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What can I say to you that will appease your curiosity of me?! what do you wahanttaah ahhwwahh wahh wahhh sob

For those of you interested in my role-play character however, I am ~

Knavely Faeth.

Human swordmage of keen intellect. Because of his looks one might believe he has a dark background, but contrary to that, his beginning’s were rather humble, growing up as a farmer boy until the age of twelve, then studied magic at Aldalómë, institute for the education of magic. Aged 22, he left Aldalómë, earning his coin as a mercenary and monster slayer. Over the years his knowledge of monster slaying grew, as did his magic and sword skills. He sometimes offers his now professional services for coin, but prefers to be paid in artifacts and more so for arcane knowledge, of which he desires most. He wields a sword of pure silver called Andúr, which is magically strengthened to be as strong as steel.
Aged: 25
Hair: Dark brown, cut short and straight.
Height: 174.8cm (5.7 ft)
Build: Medium, lean but macullar.
Eyes: Gray
Skin: Cream
Moral/Ethical Allignment: Good Neutral.
Clothing: Wears a white linen shirt, with a long sleaved iron chainmail over it. He covers most of this with a black tattered cloak trimmed with and covered in crimson markings. Black trousers and brown leather boots, brown belt with iron buckle. Two iron daggers, both sheathed on the right side of the belt. A silver broad sword sheathed across his back.

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