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Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Apr. 03, 2014
735,073,371.01 octillion to upgrade the blacksmith seems a tad expensive...
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Jan. 22, 2014
The theoretical max posted by diabwolf seems... somewhat unrealistic. I'm currently at 3.7 trillion damage pick, pulling $140,000 qt/s on the automatic mining, and to upgrade my blacksmith costs 500,000 o. I.e. it will take 95 days at the current rate to get one upgrade (Yes, I know it won't take that long due to increasing auto-click damage percentage, but it will still be over a month).
Play Red Extinction Red Extinction Aug. 22, 2013
As others have said, drop system is completely screwed up and the gravity wells are completely broken. Maps when enemies use them are simply a dps race (since gravity damage is undodgeable), and the majority of maps you can just sit there while the enemy is pulled off to the side and away from you the whole time. 45 levels on insane and while I consistently get 1-2 yellows, I've yet to see the next level of weapons. One final thing I haven't seen noted is just that the difficulty levels seem strange. Medium-Insane have a difference of like 10% on stats while easy drops to like 50%.
Play Red Extinction Red Extinction Aug. 21, 2013
Perhaps I'm just partially color blind or something, but level 20 boss with blue on blue dodging is just stupid and boring. Please in the future do not design enemies that have projectiles that cause instant loss when hitting and are the same color as the background. It's just terrible design.
Play Symbiosis: Greenland Symbiosis: Greenland Jul. 21, 2013
My little bit of feedback would be to change the spells a little bit. For example, have 1 meteor track do large single target damage and the other hit a 2x2 square for less damage. The higher efficiency lower cost idea doesn't work well unless you have longer cooldowns as well (in which case the spells would be too weak). An idea for heal could be have one do greater heal, but has all or part of the healing be done over time while the other is instant. For shield, I would remove the shield which heals (as it repeats the other spell). Perhaps have one give growth and the other reflects some of the damage back at the crystals.
Play Reactance 2 Reactance 2 May. 28, 2013
Honestly I got bored after a couple bosses. I would guess it's largely just not a game type that appeals greatly to me. I find myself often wishing the screen was a little larger, or that the mouse could be locked into it perhaps, as I constantly clip the edge of the map when dodging, and if you clip off the edge then you instantly lose.
Play Alien Anarchy Alien Anarchy May. 26, 2013
Perhaps not a long-term issue, but it jumped out at me immediately: the rollback function removes the bonuses from facebook, etc. and then you can never get them again.
Play ... :D ... :D May. 22, 2013
It's okay. Problems arose from sloppy controls though. Mostly pretty easy, then levels like 22 become boring because they're next to impossible because the delay on taps before it counts it as holding for purposes of movement is so low that it moves multiple spaces. Having some sort of settings would make the game much better.
Developer response from Lorgh

I think the problem come more from the delay when releasing the key. If the event comes right after you passed the 1st square, you will continue moving to the next one. Tried to fix this with some code but it makes movement shaky which is even worse :( I do not see this problem that much though. It looks like some keyboards have different response time in that regard.

Play Magnetized Magnetized Apr. 26, 2013
How do you play the game? It doesn't load anything at all on my screen (just a black screen), but it does grab the mouse if I click into it (just doesn't show anything). Also plays sound, just no video. Running on firefox with everything updated.
Play Run Run Feb. 26, 2013
All aroudn decent game. Definitely needs an option to use a button to move levels. I can't count the number of times I've died purely because the game decided to change to the wall extra early, or it chose not to let me switch fast enough.
Play Pocket Creature PVP Pocket Creature PVP Oct. 31, 2012
Another addition: The endless mode is overly randomized. Using the exact same team (same gems, same order, etc.) in 10 consecutive rounds, I made it to the following rounds: 11,15,13,17,18,17,12,11,20,9. The randomized spawn made the difference between getting 20 rounds and getting 9. Some rounds, it spawns 2-3 groups in a matter of seconds, where others it waits for the last enemy to be killed. I'm not sure if it's a bug in the system or what, but something is messed up. Additionally, assuming the spawning during the previous wave is intentional, when you're creating the random spawning, you should create limits on it. You shouldn't have waves that have 3 healers and 4 zero damage tanks, then follow it with a full offensive (ranged) wave. The first wave doesn't hurt you, but it takes too long to kill, so the second wave spawns with perhaps 3 tanks up, and beats on you for 500ish dps on everyone.
