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Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Apr. 01, 2011
Has anyone here ever played Touhou?
Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Apr. 01, 2011
Pshh. Incredibly easy compared to Touhou.
Play Viricide Viricide Dec. 28, 2010
Danmaku anyone? Nothing close to it, but still kinda hard to dodge in some levels. However, the witty dialouge was the whole point of the game. Loved it.
Play Doodle Devil Doodle Devil Nov. 26, 2010
I know that this is far from reality, but if this game was true, the earth would be a bombed wreck filled with drunk idiots with every disease in the book.
Play Ghost Hacker Ghost Hacker Nov. 26, 2010
One of the best tower defense games i have ever played. Wonderful graphics, exciting storyline, and the way you can use the towers can be found in no other game. This will be a certain 5/5.
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Oct. 09, 2010
A very good game. But the illegal money printer doesnt make sense... aren't we dealing with coins?
Play ship blaster ship blaster Oct. 01, 2010
Funky MUSIC!
Play Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED! Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED! Sep. 18, 2010
Like if you want water, as in hydropower, bioconversion, extended storyline, actual buildings where people live in to support the population, able to attach solar panels to buildings, and of course, a MAPMAKER.
Play Magnetic Defense Magnetic Defense Jul. 09, 2010
the controls are even worse when u use a laptop...
Play Boombot 2 Boombot 2 Jul. 09, 2010
Play Doodle God Doodle God Jul. 03, 2010
An okay game. Not very realistic, but a good timewaster and also has some "colorful" combinations. 4/5.
Play Defend your Honor! Defend your Honor! Jul. 02, 2010
Good game. A good game among tower defense games. A well thought out storyline and a fascinating mode of play. A great game overall.
Play Super Energy Apocalypse Super Energy Apocalypse Jul. 02, 2010
A great game. I played the sequel first, which is obviously much better. Has a few glitches but otherwise ok.
Play Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED! Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED! Jun. 30, 2010
Extremely good game. Great graphics, and plausible storyline. Entertaining and educational.