, and I just KNEW something was gunna happen during the lights went off... Well, why WOULDNT something happen, the game would be pointless if not, and by the time Anabel was captured again, I was just like "Ok, I get it, there bad and we kill them, just GET THIS OVER WITH!!" Lol, but awesome game, 5/5 ;D
Play You are a... You are a... Apr. 02, 2011
I am a monstrous porn star who likes to climb blow-up dolls. Sure, why not
Play Hanger Hanger Mar. 27, 2011
i hate that stupid glitch where the rope just slips off the walls! but still, great! 4/5
Play Treadmillasaurus Rex Treadmillasaurus Rex Mar. 26, 2011
What the really easy badges. I got to 40 mph treadmill and 40,000 calories, and i got bored an killed myself lol but really good game 5/5
Play Effing Meteors Effing Meteors Mar. 18, 2011
Birds fly outside the thermosphere and snails shoot lasers at meteors. Legit.
Play John the Button Three! John the Button Three! Mar. 14, 2011
Neither team... Ninja, because you dead before you even think "Am I gunna get killed by a ninja?" and Spartans, because wtf, if only 300 spartans can demolish a whole army, they are beast, and cookies, because milk is eewie
Play John the Button John the Button Mar. 14, 2011
OR? Sorry, I accidentally pressed Enter instead of shift :D And wtf, how does the glue NOT stick to the bottle?
Play John the Button John the Button Mar. 14, 2011
Ya, which does get treated first... Or do they take the doctor to a different
Play Cardian Cardian Mar. 13, 2011
i change my mind. 0/5 THIS GAME SUCKS
Play Cardian Cardian Mar. 13, 2011
omg this game sucks! i cant even beat the first person because they have amazing people and i keep getting the ****ing peasent!!!! 1/5 screw this game
Play Rebuild Rebuild Mar. 11, 2011
Omg, I had the portal at 5 more days, then it got run over... and its on easy! THIS. ISNT. POSSIBLE!
Play Rebuild Rebuild Mar. 11, 2011
I got to the Evil Graveyard, captured it, and I was completely happy. Then I saw how much stuff you had to have to destroy the portal... :( lol, but still, 5/5!!
Play The Ultimate Quest The Ultimate Quest Mar. 05, 2011
Ya! Most mathematical game EVER! 5/5! Lol jk, YOU SUCK AT CREATING GAMES! STOP!
Play High Tea High Tea Feb. 14, 2011
damn, that last order is impossible! 570 crates of tea in like 5 weeks? damn britains, you know theres other things to drink, right? like water maybe?