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Monster Saga

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Dec. 21, 2014

Rating: -5

How do tournaments work? My first fight I have my team, then I get a random selection of sucky monsters that always lose, that I don't own and never selected?

300 miles to Pigsland

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Oct. 22, 2014

Rating: 14

If you want an "easy" way of getting both the hard and 'easy' achievement (which isn't easy): Hold down space bar and keep left clicking. You'll fly out of the screen. If you keep doing this, your pig won't get hit, so you won't lose any pigs (hard badge). I put both armours on my pigs then when I saw a flying crystal, dropped down to get them, then flew back up again. Doing this with all crystals got me to like 540 coins by the end, meaning I got the 'easy' achievement too.


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May. 18, 2010

Rating: -2

@Blobman, in settings set the game to one mouse button, and every click acts like a right click - it's a little annoying but works. Alternatively buy a mouse with a right click - Macs later than OSX 10.2.3 I believe support right clicking.


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May. 15, 2010

Rating: 1734

RuneScape gets bad press quite often from people who have never gave it a chance. RuneScape is not graphically amazing, true, however keep in mind it's a browser based. It's also got quite a lot to offer non paying players (and what do other games, EG: WoW offer you? Up to level 10?) One of the greatest things about RuneScape is, unlike other MMORPGs, it doesn't solely revolve around combat. You can do a hell of a lot of other things without having to even touch a monster - a lot of freedom without the restrictions of combat. Those of you saying RuneScape sucks drop by the chat and we'll help you get started and get you on the way to enjoying the game :-)

Polygonal Fury

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Jun. 09, 2009

Rating: 0

Actually a circle is a shape not with zero sides, but with billions of sides. Think about it logically - hexagon, octagon - the more sides they have, the more circular they become. Game > Maths

Endless Zombie Rampage 2

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Jun. 07, 2009

Rating: 0

Dunno if it's a joke or what. I got to the level with the 'introduction' of the nuclear, plasma type zombies. 21 left to kill, the spawn point is gone. No zombies left. Can't skip the day. Phailed =-(

Neverending Light

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Apr. 06, 2009

Rating: 0

Fantastic game, the voice acting really made it. However as mentioned, a bit too short. Also a few typos here and there.

Ether War

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Oct. 10, 2008

Rating: 0

Decent enough game but damn does this lag. I have 4GB of RAM, dual 8800M GTX graphics cards but it still lagged on low!

Thing-Thing 2

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Mar. 27, 2008

Rating: 0

Serious buggy with the shots. I could be using the machine gun and aiming at the roof and shooting at the floor, same with other weapons. Fix it up!

Monsters' Den

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Dec. 22, 2007

Rating: 0

I'm not sure if there already is one, however one thing that would make this game much better would be an auto equip option that basically equips what the game thinks is the best setup for that character. It takes way too long to equip your characters manually. Also if there was an option to replace lower quality/strength items with higher ones when found, it would be awesome. Great game though!

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2

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Dec. 08, 2007

Rating: 0

Apologies, I somehow missed the big "Q" before the songs lol. However turning the quality down didn't stop the lag =-( Please try and fix that!

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2

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Dec. 08, 2007

Rating: 0

Really laggy unfortunately, seems like a good game but I get very annoyed at laggy games, especially this kind of game. Please try and fix the lag, or at least make a low quality option to reduce lag.

Johnny Rocketfingers 2

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Sep. 23, 2007

Rating: 0

Awesome ending to the game =-) Don't quite understand the whole baby thing, but oh well. Look forward to another!


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Sep. 08, 2007

Rating: 0

=-( Was on the final rescue methinks, I just had to get the security floor ones. I filled the room with water, it collapsed - then everything froze. =-(


Play Rings

Sep. 08, 2007

Rating: 0

Dang, I just got like 102,000, and I clicked end game to try and get the badge - and it never gave me it =-(

Hover Bot Arena

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Sep. 06, 2007

Rating: 0

Couldn't complete level 3, beat the boss and the level went on >.< PLEASE FIX.