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    Apr. 19, 2008

Hey, welcome to my Profile…

If you need me, I’m usually in Chaos Theory or The Balcony.

Feel like a little surprise?

Trick or Treat or Trap! All three have a surprise waiting behind them, which do you choose? Or would you like perhaps…all?


Killer Music

I just love music, and trance is defenitely my fav genre. Here’s a couple of my favourite music artists and some highlights, so you can share my musical awesomeness passion. Oh, and enjoy!

Controlled Chaos

Guitar Vs Piano
Betrayal Of Fear

Blue Marine

The Forgotten Trance
Not So Silent Night
Its The Pulse

Into The Light
Positive Vibe

The Final Hour
Twilight Techno
Forsaken Neon


My Nightmares
Glimmering Hope

Glorious Morning

TI:.Alternate Attention

Break Free
Fall Into The Sky

RPG Avatars Created By Me You Can Use!

Sword/Throwing Dagger Hectic Monster Battle

Humourous story:

Well, I spent the day mining, and so I stumbled upon this HUUGE cave, right? I had like, oh god, nearly a hundred iron, about 20-25 gold, SO MUCH COAL…But no diamonds! So, I’m like, screw this, here I come, diamonds! Then, suddenly, due to the freakin’ Nightmare Mod, a couple zombies, skeletons and creepers where following me. I controlled a few with my Pet Master’s rod, making them fight eachother, but my pet ones were outmatched. I drew my iron sword, jumped in, hacked a zombie to the left, and then slashed the skelly infront of me. A creeper to the left blew up, taking out the remaining two zombies, and I finished off the last creeper. I had about four hearts left, so I made some bread quickly and ate it.

Then, I went into the huge cave, and wandered. After about 20 minutes I found some diamond, redstone and Lapis Lazuli. Nice hit! Then, I heard the dreaded “*BOOM CRASH BAM*”. I’m like “shiii, ogre!” and I try and hide. Bastard WALES through the tunnel, destroying all the blocks around him, INCLUDING my diamonds. He reaches me and is like “I rape you”. suddenly, bam, I was dead. I hit respawn. It must have been night up on the surface, cause I spawned IN THE MIDDLE of a Wolf/Wraith/Monster orgy. Bastards murdered me til’ the sun rose. So, I hiked ALL the way back to my base, took about 10 minutes, and I went to my Lumberjack’s and Miner’s houses, collected the resources they found, paid them, and gave new tools…I went to the trader’s market, bought some cheap gear, and checked on my mind-controlled guards. Patched a few holes in my walls from previous sieges, and then went into my castle.

About five minutes later, I hear “tik tik, groan moan”. I never paid attention, and then I turn around.

MUTHA-FREAKIN’ MINER ZOMBIE. He stabs me in the face with his pick. DAMNIT. I spawn again. And yes, at night. Woot! Repeated scenario. SO I go back to my…base?

Holes in the walls, buildings destroyed, and EVERYBODY is killed.
NOTHING is left. All the monsters MURDERED my people, my civilians. I screamed, in real life, a wail of sobbing anguish….

suddenly, to the left. A treasure hunter? Wow, he unburied some TREASURE! Cool, let’s…*HOLY FREAKIN EIGHTEEN DIAMONDS?*

So, now I’m without a base, and holding 18 diamonds. Yay!

Oh. Wait. This isn’t about Minecraft?

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These are for my own purposes. If you can work it out, gj. Don’t tell anyone.

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