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I quit mainstream, leave me alone.

"Become a deity today!":http://www.simplyhired.com/a/salary/search/q-deity
"Do you hate crock?":http://poll.pollcode.com/wug2
"Is BooBooLaBoosh really a cat?":http://poll.pollcode.com/w24d
"Cassi Shows Irish Her Dollar Store Bra":http://oi47.tinypic.com/35becxw.jpg

"Perverts in Nature":http://www.neatorama.com/2007/04/30/30-strangest-animal-mating-habits/

"I feel that everyone should be cool like these cats":http://procatinator.com/?cat=9

I encourage the right to mute, if you feel that my ideologies are disturbing, then please mute me. If you feel my criticism at times is annoying, then mute me. If there are any other reasons why you wish for my silence, please mute me. If I ask you otherwise, it's still YOUR choice, no matter what others say. This applies to other people, also.

Thanks, al, for granting me the title of **King of the Tablecats**.
I am the umpteenth kongregate user to be silenced by request. Thanks, Poe. **You have been silenced for 15 minutes.
RP Ideas:
1: In 2045, free market beliefs have taken over the world. A man named (Person1) monopolized the markets of communications, computer technology and electronics in general. A gang made to "break up" monopolies is planning a hostile takeover of (insert company name here). However, (Person1) wasn't about to let it go easily. (Person1) hired special assistance from (Person2) for his skills in (select one) so the gang would likely not be able to overtake his company's HQ in (insert city here).

2: After a recent 20% spike in taxes, someone decided to lead a protest (Person1), with about thirty people at the capital building of (insert city here). The monarch (Person8), whose face had never been revealed to the public, ordered the protesters to twenty years in prison along with the leader of the protest(Person1) being sentenced to death in a faraway prison. The prisoners were lied to and they said he was speaking on their behalf to the royal court while he was being escorted north, to the harshest prison in the Kingdom, along a beachside route because of the naval strength of the Kingdom. After word got out, a group was organized in order to rescue(Person3, Person6, Person10) him from the guards(Person2, Person4, Person5, Person7, Person9) despite being severely outnumbered in a small swamp town that he would be escorted through that was seemingly off the radar. Anywhere else and the attempted freeing of the protest leader (Person1) would be instantaneously stopped by soldiers (NPC). It all came down to one attempt when the escort entered the town.

**Genocidal Maniac Watchlist:**


**Words You are not allowed to say in front of me:**


My famiry:
Sissy (Ash)
Daddy (Spierred)

Notable Quotes:
DoorbellX: Archimedes Death Ray.

Saber_Lily: "Fool!"

Saber_Alter: "Fool!"

Sir_Excalibur: "Fool!"
DoorbellX: He's fun to talk to. He's very knowledgeable of great American literature.

DoorbellX: I should have used a semicolon. -.-

FireandIce: On the plus side you at least know a semicolon has a use other than winking. ;D
DoorbellX: So, Kakkoii

DoorbellX: Do you like vitreous humour?

KakkoiiBishounen: Vitreous?

DoorbellX: Vitreous.

KakkoiiBishounen: First time I've heard that term used honestly. You'll have to explain it to me.

DoorbellX: Well, you see.
Tangent: Implying chatzy roll isn't rigged 1:09

Tangent: http://www.random.org/integers/?num=1&mi... 1:09

Chord: OKAY 1:09


Tangent: Uh 1:09

Tangent: 19. 1:09

Tangent: Fuck. 1:09

Chord rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 19 1:09

Chord: Shit 1:09

Clams1: Serensa, you don't need to kiss up to fox to get him to cyber you

foxfun666: ^

serensa: He'll cyber me for free

Clams1: He's looser than the noose Door attempted to commit suicide with.


nYawn: So, thinking of making a dwarf character...

nYawn: How about the name Haron Farender?

nYawn: Used a dwarf name generator.

Elf_Assassin: Cause they have no imagination. They only care about making something that would make 6 year olds squeal for the damn thing like 'OMFG LOK AT DIS TING!!!!!"

