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Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Jan. 17, 2015
I keep punching the dead animal, just incase!!! :/
Play Rummy Multiplayer Rummy Multiplayer Jan. 14, 2015
I wait many years to play
Play Monsters & Dungeons Monsters & Dungeons Jul. 29, 2014
When I hover over the stone I am supposed to see something! I see nothing. sigh.
Play AI-Conflict AI-Conflict Jun. 28, 2014
I'm using Opera, but is works fine on all my other browsers.
Developer response from BabyRaptor

Oh sure. This game is make on HTML5 platform, which Opera doesn't support. (Don't know why they don't want to support it T_T, that's the future of gaming). Chrome and Firefox however support it best. IE does support it but always slow and clumsy. Safari also.

Play AI-Conflict AI-Conflict Jun. 28, 2014
Is anyone else stuck 50% loading?
Developer response from BabyRaptor

There are some people also, but I don't know the reason to fix it. Are you playing on Chrome or Firefox?

Play AI-Conflict AI-Conflict Jun. 28, 2014
Not loading. Stuck on 50%. If the game has spelling and grammar like the load page then you need someone who knows english to fix it. There are also several websites that will check it for you.
Developer response from BabyRaptor

I wish I'm good at English. I make this game all by my self, so I don't expect any help from any one... :(

Play Sky Ocean Sky Ocean Jun. 28, 2014
F u c k off back to FB
Play Sky Ocean Sky Ocean Jun. 26, 2014
Energy System? Blasphemy thou caluminous knotty-pated giglet! This is Preposterous!
Play TD insects attack TD insects attack Jun. 23, 2014
It works for me. The bugs are so tinyyyy
Play NovaLode NovaLode Jun. 13, 2014
Fantastic game :)
Play Toy Defense Toy Defense Jun. 07, 2014
To get one thompson submachine gun I'd need to replay level 1 survival 216.6 times. Or even if I done level 7 survival I still need to do it 65 times. Too get one officer I can replay lvl7 survival 75 times :( I must be missing something surely?
Play Cloudstone Cloudstone Jun. 05, 2014
I never got the sword at the start. So idk lol apparently it seems to think I have one :/ look like fun game otherwise
Play LOL LOL May. 19, 2014
Play Recapture Recapture May. 18, 2014
Shootin Putin
Play Warrior Defense Warrior Defense May. 15, 2014
Game is not saving or my computer is n00b?
Play Diffuse Nebula Diffuse Nebula May. 14, 2014
No single player? :O
Play Warrior Defense Warrior Defense May. 14, 2014
Good game. Upgrades are a little expensive. Am I missing something?Not sure many will redo a level 10 times for one upgrade. I did, but I'm not like them!
Play CalcuDoku Light Vol 1 CalcuDoku Light Vol 1 May. 11, 2014
The 2 comments i see below say "too easy" with down votes and "So hard" with down votes. That says alot to me ;p ..... Anyway I found levels 1 & 2 fairly easy. Level 3 was a little hard, it took me 13min just on the 1st puzzle. Good puzzle game, maybe better if we could zoom in or the game was a little bigger? And +1 to the top comments, I agree ;p
Play Park It 3D: Airplanes Park It 3D: Airplanes May. 09, 2014
good game ;p
Play Red Driver 3 Red Driver 3 May. 09, 2014
good game