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Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Jul. 15, 2014
i played the first one...... really awesome to get to play this game again, amazing work.... it really shows how a proper game should be, thanks for the experience mate, amazing work!
Play Kids Vs. Ice Cream Kids Vs. Ice Cream Jul. 15, 2014
game super bugged, just a waste of time, badges broken due bugs.... 1/5, flag
Play i saw her too, with lasers i saw her too, with lasers Jul. 14, 2014
really enjoyed it, thanks for a great sequel... loved the endings
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander Jul. 12, 2014
For hard badge, i recommend clear data and skip granadier and auto rifleman. For skill, use napalm since it seems the fastest and it's useful for healing / heavy structure save. Avoid rifleman and stick to marksman/homing missile guys. Also... at some point in endless mode it gets super buggy and your squad doesnt display damage properly, and every 100m (or so from what i experienced) all your squad gets dmg... so keep that in mind to be ready to heal with remaining medpacks/skill heal. Definitely DO NOT use the rush skill it will get you killed. Take advantage of the car start to try to build up a squad, else it will be a bit hard to survive endless mode long enough to make a decent squad and keep going. The most challenging part will be to avoid the stupid 3 plane pattern with cars all over, try to move to where bombs will fall the last and just accept that you wont be able to dodge all the car bullets, sudden movements will just get you bombed.
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander Jul. 12, 2014
Kinda sad there's already a new game that's exactly the same, and both still work like crap with sudden lag spikes
Play Battalion Commander 2 Battalion Commander 2 Jul. 12, 2014
oh no! i stumbled upon a solid object! MY WORST ENEMY! *sudden death*
Play Epic Boss Fighter Epic Boss Fighter Jul. 08, 2014
Really fun and enjoyable game... great job! I find insane mod a bit cheap though, feels more like punishing than anything.... the fact that your speed cant match the enemies means that no matter the skill, some caged patterns make em unavoidable... so it ends up in a matter of luck if you last long or not
Play The Last Stand: Dead Zone The Last Stand: Dead Zone Jul. 07, 2014
was it really necessary to even make crafting of every schematics, even the ones you find, cost fuel?
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 05, 2014
how can something work this badly? its impossible to play.... gotta close browser and open all the time
Play Give Up Give Up Apr. 10, 2013
such horrible control performance as the game fills with things on the screen....
Play King's Bounty: Legions King's Bounty: Legions Mar. 31, 2013
Dont even bother with this crap, the comments warn you of the major dissapointment ahead. So heed the advice :P. Servers are rap, the game is based purely on putting money on it, matchmaking is absurd and the game itself is a -1. U can look at the list of players that were awarded something (dont care to know what), and see that they are all russians paying for that useless something. Dont bother with this and save yourselves from some major nuclear waste. If u guys are really so frustrated with pvp, stay idle and make the fight as long as possible to annoy... but i dont recommend that kind of trolling, because you'll be wasting your precious time on that.
Play The Grinns Tale The Grinns Tale Mar. 16, 2013
why would u start over? it would change nothing but set u back a lot of time, just change whatever u want in jobs and that..... and enjoy the benefits of whatever u have built so far
Play The Grinns Tale The Grinns Tale Mar. 15, 2013
@panelix while this game its pretty buggy and overall bad due money intensive and terrible balance, leaving out the graphics, you dont really need to get the badge if you dont want to. Also, it's ok for a hard badge as to time consuming.... just like papa's xxxx series. In fact if i racall correctly, the first one of those was the pizzeria and had an impossible badge also, uber time consuming to get.
Play The Grinns Tale The Grinns Tale Mar. 14, 2013
well cheruby, if u have played Nexon games before, u should know how it is :P
Play The Grinns Tale The Grinns Tale Mar. 13, 2013
well it is nexon we are talking about so.... yeah, bugs are a sure thing... and crashes are to be expected
Play APB Reloaded APB Reloaded Mar. 09, 2013
it's fun alright, i've played it too... but the spikes and lag were very crappy, the customer support null and the money influence made it like a pay2win when some weapons destroyed the game balance. That's about when i quit playing it. Other than that, Kongregate has become this.... shallow lies and money ads. Nobody believes in this bogus ratings anymore, just like with that shit "King's Bounty" and many others.... we wonder what this bogus "4.3" rating means and where did it come from, coz it sure as hell didn't come from us. The Kongregate that most of us joined and loved, sadly no longer exists.
Play King's Bounty: Legions King's Bounty: Legions Mar. 08, 2013
Just get as far away as possible from this shit. The comments hint u as how lame this game is, how broken the pvp is and how meaningless is to waste your time in it. Not even worth trying to get the pvp badge. My pity for those who even tossed a dime on this crap
Play Shadow Snake 3 Shadow Snake 3 Mar. 02, 2013
the game is really bad, the upgrading system is one of the worst i've seen in a while, and enemies spawn system is broken and overlooked. The fact that enemies can randomly spawn over you and insta kill you reflects on the poor quality of the game. Sorry to say it's a 1-2/5.
Play Bearbarians Bearbarians Feb. 28, 2013
pretty great game, nice dynamic, funny context, good upgrade system and combat. The experience curve could use a few touches, and the only thing that needs fixing is the class balance. It's pretty easy to just go mage and stand in there like a turrent with 'S' pressed down and just obliterating everything. On top of that u can blink and get a medic to defend with you for healing :P
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Feb. 27, 2013
if badges are not recording, try submiting score in the achievements menu, it did the trick for me with last badge.