Play Pocket Creature PVP Pocket Creature PVP Oct. 31, 2012
Endless seems somewhat poorly designed. I understand having waves spawn if the previous waves aren't killed fast enough to keep people from going fully defensive, although that isn't really relevant in this game due to how weak healing is relative to damage. The only issue that I find, is that, in addition to this, the moment you kill the last enemy, a new wave spawns, meaning you need a largely offensive team to prevent waves of 10-20 enemies, but you get punished for using a composition of this form. I don't pretend to be the best at this game by any means, but the fact of the matter is that a team that easily beats the final level of story gets to around stage 5-10 of endless. Since there's no upgrading beyond like the third part of story mode, there's nothing to grind for except chests, which I understand making more challenging to get, but the game format should be changed to be more forgiving of different groups.
Play Into Space 2 Into Space 2 Oct. 06, 2012
Also, timer is running at less than 50% of actual time on a computer with zero lag issues (2:15 second flight time after nearly 5 minutes). Furthermore, the little bounces and tipping over doing like 700 damage is absurd and should be toned down. I realize that the rocket would take damage from tipping over, but it's not fun or realistic to have it explode from 70% health because it tipped to the side after it had landed.
Play Into Space 2 Into Space 2 Oct. 06, 2012
One thing that was quite confusing to me was the speed race mission. "Achieve designated vertical speed" is the description, but the actual goal is nothing like that. Firstly, you're going horizontally, not vertically. Secondly it's simply making it to a certain distance, not a speed. Perhaps this is an older description and was simply forgotten, but it's something to fix.
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Oct. 05, 2012
If New Game+ is going to reset everything, you should put it in a separate file so people can still have their super-zombies. I do like the game, but not to the point of playing through it over and over from scratch.
Play Elements Elements Oct. 01, 2012
Oh I didn't realize that... I'd like to take a penalty to retry if I get a hand with less than 2 lands though. I hate starting with just 1 when the computer is sitting on 10 mana after turn 1.
Play Elements Elements Oct. 01, 2012
Oh also...Definitely needs mulligans. As with any card game, a certain degree of luck is to be expected. Losing purely on luck is diminished to an extent by allowing for mulligans - i.e. If you have a hand with no lands by the worst luck, you can redraw your hand with 1 less card as a penalty.
Play Elements Elements Oct. 01, 2012
I admit to being somewhat confused by the pvp system... The cards in my deck just don't show up (clear outlines?) and I can't play anything. End of turn 1: "Please discard a card." Okay... Turn 2: "You lose." It happened to me twice, and I'm not particularly interested in losing all my coins to a glitch, but it may be simple bad luck. I'm just not sure how I lose with 21 cards in deck and 100 life left.
Play Shape Fold Shape Fold Sep. 28, 2012
I would tend to agree with the opinion that the controls feel a little clumsy at times. The puzzles were somewhat interesting, but the challenge level seemed to jump around a little sporadically (such as the final level, which was incredibly easy except for the messed up physics engine). As others have said, it would be nice to be able to lock a piece. I understand that it can make it more difficult having all the pieces moving around, but the issue is that for a puzzle, the fun is generally in figuring out the solution, not in fiddling around with the game's specific controls to try to actually fit the piece in. Perhaps I would feel differently if it worked a little more fluidly, but too many times I had situations where I wanted to bend the end piece of a line, and it would drag the whole line despite my only pushing on the one end, with a joint available to bend. 3.5/5
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Sep. 26, 2012
The New Game+ option should be switched a little bit. Currently, only the money is preserved, meaning you start over with whatever you haven't spent. I feel like it should either have nothing carrying over or have everything carry over; also, it should either be called something different (i.e. start a new game on hard difficulty) or it should have additional description if it's not going to carry anything over, because there's a long-standing tradition within games that new game+ options carry things over from the previous game and people are just going to assume that they will still have the upgrades. Entertaining game and a good way to kill an hour or two.