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Height: 6’6
Weight: Approx. 400lbs w/ armor, approx. 200 without
Appearance: Tall, always fully armor with little skin showing, what skin that does show is a dark blue with dark runes etched onto it, a Horde of knee tall Goblins of multiple colors, some blue, some green, some red, but mainly Brown are always following them, and each and every one of them has something unique about them. a large lumbering axe in one hand and the glove on the other is adorned with a rather large pearl that never seems to stay the same color for more then a couple seconds, especially when he is commanding his minions.
Bio: In the frozen wasteland like cold of what is now Russia, a small town once stood in the middle, In this town was a nameless, orphaned boy, that had a special talent for magic, and just being plain violent and Brutal. One day, the boy had enough of the constant teasing and molestation of the other children, he armed himself with a crude club and used his magic and weapon to smite the children, one by one they feel helpless beneath his magical fist. After several children were found dead by magical means, the town and the entire Empire it belonged to, began to resent Magic, Armies were sent to the elvish sanctuaries, and The gnome race was hunted and almost eradicated, until it went back to the boy. On the fateful night, a small army of fifty Human troops charged onto the town, in hopes of finding, and killing the boy who started it all. They split up, being certain they could fight a small boy.. and one by one, the boy killed 25 of them, the rest, however, had stayed together, not routed from the main group like the rest. After hours of searching and relocating, The group found the boy and surrounded him, he killed two or three but it wasn’t long until they had him chained up and knocked out. When he woke, he found himself in a rather hot area, on a comfy bed, with Five brown goblins to his left, five red ones standing over his head, five blue ones to his right, and five green ones near his feet. The boy did not understand how the events lead from him being a magical captive to being captive by magicals, but the true story, was that the minions had heard of the evil and violent ways the boy killed, the little hesitation and blood shed that he could bring, and resently the minions had lost their master, being much like a body without a brain, the minions could not, and possible would nt last if the master was not replaced, it was days later then the minions wanted to get some minions out to contact the boy that they did and found his chained up and being thrown into a wagon with some gnomes and two elves. Minions, being evily inclined, could not allow treaties or peace to save their new condidate for their master, and so they killed the remaining soldiers, as well as the gnomes and the elves and carryed their master to the netherworld where he was now. After their minions temporary leader, an old, withered gray colored minion named Gnarl explained the situation. The boy did not even think about declining the offer, he took of the small blade the minions gave them and began his training, years later, he was ready to begin his revenge on the People who mocked him, and the factions that condemned him, with his new friends, his new, small, evil, powerful, deadly friends…

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