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Blacksmith Lab

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Feb. 09, 2016

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Taking a moment to point out that upgrades appear to be applied multiplicatively, not additively. That's a good thing, in this instance. It does mean that the "bonus" from the upgrades may appear to grow very slowly, or even not at all, but once you realize how it's applied it's not a problem at all.

You are a... The Sequel

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May. 04, 2015

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You are Magnus Man the Marked Viking, destined to Sell all Vikings.



Mar. 21, 2014

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"Curfew: Keeping You Safe Since 1984"


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Dec. 10, 2013

Rating: 3

It would be easier if we could choose to have a night-themed background or something, so the dotted circle would stand out better?


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Jul. 25, 2011

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it isn't really a bug with the avenger.. it seems to do several small packets of damage, depending on how it hits the enemy.


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Nov. 18, 2010

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It could be more specific... like, what sort of injection? What is implied varies greatly whether its asked by a nurse, or some guy in a dark alley...