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Play The Corruption The Corruption Nov. 29, 2012
Oh, did I mention that I absolutely love the soundtrack?
Play The Corruption The Corruption Nov. 29, 2012
I like this game. Climbing works fine when you get a feeling for it. After a while I felt like nothing could stop me, and then strupidly tripped and fell. My highscore is 1248.
Play Cold Cold Jul. 20, 2012
I love that response of yours, BenSironko! Oh, and this game too. I've finished it before, so I know that is possible... ;-)
Developer response from BenSironko

Thank you! I know I've made insufferably hard games but I like to think there's value in some of them, and where would the world be without experimentation?

Play Praying Mantis Sex Fiend Praying Mantis Sex Fiend Jun. 04, 2012
I enjoyed playing this. It's pretty unforgiving, but after a while I managed to keep floating in the center of the screen and make some kills.