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Play Fill-a-Pix Tutorial Fill-a-Pix Tutorial May. 01, 2011
There's an error in step 12, you can't exactly assume that all blocks that are supposed to be filled in lie on the edge, it's possibility that they two may be on the edge and other three are filled in. Otherwise, awesome tutorial :)
Play R-Type Stage 1 R-Type Stage 1 Jun. 11, 2010
Wow! This remake of R-Type is surprisingly accurate, however as WildWolfofDark pointed out, it does seem to be a bit slow. (My advice would be to speed up the ship a bit and the background scroll speed), however this isn't a bad remake, it's terrific actually! But it just requires a bit of a tweak here and there, just add perhaps custom controls and fix up a few issues and this will definitely be a 5/5. Keep up the good work!
Play Strips 'n Stripes Strips 'n Stripes May. 11, 2010
An absolutely stunning game! Creative, unique yet also very simplistic, an amazing way to narrate a story! Accompanied by an extremely soothing soundtrack, this game definitely deserves a 5/5! Keep up with good work and thank you for such a brilliant game! :)
Play The Knight's Tour The Knight's Tour Sep. 01, 2009
Pretty good for a first game (decent concept) but the board needs a bit of work (it's actually pretty difficult to make out which spots have already been taken [Mostly the green though]) Polish it up a bit and it would definitely be a 5/5 game :)
Play Hikouki Consecution Hikouki Consecution Jul. 11, 2009
An extremely good shooter for flash! Amazing! It has extremely good "original" graphics (or I hope it is), sweet music and the difficulty is somewhat decent. The cons for this game is that the main weapon (especially for the first plane) doesn't seem any different after upgrading; it's still weak in my opinion. Consider adding maybe multi-player support and/or reconfigurable keys for it to be much better :)
Play GamePops Sega Generation Version GamePops Sega Generation Version Jun. 07, 2009
Dammit, I can only Identify 1,7,20 and 58. Guess I'm more of a Nintendo fan boy.
Play Final Fight Final Fight Jun. 06, 2009
You're mistaken TheColdOne, it was Guy, Haggar and Cody. Ryu, Ken and Akuma all came from the game; Street Fighter. However, Guy and Cody made appearances in the Street fighter Alpha series.
Play Final Fight Final Fight Jun. 05, 2009
A well done game although there is some issues: After beating up some enemies you are given a flashing orb, however there's no instructions on how to use it or what it does. Ryu, Ken and Akuma do not appear in Final Fight, it seems a bit deceiving placing them in there. (I thought it was Street Fighter at first) I'd give it a 4/5, a very nice game with fluent controls, add 2 player support and this game would be good as gold.
Play Fantastic Contraption Fantastic Contraption Sep. 19, 2008
My slingshot for Mission to Mars: