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Here’s a new, original-ish character.

“Sol Invictus”

Name: Albert Ignatius
Species: Human
Age: 30
Race: Latino.
Religion: Previously a registered Jesuit Priest, has now cast off his vows and is the founder of the Righteous Hand of Humanity. His views are very existentialist, and center around the idea of accepting that the supernatural and extraterrestrial are real, and that Humans being the superior species.
Abilities: None. Nothing more than flesh and bone. Thanks to a rigorous upbringing, Al is in peak physical condition for a human.
Education: Thanks the Jesuit training for the secret “God’s Soldiers” program, has the equivalent to a Doctorate degree in Theology, as well extensive military and occult training. He knows various martial arts and was top of his class in unarmed and improvisational combat.
Personality: for someone who hates the Catholic church so much, he is just as self-righteous as the worst of them. Zealous in his personal beliefs and deaf to oppositional views. Hates losing and being corrected.
Equipment: Here’s the cool shit. His power comes from the model S0L Powered Exoskeleton. A sleek, silver full-body suit of armor. It’s made because what am I, Robert A. Heinlein?). While it’s origins are unknown, Al does know it previously belonged a militant branch of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), in a vault along with other “contraband” of non-terrestrial origin. The suit amplifies his physical capabilities more than tenfold, letting him go toe-to-toe with just about any beasty he may face. It also serves it’s base purpose as armor, being nigh-impenetrable (but far from invulnerable). Furthermore, the suit also heightens the senses, with a built in voice commanded HUD offering Infrared, night vision, and dozens of other features. It is air-tight and has it’s own life-support system. When not it use, it “melts” and reforms to a vaguely briefcase-like shape. Among its abilities, it can generate and project intense bursts of Solar Radiation.
Appearance: 5’9’’, 200 lbs, he is a feat of human physique, capable of competing against heptathletes. He keeps his black hair in a very short hair cut, a simple style to match his simple facial features. Just one of those faces you’d lose in a crowd. He has a simple wardrobe, nothing cool or outlandish.
In the silver suit he stands 6’3’’ and weighs an additional 25 lbs. It has no special markings save the Starburst shaped visor that constantly glows yellow with energy.
Bio: Do you really care? Really?

Since he was a boy, Albert knew his life held a great purpose. Taken in by a catholic-oriented orphanage in Rome, Albert demonstrated obedient and subservient behavior. His greatest talent was to take orders swiftly and with unquestioning loyalty. He was enlisted in the “God’s Soldiers” program, a revival of a violent crusade to spread catholicism, but also to counter the (then) rising threat of “demonic” forces threatening the order. Renamed after the founder of the congregation, Albert was trained to be a holy warrior for the next 18 years, a modern day Knight Templar, blindly following “divine order” to combat the “Forces of Darkness”.
It wasn’t until the age of 29, when on a mission to purge a coven involved in heinous human trafficking, Albert met a force so powerful even he could not overcome: Doubt. The records show he was spent just under 48 undocumented hours in the underground complex. When he emerged, The coven had been annihilated; as was his faith. What happened those two days is yet unknown.
Albert requested to be repositioned. He was taken out of the field and posted as a guard for a vault of “Questionable Material”, safeguarded beneath the Vatican City. 3 monthes later, A break-in was reported. Albert was MIA, and a number of items were stolen, including the S0L suit.
Albert has now cast his vows aside and taken it upon himself to lead humanity into a golden age of prosperity, starting first with laying waste to the Xenos that threaten the safety of man.

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