To hhhhhh9998: Hey Rosie.

Elf_Assassin: Sounds good for a dwarf.

DoorbellX: > Dwarves

DoorbellX: Ukrainians are the master race, guys.

To hhhhhh9998: Meow

Elf_Assassin: Okai.. That was random.

DoorbellX: Not really

DoorbellX: Ukrainians are genetically superior.

nYawn: Your opinion is highly valued, and shall be obeyed. Actually no.

Elf_Assassin: Door, i honestly don't give two shits tat you're Ukrainian.

Elf_Assassin: That*

DoorbellX: I'm not Ukrainian

DoorbellX: You're retarded and ignorant

Elf_Assassin: Well that's what you're inplyin.

DoorbellX: No

Elf_Assassin: Implying*

vermouth5: hi all

DoorbellX: I'm implying all woman should have genetic superior bust.

DoorbellX: *women

DoorbellX: Dummyhead

DoorbellX: And I can't take an RP seriously

DoorbellX: With little bearded guys running around.

vermouth5: why because ur a doorbell?

nYawn: No worries, I've got a guy who is obsessive over his trees as well.

Elf_Assassin: Diggy diggy hole.

nYawn: :D

DoorbellX: Elves belong in Finland

nYawn: Not an elf either.

nYawn: A human.

Elf_Assassin: A hippy?

vermouth5: wtf is going on

DoorbellX: Elves are basically Finnish people with a genetically specific kind of ears.

Elf_Assassin: Wtf is with you're grammar and spelling?

DoorbellX: Not to mention Santa Claus' most recent reincarnation is Finnish.

DoorbellX: Them elves need a job somewhere.

Elf_Assassin: I haven't heard of that.

To hhhhhh9998: Rosie

DoorbellX: You need to do more LSD.

DoorbellX: The world you see is fictional, the world of LSD is reality.

DoorbellX: Everyone's a pragmatophobe.

Elf_Assassin: Mhm..

To hhhhhh9998: Rosie, are you here?

DoorbellX: LSD was scientifically recorded by a great man named Al.

DoorbellX: You really shouldn't pedal hard at all on a bike, you'll go faster if you don't.

DoorbellX: You just think you go faster if you pedal harder, it's not really true.

DoorbellX: Policemen aren't real, they're just your hallucination dragging you out of reality and forcing you into a nightmare.

DoorbellX: You can shoot them with what the great hallucination calls a "gun" and escape.


Conscientia cleared the room 15:57

Hustler joined the chat 22:32

Hustler 22:32
FRY DOES THE HUSTLE FOR 10 MINUTESYouTube · 10:01 · 9 months agoI was Bored :D and Youtube's gay for not allowing looping anymore -_- [Click to hide video thumbnail. To stop showing these thumbnails automatically, click on the video icon in the top-right corner]

Doorbutts joined the chat 22:33

Jane Doe (Pet Tamin Tank Mage) joined the chat 22:33

Jane Doe (Pet Tamin Tank Mage): Lol. 22:33

Doorbutts: 16th time, I believe. 22:33

Doorbutts: That Hustler 22:34

Doorbutts: He struck again. 22:34


Klimath hugs the wall of the campus, a small revolver in his hand 1:09

Conformity looked for Klimath in the cafeteria. 1:09

Conformity looked for Klimath in the girls’ dorms. 1:10

Klimath runs into COnformity 1:10

☾Kaen Teinteddo☾ touches her breasts 1:10

Insanity Star wakes up “We need to go to the coaches” 1:11

☾Kaen Teinteddo☾: “Why?” 1:11

Conformity “Hey Klimath, how are your classes going?” 1:11

Insanity Star: “Parta school isn’t it?” 1:11

☾Kaen Teinteddo☾: “Oi, lost your track of time? Look at the clock, all the teachers told us to gtfo into our dorms.” 1:12

