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Play Save the Earth! - The Incremental - Save the Earth! - The Incremental - Jun. 24, 2015
Maybe I'm missing something or I'm not far enough into the game, but how/when do I earn GP?
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 08, 2013
Why... can't... I... stop?!
Play Surgeon Simulator 2013 Surgeon Simulator 2013 Dec. 06, 2013
Beating this game means I'm ready for the real thing right? Heart transplants, fifty bucks each. (Cash upfront)
Play Hyperpath Hyperpath Dec. 03, 2013
Findra seem a bit overpowered with that special of theirs. Best thing you can do for them is conquer them early, and then have them turn around and conquer you with their reinforcements.
Play Cyber Chaser Cyber Chaser Sep. 27, 2013
I finally get enough keys to open the five key crate and... nothing... :'(
Play Samsara Room Samsara Room Sep. 23, 2013
Adventuring rule #1: Take everything that isn't nailed down
Play Zombotron 2: Time Machine Zombotron 2: Time Machine Sep. 23, 2013
Okay game, vehicle portion with the capsule sucked however. I had to restart sooooo many times I almost quit.
Play Deeper Sleep Deeper Sleep Sep. 23, 2013
This game is creepy without making me want to run away and hide without finishing it. It makes a nice change from the usual horror games which do just that. Maybe its the animation style.
Play Codelink v2 Codelink v2 Sep. 17, 2013
Fixed for me, I can login again
Play Codelink v2 Codelink v2 Sep. 17, 2013
Okay, I just started playing yesterday, and this morning it says my account doesn't exist. I was playing just fine when suddenly it kicked me off, and now when I try to login it says "no matching account."
Developer response from momoguru

we had a database crash, its been restored, but a few hours of play were lost, we are backing up every hour now. we can adjust ur new account, just ask and admin ingame

Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent May. 11, 2013
By the way, the "more" button to advance the stupid quest is the only button that doesn't work. Everything else works, but I can't advance the quest, so I can't play!
Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent May. 11, 2013
Okay, I'm I the prologue, and I'm having trouble pushing the "more" buttons to get the story to move forward. I click it, and nothing happens. I click it over and over and over, I refresh the page and try again. Still... not... working.
Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Apr. 28, 2013
Same problem as Josh. Drugs don't work, but still cost money. Everything was working earlier today.
Developer response from delosford

You both hit the page while I was changing some stuff. It works fine now.

Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Apr. 22, 2013
Okay, why is it a gaff to use "Think of the Children" against declaring war, but not for it? That is, in my opinion, some very twisted logic.
Developer response from delosford

It is a bit dark, but read the ability texts a bit more closely. The ability is specifically about American children and NOT children from other countries.

Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Apr. 11, 2013
I just had two ideas you've probably heard before. One was the ability to withdraw bills you've introduced. Probably would cost some clout to do that, to disincentives doing it, but I think it would be a nice option. Other idea, being able to introduce a bill to impeach the president. Not sure on the details for that one. Probably would want it to cost lots of clout, and likely make it like a binary bill, and/or require a vote after/if it passes. All I know is I'm sick of Socialist, and Liberal, and Green bills getting vetoed, but I don't want risk trying to assassinate the guy. Just some ideas I hadn't seen that I thought I'd throw out there.
Developer response from delosford

I don't think anyone's suggested that first one, actually... why would you want to? Impeaching the president isn't a bad idea in theory, but there has to be some actual reason for impeachment. I'm not sure how to work that into the mechanic as suggested.

Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Apr. 02, 2013
I'm not sure if this is intentional, but I just went outside my party lines by opposing increasing foreign aid to Israel. My party is Socialist. Unless of course it's outside every party's line, what with the powerful lobby they have.
Developer response from delosford

Hm... That seems to have been in error. The socialist part of the US opposes foreign aid. I'll fix it.

Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Mar. 04, 2013
I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I just had a bill I introduced from Campaign Contributions pass, but I didn't get the additional money. I introduced it yesterday, and it only just passed today.
Developer response from delosford

You get the money for passing contributions at end of day when the bill goes into effect. This is stated in a couple places in-game.

Play Bullseye (Interstellar Marines) Bullseye (Interstellar Marines) Jan. 20, 2013
I played this on my desktop a bunch, but now I'm trying on my laptop, and it won't respond to my mouse at all. What gives?
Play Rogue Soul Rogue Soul Oct. 07, 2012
Could I make one suggestion? A restart button when you pause. I don't know about everyone else, but if I start off poorly I'd like to be able to just pause and restart without having to go back to the menu. Great game by the way, I'm spending way too much time on it.
Developer response from SoulGame

There is actually a restart button in the pause menu, in the right bottom corner !

Play Rogue Soul Rogue Soul Oct. 02, 2012
After my first few tries I was begging for upgrades, but eventually I got the hang of it. Good game, and it's actually pretty cool how it makes you get better by practicing, not with upgrades.