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Play Relive Your Life Relive Your Life Apr. 19, 2014
"Your actions have led to the end of humanity"... Because of a dog?
Play Fabrico Fabrico Apr. 17, 2014
Modern art in Stone Age? Makes sense...
Play Ayumilove Idle Story Ayumilove Idle Story Apr. 16, 2014
I noticed that the game thinks the player used a Speedhack when you make the game have such a low priority in RAM that it nearly freezes and you return to it, compensating the time it was frozen by speeding it up until it gets to its regular spot in time. That means you need to keep it's priority high, which is bad if you want to play things that require much RAM. I am definitely not sure of this, but if I'm correct, please remove the speedhack thing. Seriously, if anyone wanted to hack, would either change the values of the money or use an autoclicker. Nobody needs a speedhack.
Play Ayumilove Idle Story Ayumilove Idle Story Apr. 16, 2014
"You have been detected using SPEED HACK !" Just reporting this in, because I wasn't. lol
Play Ayumilove Idle Story Ayumilove Idle Story Apr. 16, 2014
Why pixels? Anti-Idle already uses pixels, and it doesn't make much sense in here... If it's like Maplestory, why not mesos instead?
Play GatherX GatherX Apr. 16, 2014
wtf Energy?
Play Guild Dungeons 2 Guild Dungeons 2 Mar. 26, 2014
Buy 19 silver for 1 gold, sell 10 silver for 1 gold. Fair enough... Please change it.
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 22, 2014
Why the hell does the cannon look bigger from the Moon than it does from The Wall?
Play Champions Of Chaos 2 Champions Of Chaos 2 Mar. 08, 2014
Good to know. The tutorial guy has 1,15.10^23 HP. I think I can do it.
Developer response from EpicLLama

He is healty!

Play Idleplex Idleplex Mar. 01, 2014
Got Insomnia? Try counting fences jumping over sheeps!
Play Cosmic Clicks Cosmic Clicks Feb. 16, 2014
Why does "Engine" scale so faster than HDrive that it costs more than HDrive at level 120+?
Developer response from Dark_Timmy

That is one of those little "whoops" which happened when I tuned the game to be shorter. A few costs go whacked out and it's on me. The overall game length is what I wanted but there are those strange costs. DANG IT! That said, thanks for the comment and the play! Best, -Tim

Play Go Outside. Go Outside. Feb. 10, 2014
You don't have to comment that it's not a game. I was just learning about the upload resources. Now I might make actual games.
Play Kingdom Idle Kingdom Idle Jan. 28, 2014
50.000.000% growth and growing quickly, useless level 50 library, with everything maxed... Sword production wont ever require more than 1 blacksmith slave... I guess those things need some work at. Good job so far though.
Play Kingdom Idle Kingdom Idle Jan. 28, 2014
For some weird reason I got over 20.000.000% growth... What the hell?
Play Kingdom Idle Kingdom Idle Jan. 21, 2014
It's great that you are fixing the Market. Even though it was funny that I could sell 1000 iron for 600k and then buy it again for 25 once the market man had no gold. lol
Developer response from nadiakasper24

This has been fixed with the latest minipatch. Thank you for the report :)

Play Kingdom Idle Kingdom Idle Jan. 21, 2014
I don't get this market system... Sell 1000 iron for 968 gold. Ok... Buy 1000 iron for 932 gold. What? Free gold! Change the system! What the hell?
Developer response from nadiakasper24

I'll be fixing this today. No more free gold after the next update, so enjoy it for now :D

Play Kingdom Idle Kingdom Idle Jan. 12, 2014
Where would be the savefile for this game?
Developer response from nadiakasper24

somewhere in SHAREDOBJECTS/blah blah blah/chat.kongregate.com/####/kingdomidle/ I would imagine...I didnt set a save path, so somewhere around there is where it should default

Play Kingdom Idle Kingdom Idle Jan. 10, 2014
There is a mistake in the calculation the game makes: I produce 77 food. My army eats 60, and "Growth" is increased at the rate of 77, not at the rate of 17.
Developer response from nadiakasper24

Army consumption is subtracted from total food, not taken out of your production

Play Kingdom Idle Kingdom Idle Jan. 10, 2014
Smithing is overestimated by the game... I don't see any occasion in which I need to upgrade it, or have more than 1 blacksmith abusively working 24/7. 1 makes 50 swords before I can upgrade the soldiers amount...
Developer response from nadiakasper24

I couldn't agree more. v0.7 should have a much better balance. Thanks for the feedback

Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Dec. 30, 2013
Maybe there should be a confirmation message before you finalize an equipment?