Klimath: “Conformity!” He says smiling, his face covered with a shaggy beard, his cloths old worn torn and stained. He wore an ragged beanie too, he looked homeless and smelled awful. He had a .357 revolver in his hand. “Hey.. Hey! Hmm?” He said looking at Conformity. “Oh, good, good..” He scratches his arms nervously Aug 12

Insanity Star: “Okay” 1:13

Insanity Star: “Meep” 1:13

☾Kaen Teinteddo☾ goes back to caressing her breasts 1:13

Conformity “Let’s go skip rocks down at the pond.” 1:14

Klimath: “You, you- wanna?” Klimath asks rubbing his head with the gun 1:15

Conformity “Yeah, we haven’t done it in a while.” 1:15

Insanity Star: “What now?” Aug 12

☾Kaen Teinteddo☾: “Just go to sleep.” he smiled 1:16

Klimath: “Sure, sure! Why not?” He says following Conformity to the pond 1:16

Insanity Star goes to sleep 1:16

☾Kaen Teinteddo☾ sucks on her breast. 1:17

Conformity: On the way to the pond, the two see a couple LSD junkies walking around, pointing, and stating observations. They keep going to the pond. 1:18

Klimath: “Conformity..” He says picking up a rock and skipping it across the water. “I gotta say.. I was about to do something horrible..” Aug 12

Insanity Star wakes up “Its not fun to sleep” 1:19

☾Kaen Teinteddo☾ keeps sucking on her breast. 1:20

Conformity skips a rock, “Weren’t we all?” 1:23

Klimath Klimath sheds a single tear as he turns to Conformity and raises the pistol. “Goodbye, friend.” He says pulling the trigger, shooting Conformity in the head 1:23

☾Kaen Teinteddo☾: [Wow. Lol] 1:24

Conformity does not die. 1:25

Conformity: “I am you, Klimath. You can only kill me by killing yourself.” 1:25

Conformity: “Why do you think no one else sees me?” 1:25

Klimath Klimath wears a horrified face as he fires a second round, then a third into what he thought was his best friend. Each bullet pointlessly passing through him. “No.. No… THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!” He cries out emptying the gun into the imaginary man 1:26

Conformity “It’s useless, Klimath. I’m going to stop this tragedy from happening now.” 1:27

Conformity pummels Klimath into the water and holds him under as they both begin to drown. 1:27

Klimath Klimath’s arms flail in the air, as he punchs and kicks at the apparition, however, Conformity, his deep inner mind was far to powerful, it held him under, Klimath felt as his breath began to burn inside him. Staring down upon him was Conformity, the portion of Klimath’s mind who knew the sins he had commited, knew the evil he had done. Klimath let out his breath, the air escaping into the water as violent bubbles as the splashing and kicking got more and more desperate. 1:30

Conformity spoke with our final words, “One must die if they cannot conform.” Klimath would shortly suffocate. 1:31

Insanity Star pulls klimath out 1:32

Insanity Star: “Sheesh don’t kill yourself” 1:32

☾Kaen Teinteddo☾ appears waiting near the side of the pond. 1:33

Conformity: Insanity finds herself holding a corpse. 1:35

Insanity Star shrugs 1:35

Insanity Star tosses the corpse into the pond 1:35

☾Kaen Teinteddo☾: “Well that was a fail.” 1:35

Insanity Star: Kaen kong 1:36

Klimath Klimath watched as his life flashed before him, black and white is all he can see, in his infancy, red and yellow then came to be, let him see. He was born, the rush off cool air. Time zoomed forward he was now seven years old and torturing a cat in the well in his basement. Tossing rocks at it’s bloody and beaten body it painfully meows and hisses for mercy, but recieves none. Time rushes forward in his eyes, he is ten and watches as his father rapes and kills his sister and mother together. He then himself is raped and beaten to near death. Klimath is now 16, it’s his Junior year at high school, the lead Cheer leader, Sarah Ringwol, oh how she was beautiful, smelling of sweet summer breeze, her hair a soft golden wave… She tricks him, betrays his trust. He is beaten mercilessly by her boyfriend in the school parking lot. Now, Klimath finds himself at the age 19, he meets Conformity, another loner, and his only friend. They hit it off immediately, everyone acted strangely around the two, Conformity protected Klimath, scared the bullies away. Now he saw himself skipping rocks, and shooting his best friend, now he is under water. Klimath’s eyes go pasty as his skin turns blue, Klimath takes in a deep breath, sucking in only water that fills his longs, a violet cough is sputted out as Klimath’s vision fades, and he dies. 1:37

