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Guypersonman: Evening, LP. How are we doing?

jifbua: good i guss

Serphentos: hello person

Echo_Shora: It is not how we are doing, simply what we are doing. The how is not important, don’t ask that question ever again or I will kill you with a kitchen impliment…

Echo_Shora: I’m doing fine. ^^

Guypersonman: what is fine? I know it’s an adjective, but it’s not really something you can do.

Echo_Shora: Fine is a price one must pay, it is a price I am paying, therefore it is something I am doing.

Guypersonman: You are doing a price you must pay? Doesn’t make sense.

Echo_Shora: There is not enough sense in the world to make sense of what I am doing with my fine. >:3

Guypersonman: True enough. Nothing makes sense at this point.

Echo_Shora: sharpens his kitchen impliment… Ah but this point makes sense. stabs Victory is mine. contiues doing his fine XD

Guypersonman: Ah. Thanks for stabbing that rodent. It had started bothering me.

Echo_Shora: I know it had, afterall it tried to eat my fine. So we had a mutual enemy. The enemy of my anemomy is my friend. :)

Guypersonman: Wise words.

Echo_Shora: Words are not wise it is the person who uses the words who is wise.

Thaed: wonder where all the wise people went?


Echo_Shora: C-c-c-c-c-c-COMBO BREAKER!

SantaCat: Shush, Shora ._. Caps annoy people.

Echo_Shora: Shh Santa, Cats annoy people.

Guypersonman: Thaed.

Guypersonman: I hate you.

SantaCat: Cats with a lower case c are awesome, though ._.

Guypersonman: Ah! I don’t!

Dr_Twister: santa you and your Cats better get out of here

Thaed: :P

SantaCat: Dont feel like it, Twister ._.

Thaed: throws Guy into Dr.Twister :P

Echo_Shora: Can we play Twister?

Thaed: thows echo into

SantaCat: XD

Echo_Shora: Echo hand, Purple.

Thaed: gets flamethorrow and burns Dr.Twister

Echo_Shora: Santa Foot, Orange.

Echo_Shora: Thaed head, FIREY INFERNO!!!

SantaCat: pushes everyone over I win :l

Echo_Shora: gives SantaCat milk I double win.

SantaCat: Shora, I only accept soda :P

Echo_Shora: You’re a cat.. and a santa… YOU ACCEPT THE DAMN MILK!

Echo_Shora: Do not annoy the crazy person… results may varry….

SantaCat: re a dude…?

Echo_Shora: Lmao

Echo_Shora: Why does no one get that right away.

Serphentos: wait… Echo… i thought you were lesbian :O

Echo_Shora: facepalms

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