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Play For The Twin For The Twin Oct. 13, 2010
<3 chiptunes.
Play Power Vacuum Power Vacuum Dec. 06, 2009
An interesting take on the avoider genre. Clever.
Play Airplane Adventures Airplane Adventures Oct. 10, 2009
Lol. Great use of what I imagine would have been an otherwise boring flight.
Play Blueshift Blueshift Oct. 08, 2009
Quite a pretty sidescrolling shooter. Hooray.
Play Kavern Keeper Kavern Keeper Oct. 08, 2009
Three cheers for LudumDare -- but I'm afraid the Kongregate crowd probably doesn't quite get the '48-hours-crazy' designs that result...
Play Exploding Sheep Exploding Sheep Oct. 08, 2009
Wow. Simple, clever, and oddly amusing. Go Flixel, Go!
Play Cube Dodger Cube Dodger Oct. 08, 2009
It would have been trivial for you to integrate the Kongregate API for high scores here. Why didn't you?
Play Trench Run Trench Run Oct. 04, 2009
Darkruler: Damn, you're right. Bonuses are now included in the run time submitted to Kongregate; I've made the game slightly harder to try to balance out before-and-after scores.
Play Kowlr Kowlr Oct. 03, 2009
Yes! Good Towlr!
Play Spacetacular Voyage Spacetacular Voyage Oct. 03, 2009
Man, ignore these people. A weirdly innovative use of physics, coupled with acceptable graphics and a rockin' sense of humor. I like it.
Play Don't Look Back Don't Look Back Oct. 03, 2009
I can't say it enough -- this is just beautiful.
Play RetroShoot RetroShoot Oct. 03, 2009
Not bad, migo. The rotation effect is a nifty change-up every so often.
Play Trench Run Trench Run Oct. 03, 2009
Kaapola: it is a penalty -- it slows you down. Plus you get a significant bonus if you make it to the end without dying.
Play 5 Differences 5 Differences Oct. 03, 2009
Visually stunning. Seriously.
Ignore that last; wrong comment box. Don't ask.
Really frustrating to play on a mac laptop, where the vertical resolution isn't quite large enough to see the whole damn game.
Play Tangerine Panic! Tangerine Panic! Sep. 26, 2009
This is really effing glorious.
Play Canabalt Canabalt Sep. 26, 2009
Your pixel art, as always, amazes.
Play Blue Ninja Blue Ninja Sep. 26, 2009
Ah, flixel. Green tutorial ninjas must die!
Play Intergalactic Warrior Intergalactic Warrior Sep. 25, 2009
Did I miss something? Because this is excruciatingly generic...