Klimath The last words in his mind are; “Conformity, my only friend, is now my enemy… Men are evil, trust is a weakness we all hold… I should never have tried to be happy…” 1:38

Klimath: lungs* 1:40

Conformity: That was fun, John. 1:40

Klimath: It was 1:41

Klimath: We should do this more often 1:41

Klimath: I’ll think of an even more messed up “life” to flash before his eyes 1:41

Conformity: I’ll think of something better than an imaginary friend 1:42

Klimath: Deep psychological Schizophrenia 1:43


DoorbellX: Lotias

DoorbellX: Everyone just won't stop comparing me to you

DoorbellX: An online gf who rarely comes on whose name starts with L

Sceron: everyone won't stop comparing everyone to Clams

Sceron: wait what Doorbell

Sceron: you have one too

DoorbellX: They claim I'm a cynic

DoorbellX: Yeah

DoorbellX: I'm srs

Sceron: when the **** did this happen

DoorbellX: http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/Laney1899/messages

DoorbellX: I've known her since a year ago

Sceron: oh god

DoorbellX: We're parallel lines

Sceron: even I don't spam Lilly with shouts

foxlover: Door

DoorbellX: Clams

Sinnicorps: Door

foxlover: The amount of pathetic and autism in that shouts section.

Sinnicorps: What the ****

Sinnicorps: You're like

Sinnicorps: A pussy now

foxlover: It's impressive

DoorbellX: I know


foxlover: It's like distilled sadness

Sinnicorps: IT's depressing

DoorbellX: Yeah

DoorbellX: Clams

DoorbellX: I RickRolled her

DoorbellX: Because I'm bad

Sceron: even though I do leave Lilly a whisper every month that goes by

Sceron: alt+qq

DoorbellX: I leave her a message daily

DoorbellX: mfw she knows exactly what inamorata and paragon mean

Sinnicorps: This is sad.

DoorbellX: They say love is a river

Sceron: doorbell

DoorbellX: Lotias

Sceron: i never took it to that level of fgtry

foxlover: To Dustinator: Look if you used to have sex with Foxlover, here's a sad truth, but you were ****ing a guy.

Sceron: :(

DoorbellX: Lotias

foxlover: Dustinator: are you ****ing with me? (reply)

foxlover: I lol'd

Sinnicorps: ahahahaha

foxlover: So hard

DoorbellX: I'm basically a more extreme version of you

DoorbellX: Haha

foxlover: Door.

Sinnicorps: Door, you can't use the word extreme anymore.

Sceron: i'm going to go kill myself because of Doorbell

Sinnicorps: You are the type of guy that wears wolf sweaters

Sceron: brb in a second

foxlover: If the RP rooms were a group kids at school.

foxlover: You're the ginger.


DoorbellX: HEY YA!

DoorbellX: HEEEEY YA!

Vestalia_: Door.

Vestalia_: Sh.

DoorbellX: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE37e1eK2mY

DoorbellX: Listen to this song without stopping or killing yourself

DoorbellX: Try it

Vestalia_: Door.

Vestalia_: Sh.

To Vestalia_: What is it

Vestalia_: Shhhhh (reply)

To Vestalia_: Are you hunting for wabbits?

Vestalia_: ****. (reply)

To Vestalia_: mfw it's so bad you laugh

Vestalia_: I was just ninja'd.

Vestalia_: So hardcore.

Vestalia_: Mother****.


Kelikinz: Back to stalking so soon?

