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Play Factory Balls 2 Factory Balls 2 Jul. 12, 2014
A bit to easy to be enjoyable to me :s
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Jan. 01, 2014
My friend (Maxdefolsch) made a graph of HP, Defense & Reward for each mineral from Poo to Hellstone 10 : (+ to share this )
Play (Follow the) Line (Follow the) Line May. 01, 2013
An other improvement would be the "turn on mouseclick"
Play (Follow the) Line (Follow the) Line Apr. 28, 2013
Nice, but too easy x) (24k350) I just felt that sometimes the game did not react quickly enough when I clicked.
Developer response from Chman

Try to get under 10k points (the lower the better in challenge mode). An absolutely perfect run would be 0 point, but I don't see that happening any time soon :P About the controls, I pushed an update a few minutes ago, so it should be fixed !

Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Mar. 04, 2013
Finally I get it : Perfect Oblivion, no bombs \o/