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Play Caveman Clash Uni Caveman Clash Uni Jun. 05, 2015
Crappy version of Cat Mario/Unfair Mario.
Play Cube Escape: Seasons Cube Escape: Seasons May. 20, 2015
ugh i have to play through the game again because of the bird bug.
Play Space Miner Idle Space Miner Idle Mar. 30, 2015
If your storage is full after selling everything, make sure your game is not paused. The Bars will not update while the game is paused.
Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator Feb. 17, 2015
Bought 2 Nexus, but did not receive the achievement for buying a nexus.
Play Lasers & Dirt Lasers & Dirt Feb. 06, 2015
I cant say I enjoyed "playing" the game, but I like the games idea. I hope the update will provide some "gameplay" to this idle game. I'm very interested in this sacred animal feature.
Play Empire Clicker Empire Clicker Feb. 03, 2015
@jstace Markets increase Meat production. Sick people can not work (get some surgeons). The numbers under your army in dungeon mode is your Food and Gold amounts respectfully.
Play Anime Clicker 2 Anime Clicker 2 Jan. 22, 2015
You dont have to revive your pets, they just do reduced dmg when they are dead.
Play An Idle Life An Idle Life Jan. 18, 2015
Become a Teen. Get work Multiplier to 5.1 with rage (you will need 16000 and lose 40 click power) get 4100 points. Click work, click work again... continue clicking till you feel you have enough money (Click too many time and it'll multiply your money right into the negatives don't get greedy). Now buy all the upgrades your heart desires. Lets break the game together.
Developer response from battlecatx

Good game sir XD. Time to cap that I see.

Play Star Trek: The Incremental Game Star Trek: The Incremental Game Jan. 16, 2015
Side note: Phaser > Missile... Missiles needs better scaling
Play Star Trek: The Incremental Game Star Trek: The Incremental Game Jan. 16, 2015
Please increase the fire rate of the phasers. at levels above 100 the enemy will pass through my firing range and not get attacked.
Play William the Conqueror William the Conqueror Jan. 09, 2015
Good upgrade game, good side scrolling game, lacking in the "Running" game, terrible excuse for an IDLE game. art is great, sound is good, story is good, gameplay is good but lacking... 4/5
Play Vault Rush Vault Rush Jan. 08, 2015
Still dont understand how to "Beat" the game; or get passed helix egg.
Play Game Dev Incremental Game Dev Incremental Jan. 07, 2015
The new update didn't give me the feel I had in version 1.0.3 but it feels like more of a game than 1.1 but I'm glad you are still working in it. so here is your 4-Star Taco.
Developer response from nadiakasper24

Yes! Another taco! That makes 7 tacos total. Thank you for the feedback, and the taco!

Play Game Dev Incremental Game Dev Incremental Jan. 07, 2015
Honestly I liked v1.0.3 more than 1.1.0
Developer response from nadiakasper24

Well, hopefully you'll like 1.2 better than either :D

Play Vault Rush Vault Rush Jan. 07, 2015
How do you fill your vault? and How do you "Beat" the game? Is there anything after Helix egg?
Play Vault Rush Vault Rush Jan. 06, 2015
Sell out... gives dmg multiplier... sellout over and over and over.....
Play Idle Planet Defender Idle Planet Defender Dec. 30, 2014
the Tesla tower has a attack speed of 0.52 if I upgrade it, the attack speed goes down to 0.84 .... wtf?
Play Metamorphosis Metamorphosis Oct. 27, 2014
If there is no other use for gold, why not just put directly into investment. Also I saved the 15 free points after Metamorphosis and Metamorphed again and didnt get a stack of 30. Might be worth stacking or giving bonus for Multi-Metamorphosis before collecting.
Play MINE MINE Sep. 27, 2014
how about making tabs instead of a long window of everything.
Developer response from xenoma

damn...I knew this could be a problem xD Will change that as soon as possible!

Play Clicka Lettuce Seed Clicka Lettuce Seed Sep. 26, 2014
So the main goal is buying all 11 upgrades? Kinda through me off guard that I need to restart after getting them all... Do I at least get an achievement? Kinda sucks winning then having to restart like that.