DoorbellX: Hate you

DoorbellX: But

DoorbellX: I love Laney so much I'll tolerate you

Kelikinz: Door

Kelikinz: You love me

Kelikinz: Stop lying

Kelikinz: You lie

Kelikinz: You lie tooo much

Kelikinz: WAY TOO MUCH

DoorbellX: It's essentially my punishment for being mean to her

Kelikinz: You love me.


DoorbellX: John

DoorbellX: My dad's threatening to make my Internet go out at 9 on weekdays and 930 on weekends

DoorbellX: :P

John_Henson: Tell him;

stormtroopercat: that sucks, dude

DoorbellX: You were saying, John?

DoorbellX: mfw noogai is useless

DoorbellX: Mw

DoorbellX: John devises plan

John_Henson: "Bitch, I know where your kids live, I know where yo' wife lives, I fukkin' kill 'em bowf."

DoorbellX: Brilliant


lemonmissile: The elegant Ukrainian female, whose shortish brown hair could only be slightly seen beneath her iron helmet. Her leather armor's polish cracked in the awful cold. While the enemy was distracted by her massive breast, she went in for one fowl swoop…

lemonmissile: upon his fat, pale neck with her stainless steel short sword. The man seemed even more distracted as her massive breast bounced upon her elegant leap forth, but he was no more after his head hit the floor, a flurry of red dancing between his…

lemonmissile: shoulders where his head once sat.

DoorbellX: If only Wes was as good as a random newfag


TTHelvianTT: pm me 4 sex

TTHelvianTT: pls

DoorbellX: So no one notices if we were together in the first place if we break up

To TTHelvianTT: Wex okay?

GuitarKing330: Oh hey Wings. Puppet told me you would be making an account soon.

SillyBag: hello WingsOfLife(Puppet's friend)

SillyBag: I like your name

TTHelvianTT: prepare your wagina (reply)

SillyBag: But it's not as good as SillyBag

sayiansonic: hey

WingsOfLife: Well thank you, SillyBag.

sayiansonic: Geet!

To TTHelvianTT: You should wear a wondom so we don't spread WTD's like WAIDS.


Kallious: I heard the test is common sense.

crockidile: yh its against black people

crockidile: the test is gay thats what the test is


To rachael1616: Bend over

rachael1616: Or drugs?

rachael1616: Okay. (reply)

Jasmine_Ruiz_: Lol Depression is not the best way to lose weight.

To rachael1616: You're like a lazy teenager, saying you'll do something, then not doing it.

Clan_Imashiwa: Druuuuuugs

DoorbellX: Jassie

DoorbellX: For you it doesn't work

DoorbellX: You binge eat when you get depressed

Jasmine_Ruiz_: Starving is a good way, but it's unhealthy.

DoorbellX: Normal people develop a severe loss of appetite and illness

rachael1616: I'm procrastinating. Just relax. I'll do it eventually. (reply)


TTHelvianTT: sinni role-plays but she never role-plays in public

Saito_Olok: Aerik looks around, noticing the tavern area seems to not be crowded, he quickly changes gears, becoming the sober monk. "There we are. Some facades are necessary. Six minutes, madame." He then nods to Alice, walking out of the tavern.

TTHelvianTT: shes too shy

Sinnicorps: Cyph, you don't role play with Gabe or Crock

Epiczilla: Sinni, you pretty much just spammed the word "UGUU"

Sinnicorps: On the other hand, I Do

GuitarKing330: Then cowgirl (reply)

Sinnicorps: I'm not too shy

TTHelvianTT: Crock sucks


doomfullord: There are no needs, only wants.


Clamelia_Earhart: Or is Collu like.

Clamelia_Earhart: 9

To smilez881: How goes it?

Clamelia_Earhart: That would explain a lot about his terrible opinions

DoorbellX: Nah, Clams

Clamelia_Earhart: He's just parroting his moron parents.

