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{EvM} Judas

The Samurai
Not a typical Samurai. The samurai is a mechanical warrior.

The Samurai stands approximately eight feet tall. It wears bronzen scaled armor. His helmet is a typical samurai helmet, with a very unornate mask. His armor is golden bronze, with black highlites. While it appears very ornate, it is extremely durable, capable of withstanding almost everything thrown at it, regardless of the damage taken by its wearer. Little is known about the man within the armor, or if he even is a man.

The Samurai weilds three katanas. The first one is known as Wind Scythe. Crafted from the iron found in the blood of peope slain by the Samurai. It is a strong blade, but suited more towards cutting enemies with minimal armor. The blade is split in two, causing it to have amazing aerodynamics. Coupled with the Samurai’s amazing skills wielding Katana’s, it can be swept and swung at unimaginable speed.

The Samurai’s second blade is known as Soul Render. It is crafted of soul steel. While the sword itself is only steel, it is strengthened by the souls whose lives were taken by it. However, this causes it to become very heavy. But, because of the Samurai’s inhuman strength, it is able to wield it successfully. The Samurai is incapable of swinging Soul Rend as fast as Wind Scythe, but because of the blades strength, it is able to cleave through almost anything. Coupled with Wind Scythe, the Samurai is capable of taking on most anything. Due to the expensive nature it took to craft Soul Rend, it is much shorter than Wind Scythe, topping only 3 feet, compared to Wind Scythe’s 7.

The Samurai also carries a small blaster, crafted like a crossbow. But instead of a quarrel, it holds a barrel, which fires powerful blasts. Due to its primitave nature, however, it can only shoot every 10 minutes or so. The damage it deals balances out the delay, as it can punch holes in the most craftworthy armor.

The Samurai is actually very peaceful. He is a respectable and honorable warrior. He never engages anyone in combat unless struck first, or if witnessing dishonorable combat, in which he will spring to the aid of whoever is on the loosing end. He enjoys combat, but will yield if begged, especially if the fight is unbalanced.

The Guardian

The guardian isn’t a specific character, but simply an entity that many different civilizations have created. There are many different golems in existance, but all of them follow a simple type. They all are aligned to a specific element, are large, powerful, and damned useful. Think twice before messing with a guardian. One more thing, every guardian has a golden orb in the center of its “head”. Break at your own risk.

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