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Here’s a new, originalish character.

Name: Conner Cuhalinn MacManus

Age: 34

Species: Human Changeling

Race: Caucasian.

Abilities: Greater than human strength
and durability, mild pyrokinesis, and can detect extra-planar activity

Inventory: 12 gauge pump-action shotgun with a plethora of different ammunition, a cold iron machete, a 30-06 hunting rifle, a silver battle aspergillim, a Wakizashi blessed by a Shinto priest in running water (Ideal for spirits and less than corporeal foes), assorted religious symbols, and a trunk full of ritual components. As well as dozens of fake I.D.s, passports, credit cards, and 2 weeks of clothes.

Appearance: 5’11’’ feet tall and 230 pounds. Conner is a rugged, worn out man who due to intense stress looks closer to his 50’s. He has a reddish brown short beard and long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. He wears dark and green clothes, usually wearing a worn leather bomber’s jacket.

Background: Conner is as much a monster-hunter as someone who carries a gun due to previously being mugged is a vigilante. Conner unfortunately lived up to Irish stereotype, growing up in a drunken abusive household. Being the oldest child, he was most responsible for keeping his father from the rest of his family. At 16 Conner sank into age appropriate angst and attempted to run away from home, Whereupon he was abducted by The Fair Folk, AKA Fairies (the scary kind). He disappeared for 4 years, trapped in the Fey realm where he was subjected to experiments and tortures exceedingly cruel and unusual. He escaped with the aid of other runaways, and received his powers as a side effect of what happened in the Fey. Conner returned home, telling people he simply ran away, and killed his father in an accident. Being the town drunk, no charges were filed and no one showed at the funeral.
HAving returned to his family, banished his father, and gained a fiance, things seemed to be looking up for Conner. But fate is a mean bitch. Conner began to suffer from PTSD attacks and developed INTENSE schizophrenia, seeing his dead father haunt him. Little did Conner know this was the years in the Fey catching up to him, and that his dead father was no hallucination. Following his family footsteps, Conner developed a bad drinking habit, and while not violent or mean like his father, this began to destroy his relationships.
In a terrible coincidence, him and his fiance were attacked by a vampire, his fiance not surviving the assault. Conner, who had tried to repress his memories, now accepted whole heartedly the existence of things going bump in the night.

And then the Fairies returned.

It started with A suicide. One successful ‘Escapees’ was having bad dreams and thus blew his brains out. Than another overdosed on his medication, leaving a note saying “I won’t go back. They can’t take me.”
Conner and the remaining Changelings (the term for those abducted by the Fair Folk and escape) put the pieces together and realized the Fairies had come back to reclaim their property

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