Clamelia_Earhart: So it's like moron once removed

collusion: sorry i'm out of beer


clasher101: are you makeing fun of christtians

DoorbellX: Everyone does it

DoorbellX: They're a joke

clasher101: FUC YOU

DoorbellX: The only Abrahamic religion that isn't a joke

DoorbellX: Is Judaism

DoorbellX: And people make fun of them for it


GuitarKing330: andre i love alice and i've drunk too much

GuitarKing330: hee i like this showwww

teacuppiglover: ..oh dear

GuitarKing330: hi jill

GuitarKing330: no mike don't waste pizza!! ;_;

GuitarKing330: he just

GuitarKing330: knocked over

GuitarKing330: like four boxes

GuitarKing330: im hungry

DoorbellX: Eat him

teacuppiglover: how drunk are you guit

GuitarKing330: is there like

GuitarKing330: a method of counting that jill

DoorbellX: Blood alcohol content

GuitarKing330: hah he said kilamanjaro

GuitarKing330: that's a funny word

DoorbellX: Bailey

DoorbellX: Wanna have a night full of regrets while you're still drunk?

GuitarKing330: naaaah

GuitarKing330: unless you two wanna cam

GuitarKing330: and we can all get totally naked

GuitarKing330: mmmm

GuitarKing330: andre love dat bawdy

DoorbellX: Jill?

To teacuppiglover: Let's trick Bailey into showing us his willy

GuitarKing330: jill

GuitarKing330: i'm

GuitarKing330: i'm pretty

GuitarKing330: i'm pretty drunk

teacuppiglover: nawww, that's rude (reply)

GuitarKing330: and i think i'm pretty

GuitarKing330: do you think i'm pretty

DoorbellX: To teacuppiglover: Let's trick Bailey into showing us his willy GuitarKing330: jill GuitarKing330: i'm GuitarKing330: i'm pretty GuitarKing330: i'm pretty drunk teacuppiglover: nawww, that's rude (reply)

GuitarKing330: tell me i'm pretty like rishie did

teacuppiglover: you're beautiful

GuitarKing330: aww thanks jill ilu6

teacuppiglover: d never say that I deserve a happy relationship sober


GuitarKing330: Andre

DoorbellX: Then gtfo

Sceron: There's a huge difference between cynicism and experience

Gouretoratto: I'm making an RP based off of RP#1

GuitarKing330: Trying to be clever

Sceron: Experience is knowing what won't work

Gouretoratto: and RP-S

chessking1993: I was just thinking of aggressive gliding and chat took off -.-

GuitarKing330: Probably was being clever

Sceron: Cynicism is being an asshole

TTHelvianTT: im making an RP based off my penis

Gouretoratto: Vinni do I win

GuitarKing330: But nobody got it except Andre


PrincessSloth: I don't get along with most girls because they're notorious for using their self-esteem issues for evil


db__: dorbel stahp

db__: buly

Rothycat: Justmute him. He only does this for attention so if no one is there to reply he'll get really pissed off. :p (reply)


Sceron: one of these days I'll get so lonely that I forget girls exist

Sceron: and open my porn and think

Sceron: "wtf are those"


aporia: Tell me doorbell, do my antics ever make you laugh? (reply)

To aporia: No, but that question did.

aporia: Yay it worked! (reply)

aporia: That was the purpose of all my slutty behavior (reply)

aporia: Building up to this moment (reply)

aporia: Where I was destined to make you laugh with a retarded question (reply)

aporia: My life's work is complete, I may now die in peace (reply)


Sceron: RIP 2013

Sceron: 2013 - 2013


DoorbellX: This year, Easter Sunday falls on 4/20.

Jayfeather5084: yes

TrollLvl9000Plus: Interesting.

DoorbellX: A reminder that Jesus was stoned for our sins long before he was crucified.

TrollLvl9000Plus: Bunch of stoned bunnies trying to hop around.

Danktolker: Praise Christ every day

Jayfeather5084: 420 praise it

TrollLvl9000Plus: And if you want to lay next to a man, you must be stoned.

Emory&Henry Formation applied to pro football: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d81d06e59/GameDay-Browns-vs-Bengals-highlights 0:42.

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