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Play pulse pulse Feb. 16, 2014
How did this make it through testing without an undo button?
Play Lights Lights Feb. 12, 2014
Not bad.
Play Cold Equations Cold Equations Feb. 12, 2014
THIS IS THE FIRST PART OF MY COMMENT ____ I'm really sorry, but if your goal was to make this an emotional experience by making me feel sorry for not being able to help her you failed. I have no choice, not even the illusion of one. All I do is collect stuff jettison it, realise that I am going to run out of time no matter what I do. This doesn't help me to connect to her, though. ____ I HATE THE CHARACTER LIMIT!!!
Play Cold Equations Cold Equations Feb. 12, 2014
The first time I actually tried to cut the conversation short because it was using up time. But even with the conversation this game doesn't move me emotionally. What it does is make me very aware of the fact that it is a game. I try to find the trick to beat it. I test out stuff and end up being frustrated. What I don't do is connect to the characters. And at the very end I do not fully understand the ultimate consequence. Why do I jettison her? More specifically, why do I have to jettison her? I have no choice. I just press buttons. without really getting to know anything. It's just all too quick and too... Game-y... Without offering anything as far as a reward or morale goes. This game would need some real storytelling to sell the characters and the conflict.
Play candy crush candy crush Feb. 12, 2014
Not sure how this managed to stay here for so long. FLAGGED
Play Feed Us Feed Us Feb. 11, 2014
The knock back from the ships and the time that fish spends in the air are really annoying. I have piratically no speed and he is still flying for a few seconds.
Play Ossuary: The Hodge-Podge Transformer Ossuary: The Hodge-Podge Transformer Feb. 11, 2014
Great game. The setting is truly unusual, the soundtrack enhances the atmosphere, the characters are interesting and the puzzles logical and fit perfectly into the world. 5/5
Play Harry Quantum 4: Doc Star Harry Quantum 4: Doc Star Feb. 08, 2014
Some of the puzzles felt a bit random. More hints would have helped.
Play Swords & Potions 2 Swords & Potions 2 Jan. 31, 2014
To buy stuff from the world I need to buy a trading license... Is this a joke?!
Play Battalion Commander 2 Battalion Commander 2 Jan. 19, 2014
At first I thought that the hard badge was overly difficult. But when I started including only Marksmen and Rocketeers into my team I actively had to run into buildings to kill myself after the 2000 metres mark. A shame I had to drag that Grenadier and Rifleman from the beginning along. Those guys are just utterly useless at that point. Even worse, once I freed one of them they became a real obstacle on the field. There really should have been a way to manage your squad. Like a list with units you want to include in your squad. Once you free someone you haven't ticked, he automatically leaves the field.
Play Submarine Dive(Beta) Submarine Dive(Beta) Jan. 03, 2014
The text is way too small. Also, how do you sue powerups? I can click on them in the beginning of a level, but surely there is a way to use them on the go, right?
Developer response from Dr4g0kill3r0o7

no no there is not in fact let's get back to "jetpack joy ride" you just can do it from beggining :)

Play Axon Axon Jan. 01, 2014
It is really brutal that this game has a sort of 'auto-aiming'. If a protein is within reach, you don't actually have to hit it to connect. But as soon as the circle excludes it, you absolutely cannot get it anymore. the dilemma is that you soon learn the range of the auto-aim and that it is okay to just sort of click at the right position. The range limit works drastically different. It has absolutely no give. This screws me over on a regular basis. I don't know if I should consider it an additional challenge or inconsistent game design. I lean towards the latter, because the result is so incredibly frustrating, but when thinking about it, I tend to think that it is the former... I don't know... It just makes me angry sometimes.
Play Save the world Save the world Dec. 06, 2013
Why would you upload a game before you have added gameplay?
Play Mu: Lost Continent (Pre-Alpha) Mu: Lost Continent (Pre-Alpha) Dec. 06, 2013
Someone commented about the battle system being nice... Excuse me, but what the hell are you talking about?! There is that city and nothing else. No fighting, no inventory, no NPCs, nothing. Just your character and a few models. Looks alright, music sounds decent, but that's it. This should not have been uploaded. It's way too unfinished. You didn't even bother to write a description, where you explain what kind of game you are planning to create here.
Play Space Wolf 3000 Space Wolf 3000 Dec. 06, 2013
Shooters like this are not about dogfighting, but about avoiding hits and upgrading your own weapons. The ultimate goal is to get some way to defend yourself, become better at avoiding stuff on the screen and getting weapons that cover a big portion of the screen so that you can concentrate on dodging. There is not enough room for dogfighting here. The enemies appear right in front of you and even follow. And all the models are pretty big. Most of the top down shooters and bullet hells I have played so far had ships that actually only had a very small square hitbox, so that you always could tell if you could fit through a gap. In this game there are no gaps. The objects are simply too big and the bullets too fast. The way it is, if you don't destroy enemies right away, it is almost impossible to not get hit. And the upgrades are not exactly impressive either. And the five ships limit until you have to start all over again is just frustrating as hell.
Developer response from shadeForm

Thanks for the feedback, epr. Sorry you didn't enjoy the game, it certainly wasn't my intention to make the game overly frustrating. This is my first game, used mainly as a way to start learning Unity/programming. While my main focus was of course mostly on just figuring out how to do stuff, I did spend some time trying to make the game challenging but still fun and not frustrating, but I am starting to think I perhaps failed at that aspect. I'll try to tweak it some more a little later. Thanks again for the honest feedback!

Play Lost Ambitions Alpha 1 Lost Ambitions Alpha 1 Dec. 06, 2013
Yep. Doesn't work.
Play Drunken Wrestlers Drunken Wrestlers Dec. 06, 2013
This is an amazing game. The few controls you have really let you do a lot of stuff. I managed to grab my opponent at the hip and throw him over me. With a bit of practise you can pull of pretty rad moves. I just wish I knew what the text says.
Play Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 Dec. 06, 2013
There should be an achievement to finish the story without the turret... You know, so that there is at least one reason to have it in the game at all.
Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Nov. 03, 2013
It's games like this that make me think my PC sucks. Oh well, back to playing a 'normal' game on high settings with 40 fps...
Play The Last Door - Chapter 2: Memories The Last Door - Chapter 2: Memories Oct. 20, 2013
Beautiful and very well designed. I did get stuck at some point but managed to move on without using a walkthrough. In the end , all the puzzles make sense. Can't wait for the next chapter.