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Play NtCreature NtCreature Nov. 12, 2010
I like this, but the upgrade creature prices are way to high, spending 500 on a 1 point increase in an atribute does not make sense, for a 10% -> 15% increase maybe?
Play 10 Minutes Challenge 10 Minutes Challenge Oct. 17, 2010
Nice game, but a bit more info would be good - the effects of the big circles for example (I know the blue ones slow you down) - what do the otehrs do. Also, how do you get a level 2 sentry? 3/5 for now - good fun
Play Wingmen Wingmen Sep. 09, 2010
Played this game almost all the way through - the later levels took me absolutely ages - more control of your planes (as suggested by a previous poster) could make this a 5/5, for now 4/5
Play Skylark 3 Skylark 3 Sep. 09, 2010
Looks nice, very 1942ish, dont like loosing all my weapon levels at the end of the level but I guess it makes sense :) 4/5
Play Narcolyxii II Narcolyxii II Sep. 08, 2010
This has the potential to be awesome - as mentioned by previous commentors, it could do with some work in terms of lighting and performance on slower machines - 4/5 though - keep up the good work, hope to see an update soon!
Play Swarm Swarm Sep. 02, 2010
I liked this game, needs some more upgrades maybe but all worked fine for me (got the "you won" screen after level 10) - the lazer didn't seem very usefull though - 4/5 from me :)
Play Ye Olde Shooter Ye Olde Shooter Aug. 21, 2010
This is a fun little game, as durfat mentioned earlier,it gets pretty difficult to keep your upgrades for more than 30 seconds due to the level of bullet coverage on screen - 4/5 from me though :)
Play Space Thieves Space Thieves Aug. 19, 2010
Love this game - but does it not remind anyone of the ant defender game with the slices of cake, very similar upgrade and pricing system etc???
Play The Terminal The Terminal Jul. 29, 2010
Crikey - this is good, would be good to be able to blow up trees! 4/5
Play Defenders of the Light Defenders of the Light Jun. 05, 2010
An original TD game - I like it :)
Play Robotic Emergence Robotic Emergence Jun. 01, 2010
Good Fun game :) As a previous poster said, could do with endurance getting a bit harder - But I still played all the way through and enjoyed blatting many evil robots.
Play Laserution Laserution May. 31, 2010
Great Idea, smoothly executed. I also experienced the perma-slowed problem, when dying whilst slowed, always come back slowed. And I gave up on level 20 after 20+ attempts, just too hard for me.
Play Retro Commander Retro Commander Apr. 20, 2010
looks like it could be a splendid game, but need to do something about the controls - even if you made it auto fire that would do the trick. pressing space + controlling thrust + direct + moving mouse for fire direction is too much for my simple mind.
Play Tower defense war Tower defense war Apr. 18, 2010
Well I enjoyed this, nice graphics (towers look a tad boring and where are the rocket explosions???, but everything else looks good) - I dont like the whole moochi games & paying money thing, but it is optional so dont mark down for it, 4/5 from me
Play Paper War Paper War Apr. 06, 2010
clever idea, I would like to see upgradeable pencils (more than just the ink please!). 4/5 from me :)
Play SporeCraft SporeCraft Apr. 04, 2010
Looks great - no idea what's going on though!
Play Worm Madness Worm Madness Apr. 04, 2010
Nice game, well done :)
Play Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge Apr. 02, 2010
Anyone having the problem where the keys stop working - if you click in the window - voila, keys re-enabled :) Brilliant game 5/5
Play When The Plague Came When The Plague Came Mar. 28, 2010
Love it - zombies + upgradeable firepower = win :)
Play Deadly 360 Deadly 360 Mar. 28, 2010
Not a bad game :) Would like to see more in the way of upgrade options, but enjoyed playing though anyway