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Play Monomaze Monomaze Dec. 17, 2010
PJ6211 - i've been working all day, so i'm not sitting with multiple accounts moderating comments, lol! i welcome all comments, good or bad... i can't affect how people mod things up or down, it'd be useless anyhow since rating matters much more than comments
Play Monomaze Monomaze Dec. 17, 2010
@ChaoticBrain - Good idea! I just updated the version, you now get one extra second for each turn powerup you get in Blitz mode.
Play Monomaze Monomaze Dec. 16, 2010
atresia666 - Thanks! There actually are high scores, just click on "Leaderboards" from the main menu. It automatically posts them under your Kongregate username.
Play As I Lay Dying! As I Lay Dying! Dec. 16, 2010
Note: Restart level is "0" (as in zero), not "O" (as in "obstetrician"). Might be nice to support both, actually :D
Play You Only Live Once You Only Live Once Jul. 31, 2009
Ok, one life per game, fine. One life FOREVER (without wiping your flash cookies), not fine..
Play Epic Battle Fantasy Epic Battle Fantasy May. 08, 2009
Um, so you're making money off a game with ripped music, sounds, and characters? You even put straight-up Pikachu in it?
Play Bible Fight Bible Fight Mar. 07, 2009
Fantasic visuals, but not-so-hot gameplay. It seems to ignore your keypresses at least half the time -- did nobody realize that during testing?