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Unendingfear: But be back shortly, I have to tickle my mom more! :D


Fortilium: Ego memento tua mater
Fortilium: :3

[04:06 PM] Dogeatdog6: 8√2, to be accurate.
[04:06 PM] Dogeatdog6: I think :P
[04:06 PM] Whovian: psh, doggy
[04:06 PM] Dogeatdog6: Been awhile since I’ve done any schooling
[04:06 PM] Whovian: √-1 :D

[04:06 PM] Dogeatdog6: i.
[04:06 PM] Whovian: oh get real

[08:49 PM] JackRandom: but obey the Mod Dog God
[08:49 PM] JackRandom: if only because thats the best title ever

SuicideMedic: Time to get violent with the cat.
Dogeatdog6: Oh god that was awkward
SuicideMedic: Gonna wrap him in a towel, hold him down, and shove it in
SuicideMedic: That lil ****er is taking this pill whether he wants it or not.

[2:55:50 AM] dehm: I ROLL A 2
[2:55:54 AM] Dogeatdog6: YOU DED
[2:56:03 AM] Red966: NO
[2:56:04 AM] Red966: I RED

8:13 PM – Blarg400000: There’s already really shitty androids in Japan that can sort of hold a conversation with someone, so how far are we from full-on AI?
8:14 PM – Blarg400000: Like, AI at a level where someone could be like “Oh hey Ted” to an AI and it’d be like “Oh hey Tom what’s up”
8:14 PM – Dogeatdog6: But that’s not AI, that’s just a massive database of responses and fill-in-the-blanks
8:14 PM -Blarg400000: Isn’t that basically what we are?

[03:03 AM] dehm: http://i.imgur.com/QYwiYoZ.png
[03:03 AM] red966: Lol’d hard
[03:03 AM] Dogeatdog6: InfinityEver Shop?
[03:03 AM] dehm: “mebking: Build a book making a whole town with ever shops and everything”
[03:03 AM] dehm: The power of grammar. <3

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