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Play Little Bandits Little Bandits Jun. 20, 2015
During a mission I picked up a fancy looking red chest, but never got the opportunity to open it when I beat the level - it only let me open the normal chest I got. Is that a bug or am I missing something?
Play Bionic Battle Mutants Bionic Battle Mutants Jan. 31, 2015
Seems to have some balance issues... when I go into melee i seem to have a 30% hit chance at most, but the enemy hits 100% of the time, guaranteeing that I lose. It also seems impossible early on to get all of the loot in a level before killing every enemy, which seems to waste any of the loot you haven't picked up yet.
Developer response from Dietwurst

There is a thread on the forum concerning that. Heres what it says: - high DEX is needed to hit the target (if the DEX of your target is higher then yours it becomes harder..) - blue techmodule in weapon, lvl.up DEX, bionic leg(s) and the skill agressor will help.

Play The Gate The Gate Dec. 16, 2014
The game keeps crashing after I start a battle, losing the resources I used to start it (which sucks for raids...). Definitely needs to be fixed, especially for anyone who paid for those resources.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Plz use IE to prevent all those horrible Unity crashes :(

Play Tiny Dice Dungeon Tiny Dice Dungeon Oct. 10, 2014
I played this some time ago on the iphone - is there any way to get my save data from that? (the cloud load isn't working)
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight May. 03, 2014
I somehow won the last level before i even got the boss' health to half. No idea what happened...
Play War of Omens War of Omens Apr. 18, 2014
Multiplayer constantly disconnects, ending abruptly and returning to the title screen with nothing to show for the fact that you were clearly going to win...
Play War of Omens War of Omens Apr. 12, 2014
Giving a boss all three resources when I have one feels incredibly unfair. it doesn't just triple the advantage, it lets him combo off of cards immediately, destroying anything I put down and giving him all the resources he wants. It doesn't feel like a challenge, it feels like luck that's weighted VERY heavily in his favour.
Play Dungeons of Kong Dungeons of Kong Nov. 09, 2013
I bought the jewel of life for a ton of money, but no one ever got revived with full health... I tried multiple combinations of people, but it seems like it was a waste
Play Pretentious Game 3 Pretentious Game 3 Aug. 04, 2013
So for the door one, I opened the door and kept all three of them alive, and couldn't figure out why I didn't beat the level. I even stacked all of them on top of each other. I gave up and watched the walkthrough to find out the purple one had to die, and I'm still not sure why, but it seems it's impossible to win otherwise despite no explanation for it.
Play Until Dawn Until Dawn Aug. 02, 2013
I wrote my previous post before getting to the gear platforming, but wow. The thing I mentioned about activating the fall animation when running up or down slopes made that incredibly difficult. There also appears to be a glitch where there's a very good chance the character will run by itself, without input, after recovering from a fall on one of the gears, or even just after jumping onto the slope of one. This made the jump onto that single small gear impossible. Any other game with clean platforming this might take me a couple tries, but I've died at lead 40 times trying to get past here and none of them feel like my fault; I can't express to you how annoying it is to clearly make the jump onto the small gear and just have her fly into the air and run right off without any input on my end, forcing me to kill myself and start over. This is game breaking.
Developer response from mstango

Thanks for your feed back, fair points all. I'm looking into the slopes problem right now and yeah I agree the title screen is not the best representation of the game, I’ll replace it with my favorite screen shot. The auto-run is a lag issue, one that didn’t show up in any of the beta tests, it took the better part of today to diagnose it. It’s especially hard to fix a glitch caused by something outside of the game, but I’ll do my best. Final the gears level has been retooled more times than any other aspect of the game, but it clearly needs more work, I’ll get on it. Thanks again I hope you will give it another chance after the patch.

Play Until Dawn Until Dawn Aug. 02, 2013
I like the art and style (though the title screen doesn't show this at all and almost made me avoid this game). I love the gameplay and narrative (especially the guard complaining about the boiler and having the conversation fade as you move), but the animation can take me out of it at some points (the climbing animation isn't smooth and can't be cancelled) and some specific combination of mechanics can be annoying (running up stairs and stopping abruptly makes the character fly up and trip when they land, one time when I turned around while running up stairs I fell to my death... running down stairs also often results in stumbling as if from a fall). There are some glitchy bits, like the guard dog's animation stuck in the sitting position while running, making him sit-slide backwards when he turned around, but playing this game was a better experience than the top-rated knockoff games on the front page - it was fun. Well done.
Play Don't Escape Don't Escape Jun. 20, 2013
I liked everything but the potion recipe: something that grows in earth but is not a plant, to me, could means the mushroom, the root, or both. They are the only two ingredients it doesn't specify and having to replay the game three more times with the same ending to finally get the potion right really ruined the immersion and intensity I had at the start.
Play ButtonX20 ButtonX20 Apr. 15, 2013
Most games give a leeway for jumps when running off platforms, but this one seems to have a short range. Being used to pixel perfect platformers, myself, I found it very annoying that even though I was on the platform, if I was running too close to the edge it wouldn't let me jump. Even a pixel on the platform should be jumpable.
Play Obliterate Everything 2 Obliterate Everything 2 Mar. 18, 2013
Maybe it's just me but this game is incredibly confusing: for the level to get the acid turret, why do I keep dying? it says black hole, but is it a time limit? am I doing something wrong? I've tried overloading them with bombers and carriers but they always match me. PLEASE give some sort of explanation of how to play. also, why does everything but the fighter bay have shortcuts?
Play Shadow Snake 3 Shadow Snake 3 Mar. 03, 2013
It's so frustrating expecting your snake to follow you when you move, but having the tail stay exactly where it is, getting hit and instantly losing the game because even a single hit reduces the time too much for it to be possible to collect enough. Way too much in this game feels counterintuitive and unfair.
Play Sonny 2 Sonny 2 Feb. 21, 2013
I beat the game but it's not giving me the badge...
Play Qoosh Qoosh Jan. 22, 2013
There was a glitch in chamber 11; when I had to drop a turret into the green goo it just landed at the bottom and didn't die. This would ruin a no-death run as I had to teleport it out, thus instantly killing me in the goo before dropping it in again to kill it.
Play Qoosh Qoosh Jan. 22, 2013
Not only was the cake not a lie, but I got some at the second level... I feel like life has meaning now :D
Play Vertigo: Gravity Llama Vertigo: Gravity Llama Jan. 04, 2013
This game is incredibly impressive, making my deaths feel like the game's fault rather than my own
Play Lucky Tower 2 Lucky Tower 2 Dec. 10, 2012
Alright, I quit. No mute or sound options, awkward hit detection, glitchy graphics (jumping when enemies are on a plane above you makes them clip), enemy pathing that freezes enemies if you bring them too far, then losing progress because I wasn't told that eating a broccoli INSTANTLY KILLS YOU. As it is candy harms you. This game doesn't seem polished in the slightest with regard to gameplay and mechanics, no matter how much effort they put into unskippable jokes and dialogue.