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I understand how insane my thoughts were at the time but there is still things that I can not explain about this story. It had been internalized within me for about a year now, but as I get more in AP my curiosity is expanding on the experience. This may not fully relate to Astral Projection but I believe it is relevant to it.
A little background on me is that I had screwed up in my life at the time of the experience and had been put in a boys recovery center which is basically a rehab for minors. The only drugs I had done was marijuana and do not believe this is the cause of my insane beliefs at the time. Okay so I was there around 3 days before I started to get the feeling and strong belief that I am indeed from out of this world and that I was sent here with a purpose as a test for my character and had to pass this life test here on Earth for my next stage, the first few nights I would be deep in thought with my room mate ( we all had room mates, randomly assigned ) about Aliens and had the deep thought that he could of been an Alien which I had asked him. (I think about it now, he was very most likely just joking with me and going along with it) whenever I had asked him about Aliens, his eyes would flutter back and forth, sorta like he was checking his surrounding to put an image in your head. He had told me that yes he is and how did I know? He had said that he was sent here to watch over me and to make sure I take care of my body, because their life form does not have bodies like mine and that if I don’t use it well he was instructed to cut an incision in my heart and take my heart. Well fast forward a week or two later in there I kept getting the overwhelming feelings that the universe is reacting to me and that everything around me is happening as to get my attention, or specifically tuned for me. There is many things that had made me believe this which furthermore increased my psychosis and believed this. Well there were two classrooms inside of the rehab which exits lead to the same area which was the chow/food area. The last classroom was a portable which was outside via exit by the chow area. My teacher in the classroom inside the main building would let me read the assigned reading in the chow area when I could not concentrate because of noise (keep in mind, the story assigned I felt was personally specified to me, by the events in the story and what my teacher had said to me). As I was in the chow area trying to read I was taking real deep breaths as I did when I tried to focus and I began to feel deep body vibrations as if Astral Projecting. This is the un-explainable part, psychosis or not. At this time, the teacher from the portable had came in and looked me in the eye, also eyes fluttering as my room-mate and told me quote “Thank you for not giving into temptation, I will remember that on my home planet.” and walked back out. This made me stand up feeling I had accomplished my mission or whatever my test of being a human was. I looked in the classroom I came out of, along with the classroom next to it and both were completely empty, even though I just came out of one! I had instantly went to my room and started to try to Astral Project because I did not know what to make of life at this time. I could not do it, and the director of the rehab came to talk to me and told me to talk to my counselor. When I went to talk to her is where another un-explainable happened. A little more background is that I thought I was supposed to be the protector, leader, ruler, whatever of Earth and thought I had to prove my worth first. So when I went to talk to my counselor, he eyes instantly started to do the fluttering thing as my teacher, and my room mate had done. She was asking me questions which had also further increased my psychosis at the time such as “if you were in charge of Earth, what would you do? Who would you appoint for what, what crops would you grow, how would you do this that the other ect.” I was astonished and simply replied " I don’t know. " She then had told me “This is exactly what we are trying to teach you.” the WE is what also confuses me. After this had happened it is like I switched realities or dimensions or something, my whole perspective on life had changed again and I knew that all my previous thoughts were insane and what reality is. Even how I see things, like my eyesight vision literally changed after that.

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