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Play Create your own TD 3 Create your own TD 3 May. 02, 2012
I got a suggestion: an option for the tower to get an upgrade tree + more specials for the tower
Play Epic Combo! Epic Combo! Jun. 25, 2011
u can end the combo by pressing the "Manual Timeout" button
Play My Little Army My Little Army Jun. 24, 2011
this is the only game i know that elephants can ride horses without the horses getting squished, and a rock is super expensive having 20,000+ cost. (Also having the ability to throw atomic bombs, lol.)
Play A Bonte Escape A Bonte Escape Jun. 13, 2011
super short walkthrough. on safe 1: enter code 5289. on safe 2: enter the color code green-orange-blue-yellow-brown. on safe 3: enter the code 315, then use the key to open the door. + if this helped. also put plus on icesoul56's walkthrough too!
Play Wolf Games Apple Shooter Wolf Games Apple Shooter Jun. 13, 2011
+ if the person ur shooting with an apple on its head was ur enemy
Play Heaven or Hell Heaven or Hell Jun. 12, 2011
make it turn-based, cus slow guys get pwned easily.
Play Random Defence 2 Random Defence 2 May. 19, 2011
pls dont add immunity if u make RD3!
Play City Siege 2 City Siege 2 May. 17, 2011
those who want to get a gold medal and a VIP/civ is between 2 baddies, kill them from afar. use spies from the rest :)
Play Create your own TD 3 Create your own TD 3 May. 17, 2011
I like a 20-tower map like u did in create your own TD 2.
Play City Siege 2 City Siege 2 May. 16, 2011
it's wierd when the enemys see the spy but wont shoot them...
Play MechStrike MechStrike May. 15, 2011
pls add infantry.
Play Classic Nurikabe Light Vol 1 Classic Nurikabe Light Vol 1 May. 05, 2011
those who have a problem: look at the rules! rules(copy-pasted it): Each puzzle consists of a grid containing clues in various places. The object is to create islands by partitioning between clues with walls so that the number of squares in each island is equal to the value of the clue, all walls form a continuous path and there are no wall areas of 2x2 or larger. Each island must contain one clue and be isolated from other islands horizontally and vertically.
Play MechStrike MechStrike May. 01, 2011
spamming balams are perfect wins
Play Starland Multiplayer TD Starland Multiplayer TD Apr. 30, 2011
needs to have co-op. But add something that dosen't let other player sell your towers.
Play My Little Army My Little Army Apr. 28, 2011
for mission 4. do hard mode, upgrade poison 1 time and mana regeneration 1 time. spam poison only on the giant unit.
Play Arcane Arcane Apr. 27, 2011
the game has bad graphics, but its very awesome! 5/5 Fav
Play Magnetic Defense Magnetic Defense Apr. 27, 2011
cursor: your ship is the cursor
Play Champions of chaos Champions of chaos Apr. 23, 2011
part 2: rate my boss battle comment a - if u want to.
Play Champions of chaos Champions of chaos Apr. 23, 2011
For boss battles, I highly reccomend you using shieldman and paladin. I also reccomend you to use wisdom aura first, then protect. (and also get the hard badge :D ) For: Boss 1: the claw guy and the bird guy. Defeat the bird guy first. Because if you will attack the bear first, he will be awake and attack you. Boss 2: doll and 2 armor. attack the doll only. use defensive abilities when the doll has the shield of invulnerability. there'll be a part 2.
Play Champions of chaos Champions of chaos Apr. 22, 2011
game too easy if you use shieldman and paladin. use shieldman's protect to paladin. paladin will heal shieldman. oh, dont forget too attack the enemy. rate + if this helps.