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Play War of Omens War of Omens Jan. 23, 2015
Did you change the screen size in the newest patch? I can't play normally on my laptop anymore :(
Play Wartune Wartune Jan. 12, 2015
This game gives you a warning message when leaving the page whilst still having things to do now? Changing the rating from 4 to 1.
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Jan. 02, 2015
I think the top comments are very intelligent and offer some nice suggestions - I'd love to see them implemented.
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Jan. 02, 2015
I can't help but wonder what "Holiday Mode" is.
Play Headless Zombie 2 Headless Zombie 2 Dec. 30, 2014
If you're giving us the option to toggle the music and sound effects, why is the developer's add still with sound?
Play Tap Tap Infinity Tap Tap Infinity Dec. 19, 2014
The fact that you cannot automatically proceed to the next level is why this game isn't a proper idle game and will never be close to games like Clicker Heroes etc.
Play Vortex Point 5 - Monster Movie Vortex Point 5 - Monster Movie Nov. 09, 2014
This game in Danish? Instant 5 stars!
Play War of Omens War of Omens Nov. 03, 2014
I really wish you could get the pictures of the cards as a profile pictures.
Play The Maze The Maze Oct. 16, 2014
For a starting project, which I can only assume this is, I think the atmosphere and jump-scares were pretty decent. However, the fact that pressing ESC makes you unable to resume the game really isn't cool, buddy. For that I will have to rate it 2*.
Developer response from vooncj

Thanks for your advice. I will add that feature in future updates. Ya it's a starting project ( and also the first game that i'd made ;) ). Maybe i'll work on this project in the future or mayb not.

Play Little Phobia Little Phobia Oct. 13, 2014
I like the concept of having to close your eyes, but I'm playing without sound and found it extremely frustrating that there is no visual cue when the "lady" is about to show up. Other than that, albeit a bit short I enjoyed it :)
Play Idle Recruit Idle Recruit Oct. 07, 2014
Little tip for those who haven't noticed: your multiplier stacks with all your hats' levels, not just the one you're wearing.
Play War of Omens War of Omens Aug. 11, 2014
An awesome feature would be to add a weekly quest that is larger than daily quests and yields bigger rewards. Like winning 50 games with Vespitole or winning 20 games in a row. I'm super into this game and has played it for quite some months, but I only really complete the daily quests and then move on. This would make me play it even more.
Play Solarmax 2 Solarmax 2 Jun. 27, 2014
Am I the only one who's getting pretty tired of these games?
Play War of Omens War of Omens Jun. 24, 2014
@mrskdzn - no, there currently only exists a Vespitole campaign featuring Listrata.
Play War of Omens War of Omens Jun. 19, 2014
Really Kongregate, really...? An epic, innovative and in so many ways UNIQUE game and you add one easy and one medium achievement? You can do better than that + if you agree!
Play Infectonator: Hot Chase Infectonator: Hot Chase Jun. 07, 2014
This game would be indefinitely more fun if you didn't have to spam space or your mouse, but rather use your arrow keys to go up and down.
Play BattleCry BattleCry Jun. 03, 2014
How did this end up under the "Hot New Games" tab? I cannot believe how Kongregate even allows games that have developers who don't reply to the consumers' comments to have badges in the first place..
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 03, 2014
This game shows a lot of promise; however, it is extremely poorly coded! I can't believe such a simple game uses the same amount of CPU as Counter Strike. I will come back in a week or two, hopefully it will be fixed by then. Also, the chest mini-game is random and it is extremely frustrating when you need for example 4 yellow tiles and they are all scattered, making it impossible to complete.
Play Reincarnation:  LEET Reincarnation: LEET Jun. 03, 2014
A Reincarnation game with no intro? You guys went down the hill, I'm sorry to say. And I loved your other games.
Play How Dare You How Dare You Apr. 02, 2014
Small tip: if you don't get a perfect launch, you should just press R in order to restart immediately. I wish I had known this from the beginning.