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Play Slay With Santa Slay With Santa Dec. 18, 2012
One of the best polished and smoothest flash games I've played in a while. Great work!
Play Roboblox Roboblox Oct. 30, 2011
Fun and unique puzzle game. Love the variety in game play in each level.
Play BlastOff Bunnies BlastOff Bunnies Dec. 19, 2010
They land in a lake, swim to the shore and live happily ever after :)
Play Allied Escape Allied Escape Aug. 11, 2009
There is a walkthrough link in the top right corner of the game. okinaru5, I never had problems with the button sequence and didn't hear anybody with that problem... Thanks for the comments :)
Play Allied Escape Allied Escape Aug. 11, 2009
Updated, sorry for the trouble.
Play Allied Escape Allied Escape Aug. 11, 2009
The mochiad seems to diable the preloader... I'll try to fix it.
Play Yellow Blocks Escape Yellow Blocks Escape Mar. 17, 2008
:( Hope you'll like my next one better :) Thanks for the feedback.
Play Green Mirrors Escape Green Mirrors Escape Jan. 14, 2008
What do you mean? "If this isn’t you game don’t upload it…" This is my game...
Play Polleke's Garden Escape v2 Polleke's Garden Escape v2 Jan. 14, 2008
There is a button in the game: "need help, click here". It's a shame if people rate an Escape Game bad because they get stuck and don't ask for help...