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Jul 14, 2012 12:41am

For some reason, your profile caught my attention. You have very beautiful art on your webpage. Keep it up!

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Emalee_Cole Aug 11, 2012 5:07pm

Haven’t been on in a long time. It was really nice to come back to this. Thank you very much.

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Dec 27, 2011 8:59pm

Hello again! I wanted to tell you that I have another little game similar to amberial in the makings, would you like to try it out? Thanks again for your support!

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Mar 26, 2010 12:10pm

Thank you for playing and liking amberialites :)

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Sep 4, 2009 4:46pm

Hello. You recently commented on my game, Game Beta Tester. I am just leaving this message to tell you that I updated the game. Now it has 2 additional questions, Kong API, and a number of other things. Most importantly, you can submit your questins to me, via shout/whisper, and I’ll see if I can do it. Then you’ll be in the credits! …

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