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Play The Dice Idle The Dice Idle Jul. 03, 2013
a true classic a turning point for modern gaming this masterpiece proved that games are, indeed, art.
Play Elephant Rave HD Elephant Rave HD May. 11, 2013
It's... perfect.
Play Lost Fluid Lost Fluid May. 11, 2013
What a lovely one.
Play Brick-Force Brick-Force Nov. 24, 2012
I would really like to play with my existing account, but it's apparently impossible.
Play Just Chatting Just Chatting Jul. 27, 2012
I wish people would take the time to learn how to downvote properly. You can practice with this comment. Go ahead.
Play Soldier Diary Soldier Diary Jul. 21, 2012
1. Be trapped in a military base 2. Find a gun 3. Shoot a door open with it 4. Drop the gun
Play Sunday Jumper 2 Sunday Jumper 2 Jul. 15, 2012
Oh boy. What a legendary game. I just spent 20 minutes trying to find this or remember the name. Then it just popped in my head.
Play SWIFT*STITCH demo SWIFT*STITCH demo Jul. 14, 2012
Oh boy. I remember buying this from the developer's website. It's right there on my desktop but I have never even touched it. Maybe this demo will make me want to play it.
Play Meat Boy (map pack) Meat Boy (map pack) Jul. 13, 2012
Feels like Edmund forgot that the player can climb the borders or the level.
Play Next, Please! Next, Please! Jul. 12, 2012
A very solid puzzle platformer with perfect length and challenge. I love it how it moves between puzzle levels and levels that require platforming skills and precise stone creature placement. My heart dies a little every time I press space.
Play Wake Up the Box 4 Wake Up the Box 4 Jul. 12, 2012
It's bad design when you can complete a level by spamming a hundred balls. Distracts the player from an actual solution.
Play Toxers Toxers Jul. 12, 2012
1. Take City Chief and Reporter with you. 2. Go to an area and instantly end day. 3. Repeat. 4. Endless fast money.
Play chromatoids chromatoids Jul. 03, 2012
I wouldn't call it a bullet hell. Regardless, fantastic idea.
Play Avoidster Avoidster Jul. 01, 2012
"It’s like a regular avoidance game but with more awesome." It's like a bad excuse but for an unoriginal game idea.
Play Exit Path Exit Path Jun. 29, 2012
I'm seriously surprised by the amount of exploitable levels due to bad design. Was this game ever playtested? And no, these can't be called alternative methods when they're skipping half a level. Also, the sign collection which had potential to add optional difficulty to the game is reduced to a find-the-tip-of-the-triangle minigame. But otherwise, it's a pretty solid platformer that takes site exclusivity way too far.
Play Reactance 2 Reactance 2 Jun. 14, 2012
I really, REALLY appreciate the start muted option.
Play Jelly Escape Jelly Escape Jun. 14, 2012
Mysteriously lost my save. I am extremely annoyed.
Play Spikes Tend to Kill You 2 Spikes Tend to Kill You 2 Mar. 30, 2012
18 - Hells Mouth... I just... Umm.. Am I supposed to.. Can I? WHAT DO I DO?
Play Replaceable Blocks Replaceable Blocks Mar. 30, 2012
The way the red blocks smile while falling down towards their impending demise is quite creepy and terrifying.
Play Color Link-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Color Link-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Jan. 14, 2012
I have not enjoyed a puzzle game this much since Portal 2. Seriously. If this is an original concept, I have to tell the designers they're gentlemen and scholars. The difficulty here is perfect for me, not too hard, yet it still has a nice curve from easy puzzles to more challenging ones. I was surprised that larger puzzles weren't at all too stressful (this is something I often feel in puzzle games).