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Play Memory Run. (Incomplete) Memory Run. (Incomplete) May. 24, 2013
again :c
Play Memory Run (Demo, uncompleted) Memory Run (Demo, uncompleted) May. 20, 2013
It just dont load :c
Developer response from whatsinthedark

Hm, odd. Won't load for me either. I uploaded with the correct files, I'll ask for help

Play Your Game ! Your Game ! May. 20, 2013
What about random enemies encounters (RPG style) , and the only enemi for now is ... a man eating zombie pie! :D
Developer response from Stending

RPG Style ? Explain ^^

Play RPG Retro Program Graphics RPG Retro Program Graphics May. 19, 2013
It would be good if you put music in the battles...
Play Enola: Prelude Enola: Prelude Jan. 07, 2013
Too short, too easy, repetitive and boring gameplay, poor story but good music and art 2/5
Play Legend of the Void 2 Legend of the Void 2 Oct. 12, 2012
Whats up whit dodge rate? i cant dodge anything
Play Syfy Monster Island Syfy Monster Island Jul. 09, 2012
Boss battles are too slow and boring! D:
Play Love (new version for Eden contest) Love (new version for Eden contest) Feb. 14, 2012
I just love this game ^^
Play Trap Master Trap Master Feb. 07, 2012
Where the monster go to buy the traps?
Play Trap Master Trap Master Feb. 07, 2012
Giant humans are not like a moster too?
Play Fade Fade Jan. 10, 2011
The llama see like drugged in colored mode .-.