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Nov. 06, 2015

Rating: 1

Unresponsive controls are no substitute for challenging platforming. If a jump is impossible, it should be impossible by at least a block; jumps that are impossible by a pixel tell the player that they can get it if they execute perfectly. Edge detection is off as well; a jump that should be off of the corner of a ledge is consistently counted as the double jump, which makes the false feedback about jumps needing to be perfect to reach the next ledge even worse.

Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil

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Oct. 29, 2015

Rating: 3

Could we figure out that this guy is evil without luring two kids to their death?

Infinity Inc

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Oct. 17, 2015

Rating: 1

A counter at the end showing how many clones died, and how, would be a nice add.

The Light Temple

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Oct. 17, 2015

Rating: -1

Two-player local co-op.

Heroes of Glory

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Sep. 25, 2015

Rating: 2

At least have the decency to reskin the purchase cost into Kreds for the Kongregate version.

Papa's Hot Doggeria

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Sep. 16, 2015

Rating: 4

The first couple of Papa's X games were interesting. Now it seems like they're just trying to repeat a formula that was once good. The way to make a good game isn't to figure out what feature you need to add to the same game, but to find new games.

Sydney Shark

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Aug. 27, 2015

Rating: 2

In Sydney, shark jump you!

Cube Escape: Case 23

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Aug. 26, 2015

Rating: 2

Not sure if a guide to the symbolism would explain or ruin the series...

Papa's Pancakeria

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Aug. 25, 2015

Rating: 12

Papa's restaurants have a serious wastage problem. His employees just keep the grill full of pancakes so that customers never have to wait for one, so there's five or so left over at the end of the day, plus all the ones that get burnt and thrown out because he only has one person doing everything.

Words Warriors

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Aug. 01, 2015

Rating: 8

Looking forward to the full version. It needs at least a couple red herrings, interactions that don't get the player anywhere.

IndestructoTank! AE

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Jul. 19, 2015

Rating: 3

Y u no have mute option?

Soccer Physics

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Jul. 06, 2015

Rating: 3

How do I fake an injury?

Lionheart Tactics

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Jul. 03, 2015

Rating: 16

The pay-to-not-wait model hides the poor combat and upgrade system quite well.

Johnny Rocketfingers 2

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Jun. 29, 2015

Rating: -18

No mute, horrible loud music. p:

Bear in Super Action Adventure

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Jun. 24, 2015

Rating: 1

A little bit too self-aware, without doing anything with it.

Game of Thrones Ascent

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Apr. 24, 2015

Rating: 24

Looks like half the budget was spent on art. Plays like the other half was spent on drugs.

Pool Live Pro

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Apr. 13, 2015

Rating: 17

Starts at 5/5 for decent basic game engine. -1 for not explaining the rules, -1 for getting some uncommon rules wrong, -1 for figuring out how to add pay-to-win to pool. 2/5 for being uploaded and being actually a game.

Demolition City

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Apr. 03, 2015

Rating: 2

and boom goes the dynamite.

Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack

Play Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack

Mar. 23, 2015

Rating: 2

Too many puzzles where the one intended solution is obvious, and too many puzzles where the intended solution can be avoided too easily.


Play Ballistic

Mar. 16, 2015

Rating: 1

I suspect that the total income from MTX would be higher if the prices were lower and more things could be bought with reasonable amounts of time. Someone who plays for an hour should get something to feed the positive feedback loop.