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Play Cardian Cardian Apr. 01, 2011
Sorry Lunar180, I meant x3 (for the difficulty). It seems to be lower than it should be by 20 or 30 seconds.
Play Cardian Cardian Mar. 30, 2011
Best score is 3870, can't seem to beat 4000. The seconds remaining bug is killing me. 6 minutes remaining becomes 153 when it should be 360 x 2 or 720 :-(
Play Achievement Unlocked 2 Achievement Unlocked 2 Feb. 16, 2011
No save? I got 183 and closed the tab came back and started from scratch ... oh well no Best of 2010 for me.
Play Bubble Tanks 3 Bubble Tanks 3 Feb. 04, 2011
Why are people voting down the can't save comments. I *CAN'T* save. The flash pop up mentioned in the startup never appeared. There are no instructions for how to fix this. So all you jerks voting us down, provide some fixes in the comments or go to hell.
Play Bubble Tanks 3 Bubble Tanks 3 Feb. 04, 2011
Sigh. Pause doesn't work quite right and it doesn't save my progress? WTF?
Play Imperfect Balance 2 Imperfect Balance 2 Jan. 15, 2011
"The glass blocks break easily" is complete BS.
Play Adapt or Die Adapt or Die Jan. 13, 2011
Arrg! Eggs float above bees ... double clicking on them gives an annoying "you are an idiot" buzzer. Man this is such a great game to be ruined by a couple of game mechanic issues (drag and drop to move and this one).
Play Adapt or Die Adapt or Die Jan. 11, 2011
If you need to explicitly write "CLICK and DRAG" with CAPS in your instructions you botched the game mechanics. I hate click and drag games. Like to the point where I would pay Kongregate money to have a "WARNING: This game uses click and drag" on all click and drag games so I could just avoid them. This is would be an amazing game but the "Click and Drag to Select" then "Click and Drag to Attack" is just too frustrating easy to screw up in a real time game.
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Jan. 05, 2011
Anybody else find the item "undefined"? The item where the picture rotates through all the possible items? Anybody figure out a use for it?
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Jan. 05, 2011
I was a little over prepared for the final boss ... he died pretty easily.
Play Desert Moon Desert Moon Jan. 02, 2011
Gold stars on Levels 1,2,4,5. Badge for Tools of the Trade. Can't beat level 3 on Hard. Seems to be about luck ...if the hunters come in bunched the wrong way you die. The time is too short to trigger the replusor and save your flamers.
Play Desert Moon Desert Moon Dec. 18, 2010
What is the point of the base having health if the guys who get through kill all your troops and you have to restart the level?
Play Ultimate Assassin 2 Ultimate Assassin 2 Oct. 29, 2010
Invisibility is to short to be useful.
Play Wake Up the Box 2 Wake Up the Box 2 Oct. 05, 2010
Why do all these games need to include a level like level 30? I appreciate the trick but now that I've figured it out I'm just doing it over and over and over until I get the right bounce. This was a great game but now it's just frustrating and annoying. So instead of giving you 4 or 5 stars I'm giving you 1.
Play Zombies Took My Daughter! Zombies Took My Daughter! Sep. 26, 2010
Ok. Just played the game again and found Anna. The PDA popped up twice to tell me. Definitely didn't happen first time ... I just randomly got a ponytailed killing machine as a companion ...
Play Zombies Took My Daughter! Zombies Took My Daughter! Sep. 26, 2010
Arrrgggggg. Did you know the girl in green who shoots really well is Anna? I didn't. Arrrggg. Why didn't something popup saying "You found Anna" and then why doesn't she have a name. I thought I just had a survivor for the last part of the map ran out of time.
Play Castlewars Castlewars Aug. 05, 2010
OMIGOD FINALLY. You know, I actually like this game other than the quit to screw the guy that's beating you feature. Especially when they swear at me and then get to quit and screw me.
Play Castlewars Castlewars Aug. 05, 2010
Can't win 5th game. I hate the programmer now. Why is quit not a loss you twit. The last bozo even good gamed me before he quit and stole my win. Did I mention the programmer of this is a twit? This badge should be impossible because you can't beat the idiots, they just quit.
Play The Enchanted Cave The Enchanted Cave Jul. 06, 2010
Thanks, that was fun!
Play Caesary Caesary Jun. 06, 2010
Wow ... that's one time consuming hard badge. Just got my first promotion ... 2 more promotions will take a LONG time and may hours of game play.