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Play Champions of chaos Champions of chaos Jun. 02, 2013
You can't play as a chick, the exposition chick wants to get in your pants, and then.... the last straw, the cheerleaders. I mean look at their legs. Can YOU stand like that, much less jump? Man, this game isn't quality enough to put up with bullshit sexism. That vocal audio quality was par in like, the 70s.
Play Ancient Weapons Ancient Weapons Jun. 01, 2013
Good music, shitty game
Play Space Croissant Space Croissant Jun. 01, 2013
Really great music, but is basically a blatant copy of that other game.
Play Book of Mages: The Dark Times Book of Mages: The Dark Times Mar. 29, 2013
Then it is truly THE DARK TIMES.
Play Book of Mages: The Dark Times Book of Mages: The Dark Times Mar. 29, 2013
This continues to be one of my favorites games of all time. The gameplay is epic, cathartic, and visually entertaining. The plot choices are important, fun, engaging, and quite numerous and interconnected. The customization is nigh perfect. The culture holds its own as a living, breathing fantasy world. The music's not half bad! Basically, yeah. One of my favorites games ever.
Play Space Miners 2 Space Miners 2 Jan. 25, 2013
Broken, strange, and boring.
Play Monster Legions Monster Legions Jan. 24, 2013
The game's good. But Nerdook stuff is... samey. I like that you change the music, theme, and setting every game... But the gameplay, sprites, and gui all seem stuck in the Nerdook Stasis Field. And unfortunately, the repeating elements are all the ones that I found kinda grating from the first game I played. E.g., the everpresent open black menu with the white letters feels awkwardly floaty (no solid structure) and contrasting (white on black is eye-straining). The sprites are always the same too. If you make each game have a different /visual asthetic/, at least a little bit, then everyone will find a game they are really drawn to, instead of /always/ having little hopping squarish dudes smacking eachother. While that's fine in and of itself, I really feel like avoiding the shortcut approach will make a better game. I really appreciate that you make them playable for free. Just my two cents! Keep making games, friend. You're still way better at it than me!
Developer response from nerdook

fairly written. I should do a do-over of my interface design for the next game.

Play Hero's Adventure Hero's Adventure Dec. 07, 2012
Play The Business Idle The Business Idle Oct. 29, 2012
Got the mansion, mofos. B) Me and my statistician buddy worked out how to use the gambling system for high infinite money... Still a chance to fail, but still pretty wicked
Play Coinbox Hero Coinbox Hero Oct. 27, 2012
Love the ending
Play Get Home Get Home Oct. 25, 2012
As the mountains melt together with the sunrise You tell about the time When you turned yourself into a stranger And all the chemicals were dancing in your blood When you dear suddenly felt seasick Because you thought all lies were revealed And the things that I felt when you told me About that house with that singing weather vane Oh, determined heart please translate it These cryptic messages hidden in between Her moon and her sky and her oceans Cause I don't seem to understand them anymore Now the bachelor seems to wind up in a corner And his army of lovers they have left And the brakeman is obviously sleeping 'Cause this train is going faster than light <3
Play Deep Sleep Deep Sleep Oct. 25, 2012
@9porky0: No, nothing jumps out at you. I was wondering that too. There are obviously a couple freaky bits, but they're the kind where your heart skips a beat, instead of stopping altogether ;)
Play Seedling Seedling Aug. 05, 2012
The last piece I collected was in the first dungeon. What an interesting game.
Play Nak the Crunkodile Nak the Crunkodile Aug. 05, 2012
Play a Grain of Truth a Grain of Truth Jul. 21, 2012
Endgame: Stuff I got answers from the wiseman for: Me, past, clouds, stone/rock, great oak, captain/catchers, cloth, rudowski/authors/brothers, force, bird, sleep, vision/future. That's all I got! There might be more!
Developer response from mrudi

Try "spoon" :) By the way there is a hidden easter egg in the game related to the captain story. You can use some words to get a slightly different response.

Play a Grain of Truth a Grain of Truth Jul. 21, 2012
FANTASTIC. When I play point and clicks, I usually get terribly outfoxed by fairly straightforward problems, but for me, this game seemed to hit a sweet spot where I could just sit and think for a moment or two, look around once or twice, and get it done shortly :D That is really hard to do when making a point and click, I know this. That spells major props to you fellows! Not to mention that I love the entire feel of the game, visually, interface-wise, musically, and idea-wise. Thank you so much!! I enjoyed myself :DD
Developer response from mrudi

Thank You very much for Your kind words.

Play Terra Monsters Terra Monsters Apr. 20, 2012
This is everything I'm tired of in an MMO. Great for a beginning production team's game, horrible for an innovating one's. Good work and all that, but it's just more of the same, in every way.
Developer response from SocialTitans

How is it more of the same? What would you like to see?

Play Grey Grey Sep. 01, 2011
Ah. He's a ghost. That's why he's trying to get her attention and failing, even though he's right there. The girl's not scorning him, she's just resting. He's bringing her happy memories from when they were together so they can both move on. The grave is his own; that's the reason you don't just pick up any old flower... You bring her the one she'd set next to his headstone.
Play Adventure Kingdom Adventure Kingdom Jul. 28, 2011
Considering your reply to my comment about music: (Thank you very much for being so gracious and considerate!) There's lots of fitting music for free use on Newgrounds, and some restricted but free with permission from the maker! I /highly/ suggest getting in touch with musicians from NG! Even Kong itself is started to gather a nice database of collaboration-aimed music! Hope that helps!
Developer response from Seirie

That's a really good point. We actually considered it at one point, we'll definitely take another look. I can imagine how cool the game would feel with higher quality music!

Play Adventure Kingdom Adventure Kingdom Jul. 28, 2011
NICE! I'm incredibly impressed by your effective and rapid willingness to improve gameplay! You've been so cool, I can't not get the fedora when you add gem options. Remember to include the kred -> gem option! Also, I giggled at DJ Paletteswap ;) ----- The only suggestion I have is to make it so the enemy's stats are displayed constantly. Obviously they'd not want to overlap the enemy itself, so some location fiddling might need to be done, but I feel it's very awkward to have to scroll over a guy whenever I want to figure out what attack would work the best. That would be super! Thanks again!
Developer response from Seirie

We'll definitely keep that suggestion in mind for future updates. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you are enjoying it! You'll be pleased to know that kreds will be the exclusive way to get gems.