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I like to ar-pee. Characters: Sean~ Outrageously douchey asshat that enjoys making other people suffer... At least thats what he wants you to think. Sean's a emphatic guy that's just too untrustworthy to ever from a lasting relationship, be it a simple friendship or a blooming romance. Despite his shortcomings, he still does his best to aid those who he feels are his "friends", and as a result is easy to manipulate. Age: 20's. Never specific. Height: 6'2" Appearance: Wears a slick Riding Jacket over simple cotton blend T-shirts comfortable jeans. Usually splurges on dem sick kicks doe. Weapon of Choice: 2 Refitted Colt 1911 .45's. Modified with enhanced sights, and extended magazines. Carries them in shoulder holsters concealed under his jacket. --------------------------------------------------- The Golem~ The Golem, at its core is... a core? A simple golden sphere, about 1 foot across is the nucleus of the Golem. Within sloshes a simple, honey-like liquid. Simple, right? Wrong. Despite it's simple appearance, the Golem is an incredibly dangerous artifact. It possesses a simple intellect, but prefers to be ordered around. When activated, the sphere burrows into the ground, and begins releasing small tendrils of its essence into the surrounding earth. The result is a colossal behemoth capable of changing its shape, and wreaking havoc on a nuclear scale. However, due to the size of the sphere, the Golem is limited to how large it can grow before its limbs begin to lose contact with its essence. Researches have hypothesized that the Golem's essence is a mix of an enchanted form of magma, but the spells to create it have long since been lost. God only knows what could happen if the sphere was broken. Age: Countless Centuries Height: Normally around 8' to 10' Appearence: A simple golden sphere, about 1' in diameter. --------------------------------------------------- The Urinemancer ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° ) A simple minded wizard capable of harnessing the magical properties of Visernis Lumis Agua... Also known as piss.

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