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Play Metamorphosis Metamorphosis Oct. 27, 2014
If there is no other use for gold, why not just put directly into investment. Also I saved the 15 free points after Metamorphosis and Metamorphed again and didnt get a stack of 30. Might be worth stacking or giving bonus for Multi-Metamorphosis before collecting.
Play MINE MINE Sep. 27, 2014
how about making tabs instead of a long window of everything.
Developer response from xenoma

damn...I knew this could be a problem xD Will change that as soon as possible!

Play Clicka Lettuce Seed Clicka Lettuce Seed Sep. 26, 2014
So the main goal is buying all 11 upgrades? Kinda through me off guard that I need to restart after getting them all... Do I at least get an achievement? Kinda sucks winning then having to restart like that.
Play Auto-Attack! Auto-Attack! Aug. 11, 2014
Please Adjust the buttons. The clickable area shrinks when clicked so rapidly clicking will sometimes miss the button as it shrinks closing the current window.
Developer response from zapleaf

Added because of your comment! Thanks for the feedback!

Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jun. 23, 2014
one of the first 25 to get the badge. I am proud of myself. *feeling Accomplished.*
Play This is the Only Level This is the Only Level Jun. 16, 2014
if you pause the game game after completing lvl 27, you will have to restart the game to continue. Please have auto unpause when next level starts.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Mar. 26, 2014
@JaJadiddle06 Even with an auto clicker.... itll take you a month to get to Hell Stone 100.
Play Escape From 26 Escape From 26 Oct. 08, 2013
Gameplay was great, music was great, graphic were great, WTF happened to the story... 3.5/5
Play Escape From 26 Escape From 26 Oct. 08, 2013
game froze trying to access the clock.
Play Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Aug. 26, 2013
Chronomaster OP
Play Creeper World: Evermore Creeper World: Evermore Aug. 12, 2013
I got to a point where I was receiving deficit even though i had 45 producing energy and only losing 32, also i had 2300 energy stored, but this was not touched at all. Is there a maximum that I should be aware of when building reactors and storage?
Play Dungeon Kriper Dungeon Kriper Aug. 10, 2013
This game has a huge memory leak, and the skills need to be explained. Also the game clears level but it does not clear the hp and mana of last hero. I understand this is Idle, but can it be a little more obvious when the hero turns down a new hallway, looks like he's just walking in a straight line at all times.
Play Stealth Hunter 2 Stealth Hunter 2 Jun. 05, 2013
Found a Bug - if you are trying to shoot a guard and get spotted. you can no longer do anything except slide like gumby across the floor till you die or alarm goes away. Oh you also die standing with your gun drawn.
Play Evola Evola Apr. 03, 2013
@Tusoalsob, the red behind you is actually a sword that does dmg to your enemies, which is alot easier to use than your gun, and seems to do more dmg than the gun also.
Developer response from Helarion

You are right! What is red is weapon, what is black is damageable part of any creature. The sword is easier to use because it was implemented as the only weapon at first and then added the "gun" that is a little hard because of it's accuracy. Thank you!

Play Evola Evola Apr. 03, 2013
Is there a way to get a description of what the upgrades do? Or if upgrading speed increases your reverse movement speed.
Developer response from Helarion

I will implement a way for players to see a small description of what upgrades do. Upgrade speed increases backwards speed also. backwards speed is actually half of the forward speed. Thank you for your feedback!

Play Give Up Give Up Apr. 02, 2013
Dammit I beat this game already. I hope i get the badges so I dont have to do this again.
Play Dungeons and Puzzles Dungeons and Puzzles Apr. 02, 2013
When the upgrade popup appears the timer still runs in the background. Play can lose while trying to figure out what upgrade to get.
Play Colorful Kiss Colorful Kiss Mar. 26, 2013
Cute Game, a bit short and really easy.
Play Aries House Aries House Mar. 25, 2013
I love the design of the game. Art is great and variety of functions are great. But it doesn't feel like a full game to me. 4/5
Play Greed Greed Mar. 25, 2013
The game has a good Idea and I enjoy the basic of it, but I do not like the fact that I can just go through the game without attacking anything.
Developer response from Drakulo

You can attack monsters by walking to them.