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Play Frontline Defense 2 Frontline Defense 2 Jan. 02, 2012
It's wonderful meanwhile at Wave 70 something out of 80 and one thing slips through and I have to restart.
Play GeoSketch GeoSketch Dec. 08, 2011
50, 1, -1 for a curved tube
Play Just Chatting Just Chatting Mar. 07, 2011
Best game EVAR!!!
Play Bot Arena 3 Bot Arena 3 Mar. 05, 2011
I love when I'm about to beat the part that I'm stuck on even though I have ALL THE BEST EQUIPMENT and I have slightly more health then the enemy, but right before I win, my robot decides to randomly TURN AROUND. Also, I hate when I'm trying to lock onto an enemy and I tell my robot to move to the other side of the map.
Play Just Chatting Just Chatting Mar. 01, 2011
I will now base all my life decisions off what I have learned from this gray box. 5/5
Play Frontline Defense 2 Frontline Defense 2 Feb. 21, 2011
Wakthrough: Beat first level with Sniper tower & Tesla tower Get shotgun tower Beat levels with Sniper&Shotgun and buy more starting funds Then just get creative for some extra firepower to pass time more quickly.
Play Burrito Bison Burrito Bison Feb. 20, 2011
I have now grown a hate towards cops.
Play TDP4 Team Battle TDP4 Team Battle Feb. 02, 2011
How is getting to level 5 a hard badge? Whatever, I just got 50 free points...
Play Flight Flight Feb. 01, 2011
Don't throw your plane straight up either. x.X
Play Kongregate Chat Kongregate Chat Jan. 12, 2011
I can't unlock the second tier of weapons! Any help?
Play Tetravalanche Tetravalanche Jan. 08, 2011
How did people say this was easy? I can't get past 450m for my life!
Play Rocket Toilet Rocket Toilet Dec. 30, 2010
Really, this is fun and all, but this is just Toss The Turtle except not as cool. And with naked men.
Play Infectonator : World Dominator Infectonator : World Dominator Dec. 29, 2010
The game won't let me see the news, I do the tab-enter trick, it flashes up for a sec, then disappears.
Play Desert Moon Desert Moon Dec. 26, 2010
IS there a way to kill hunters efficiently? I just seem to be having trouble.
Play Crunchball 3000 Crunchball 3000 Dec. 24, 2010
Yeahhhh! Beat the Electric Ten 3-0!
Play Love Love Dec. 12, 2010
Play Idle Dancing Idle Dancing Nov. 14, 2010
Why do you want me to stop playing? lol.
Play Zombies Took My Daughter! Zombies Took My Daughter! Oct. 29, 2010
Lol it's like l4d2 except your trying to find your daughter.
Play entangled entangled Aug. 12, 2010
I love this game so much. Even though I suck at it, Great music, great idea, so creative... I just love it.
Play ACTION TURNIP!!! ACTION TURNIP!!! Aug. 01, 2010
This game is really glitchy. Especially in Run N Gun mode, the controls never work right!!! Oh, amd if I chat before I start Turnabalt, or even click out of the game screen, he just keeps jumping over and over again until I refresh the page. Please, fix this game up, or alll of it's hype will be nonsense. Great idea though. Just need some tweaks. 4/5