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Play SwordSaga SwordSaga Jan. 16, 2015
Why did I even bother to wait for this game to finish loading? 1/5.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Sep. 20, 2014
@Xantypka: Go us, go us! Rah rah rah!
Play Duty Of Heroes Duty Of Heroes Aug. 25, 2014
I want that three minutes of my life back.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 25, 2014
OMG Multi-buy! YES! Jesus I'm beginning to think you guys could succesfully turn this into an MMORPG XD
Developer response from HyperHippoGames

We can add some loot drops if it helps... ;)

Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 21, 2014
@squidkiller8781: They permanently increase the profit each item brings in (50 doubles, 100 triples, etc.) They make a huge difference.
Play Myosotis Chapter 4 Myosotis Chapter 4 May. 20, 2014
Awesome as usual, but the last puzzle made no sense at all. I read the walkthrough and still don't understand how that was supposed to be a solution.
Play Heroes of Mangara: The Frost Crown Heroes of Mangara: The Frost Crown Apr. 27, 2014
This is decent, but the blatant theft from world of warcraft is just pathetic. I mean, a monk throwing a keg? Come on, you're not even trying to pretend you have any creativity!
Play Lost Pirate Chests Lost Pirate Chests Apr. 02, 2014
Ok, there has to be some vote-stuffing by the devs going on here or something... no way this game could have gotten such a high rating legitimately.
Play League of Angels League of Angels Mar. 31, 2014
I saw R2games, and 1-starred it before even playing to save time...
Play Free Fred Free Fred Feb. 26, 2014
Free Willy would have been a much better movie with your ideas.
Play Idleplex Idleplex Feb. 25, 2014
Play Defender's Quest (lengthy!) Demo Defender's Quest (lengthy!) Demo Feb. 10, 2014
Wow.. normally I'd rage at a demo and demand flagging.. but I paid for this. For time I've ever even bought kreds. Amazing.
Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Jan. 25, 2014
5/5! This could translate to an iOs version well.
Play Loot Hero Loot Hero Dec. 29, 2013
5/5 awesomeness.
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 13, 2013
PROTIP: If you're going to be a villain and take over the world, choose a name other than Rita. "Rita the evil witch" is like "Bob the dark lord" - your minions are going spend the whole time snickering instead of following orders.
Play Wonder Rocket Wonder Rocket Apr. 20, 2013
In the ship that chases you at the end.. that's the abominable snowman from skifree!
Play Wonder Rocket Wonder Rocket Apr. 20, 2013
@ Jvillar: There is one, it's just not obvious since it has no label, its the red circle on the bottom left.
Play Wonder Rocket Wonder Rocket Apr. 19, 2013
Hot air balloon enthusiast 1: "Lets take our balloon up and watch the launch from above! It'll be an awesome view!" Enthusiast 2: "I see no flaw with that plan. Let's go!"
Developer response from jjwallace

Those wacky hot air balloons! They like to get so high. Altitude!

Play Paul & Percy Paul & Percy Mar. 25, 2013
Wow I guess the pringles guy has his own problems...
Play Psychic Arrow Psychic Arrow Feb. 13, 2013
This has unexpectedly epic music for such a silly game.