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Hmm. Terrible I know, but uhh yeah. Tell me what you think of my lyrics, I didn’t bother putting it in lets say “rap song format” or poetry format, don’t really care since nobody is really seeing this.
You gotta find the bright side of you life cause you might die tonight, Find a reason to dance, find a reason to take a chance. Fall asleep in my mind, I’ve been dreaming. Ain’t gonna happen without yourself, I’ve been scheming. I want the admiration for taking action in the things I believe in, double meaning. To tell the truth I’m feeling kind of lost, trying to be a boss but they nailed me to a cross. Cut open my head to try to read my thoughts. Blessed with this gift, but it came with a cost. Cursed in my mind, hurts when I try to rhyme. A starving artist yeah I’m not leaving til I have a feast. There’s some thing that I had to experience, to stop being oblivious and take life serious. Some days I just feel delirious. I make lyrics because that’s where all my spirit is. The definition of a heart felt lyricist. Now I’m living with this new mentality like whatever happens hope it happens for a reason, well if it don’t then I’ll still be happy, life ain’t fair that’s why I’m rapping not preaching cause I’m absolutely passionate with every word that I’m speaking. If you feel it then just pass it on, more people I’m reaching. A student of truth. A student of the youth. If you breathing my air, see that things aren’t really fair, make a difference cause you can instead of living like you’re just not there.

This is for you dreamers, all you nonbelievers, finally on the court, got my ass up on the bleachers. Never had a coach, I watch from the stands. But I got heart though I’m like the motherfucking tin man. Starting out with a dream. But one day I’ll sell platinum and gold, play the hand I’m dealt no I won’t fold, as long as I havethe wealth of my soul, keep some love in my life and keep myself in control. I do whatever I can but life still says the same, I put it on blast but still no change, spit my raps make my rhymes I’m gonna change the game, Gonna make a name, gonna get the fame. wish that we could work together instead of placin’ blame. It’s ashame that the same ones that make the blame forgot their roll. A lot’s wrong with this life, but change is gonna come when time is wrong. I wanna see, people in power tell the truth. Teachers be proud to, help the youth. Sometimes I sit and wonder who am I? Where do we go when we die? Is religion my purpose or is it all just lies? Is there a creator, god, aliens and angels in the sky? Or are we just human beings trapped in our minds, can you really see my soul or is this all just rhymes, I ask myself these questions at night before I sleep, trying not to be stressed out, get me through the week. But, I haven’t read a book for fun since I was just a kid playing sports drinking my Capri sun, before I learned to get drunk roll that kill three six packs, but what I want to give back, to live that life with no worries, type with no hurries.

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