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Play SRL SRL Sep. 21, 2014
Has fantastic potential, but unfortunately it's not there yet. Above all, the lack of a map is killing the game. By level 6 I'm already having a really hard time keeping track of where I have been and where I have yet to explore. Second, there should be some way of upgrading the back-up generator. Duration, charge time, etc. And last but not least... either ammo needs to become significantly cheaper, or credit drops need to become much higher, because I'm already down to ~60 remaining rounds, and as many credits. Not sustainable.
Play Quantum Of Light Quantum Of Light Aug. 17, 2014
Great concept. Would love to see some larger, more challenging levels in some level packs.
Play Princess Rush Princess Rush May. 26, 2014
It's a great framework, but it's horribly imbalanced. Max upgrade either ghosts or wizards, and just spam them in all the spaces will carry you through everything. Which, of course, means you use wizards, because they're cheaper, have higher DPS, and all the same defensive perks, with a longer range. There is also nowhere we can go to determine what any of the unit stats actually mean. HP is obvious, but what is DPS? Damage per strike, or is it actually damage per second? We can assume that DEF is for physical damage, and that RES is for magic damage, but what do the numbers actually mean? And is Luck supposed to be crit chance? It's incredibly unclear. The relationships are also very unclear between physical and magical damage. The game tip popups clearly explain that there is a difference, but not what the difference is. And, going back to game balance, it proves to be utterly irrelevant. Again, it's a great framework, but it needs some pretty extensive tweaking.
Play Time Swap Time Swap Jan. 26, 2014
Couple things: The goal of the game is extremely unclear. We can gather that the hat is somehow linking the father and the son through time, and that the father was an inventor while the son is a scientist. The company that stole... whatever it is they stole, later hired the son. But we don't know what the point of the father's daring raid of "The Organization" is for, or doing. The ending is... rather abrupt and non-descript. You just all of a sudden appear on the title screen again, with no indication that you've accomplished anything. It doesn't need to be anything extravagant like a "you win!" or anything, but just something that shows you've finished the game when you return to the title screen.
Developer response from ZeroCreativity1

sorry, kind of ran out of time. Adding a better ending is certainly our list to fix. Thanks for playing though.

Play Painters Guild (Alpha) Painters Guild (Alpha) Jan. 08, 2014
Bug: If you finish the game, go back to the menu, and start a new game, you can't move painters or furniture.
Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers Kingdom Rush Frontiers Dec. 24, 2013
@TXH1386 you probably need to refine your strategy then.
Play Purpose of Power Purpose of Power Sep. 15, 2013
It is a Defense game, and it takes place in/around a Tower, but that DOES NOT make it a Tower Defense game. Additionally, mechanics are weakly represented -- meteors fly off in unexpected directions when hit by fireballs, you have to stack like 4 wind spells to blow clouds away in anything resembling a timely fashion. I genuinely have no desire to continue.
Play Monster Bastion Monster Bastion Jun. 12, 2013
Just another Kingdom Rush clone. With slow performance to boot.
Play Antichromatic Antichromatic Jun. 03, 2013
I don't understand why almost every game with wall jumping in it makes wall jumping so difficult..... Ruins the enjoyment.
Play Fiqa Defender Fiqa Defender May. 31, 2013
Obvious Kingdom Rush rip off. And an unsuccessful one at that -- how do people even make TDs anymore and not have a Sell function?
Play Zumbi Defence Beta Zumbi Defence Beta May. 02, 2013
No tooltips or health bars. -1 No start button. -1 No stats for towers or monsters. -1 No indication of what's buildable, and what's not. -1 No indication of where the end point is. -1 No sound of any kind. -1 No variety in monster types. -1 No information regarding tower costs or capabilities. -1 No indication of additional maps beyond the first, let alone the end of the first one. -1 No innovation on the basic structure of a TD, let alone unique or intriguing mechanics. -1 Overall, -10/5
Play Elementalist Master [Beta] Elementalist Master [Beta] Dec. 29, 2012
Feels like more of a test of the basic mechanics of a match 3 game than an actual match 3 game. Essentially, it's the skeleton of a game with nothing else on it. Not really sure why this has been put out there on a site honestly. Needs to actually be explored as a concept before it's finished, let alone rated.
Developer response from Kage_Ryu

Essentially, that's exactly what it is. It isn't meant to be a top-rated game. The purpose of the upload was for feedback, critique, and suggestions while I develop it further and add features. Anywho, thank you for the feedback!

Play OverLight OverLight Dec. 16, 2012
Thought of something else. During the "is this a connection" check time, if either laser is still finding an "end point", the connection check time keeps getting reset every time it enters a new block. This in and of itself isn't a problem, however, the combo timer seems to continue ticking down during the connection check timer. This can cause you to lose out on your combos because one or both of the lasers is finding new blocks way far off along their path well past the block(s) where the intersection is.
Developer response from Frooxius

Thanks, I'll adjust it. I also have to keep it balanced though, so it can't be exploited to stop the timer indefinitely.

Play OverLight OverLight Dec. 16, 2012
Fun brain teaser kind of game. A couple suggestions though. Having the lasers be red and orange kind of makes it difficult to see which one is going where when you have a lot of divisions of the beams cris-crossing over the field. This, combined with the flashy background and it's own bright colors can make it very difficult to see what's going on. Maybe switch the red laser to a blue one, and perhaps set limits on what colors the background can take on for it's light show.
Developer response from Frooxius

Thanks for suggestion. I can't change the color entirely (that will serve a special function later in the gameplay), but I can make the orange one look more distinct, so hopefully it will help.

Play Maze of Shadow Maze of Shadow Dec. 13, 2012
All paths lead to the exit, and the screamer attached. Not even a game, just a cheap laugh from the "creator". Very poor taste and shows that you don't actually care about people playing your game.
Play Solaris Solaris Nov. 26, 2012
Has a lot of potential, but it runs soooooooooooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.
Play Trojan War Trojan War Nov. 10, 2012
Not a bad foundation, but needs heavy work to actually be fun. And, you know.... balanced. Stack Lightning towers and you win basically.
Play Little Witch's Mess Little Witch's Mess Oct. 25, 2012
You've labeled cupcakes as "cookies". Also, it's called a Weather Vane, not just a Vane. My guess would be that English isn't a first language -- which is fine -- but knowing that, it might be wise to consult with a friend who knows the language well, as translation sights and dictionaries can only get you so far. Also... mute button please.
Play Autumn Village Autumn Village Oct. 13, 2012
This is not a game........
Play Chain Master Chain Master Jul. 16, 2012
Level difficulty is not scaled properly -- levels 20 though 24 were easier for me than levels 10 to 13