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Play Lasers & Dirt 2 - BETA Lasers & Dirt 2 - BETA Jun. 26, 2015
Thanks for keeping us up to date with news of the next update, sounds really promising! :D
Play Bear in Super Action Adventure Bear in Super Action Adventure Jun. 25, 2015
"Let's just go to the credits and play some awesome rock music"....suddenly regretting starting the game muted ._.
Play Sancho Ponchek Sancho Ponchek Jun. 23, 2015
*The left attack, hp and crit skills can still be bought after MAX.
Developer response from pixelcontinuous

Thanks, will be fixed in next update.

Play Sancho Ponchek Sancho Ponchek Jun. 23, 2015
When the % chance to get xp on attack skill is maxed you can still spend xp by clicking the button. :P
Play Mini Heroes Mini Heroes Jun. 20, 2015
Templates are broken too!!! If i have one of a template in my inventory and one in my storage and i use one, IT WILL CONSUME BOTH OF THAT TYPE.
Play Mini Heroes Mini Heroes Jun. 20, 2015
Vaults and inventories need to be kept strictly seperate, when i sell something from my inv i dont want to see it missing from my vault...its pretty unfair and confusing
Play Mini Heroes Mini Heroes Jun. 20, 2015
Why are templates from my vault/bank making their way into my inventory where ill accidently use them and get pissed off for another day or two trying to find one....
Play Mini Heroes Mini Heroes Jun. 19, 2015
Breeding is broken :/ cant hatch eggs that are ready, seems to be happening to other people too
Play Mini Heroes Mini Heroes Jun. 19, 2015
Tutorials sdhould be completely seperate from the main gameplay, which in this case it is, you are completely stuck for an hour unless you pay special currency which should ALWAYS be given back to players in tutorials, nobody wants to lose out like that....that being said put a darn confirmation on purchases :( we like our games f2p and treasure these currencies
Play Lasers & Dirt 2 - BETA Lasers & Dirt 2 - BETA Jun. 18, 2015
"The end" D: Nuuu, wow this is actually really fun once you get into it and prestige. The only problem I ran into personally was that wheni reached the stone layer and went into runes or some other tab the minimap bar would reset and stay dark, other than that really fun can't wait for updates!
Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 18, 2015
The time it takes to level our raiders up to the point that we can try harder raids now is way too high, its either leave it open all day/night or you wont get anywhere, we want faster levels/loot...slowing a games progress and nerfing everything dulls the fun.
Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 12, 2015
Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 12, 2015
Import save still doesn't seem to be doing anything, the save file location opens up, i click open...then nothing
Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 11, 2015
I kept a backup of my save, but when i try to import it it kind of does...nothing, are all of our saves lost? :'( #Alpha
Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 09, 2015
This is really really fun! Quite a lot of nostalgia from old 8 bit mmos too, can't wait for updates this has a lot of potential :D
Play Super Idle Master Super Idle Master Apr. 19, 2015
The button says +450 but...im pretty sure im still getting 150, it's definitely not 450
Play Raid Encounters Raid Encounters Apr. 18, 2015
Really fun although it seems that a some enemies are unaffected by certain elements which makes gameplay quite awkward, can't it just be a game of raw stats/dmg?
Developer response from raidencounters

Thank you for the feedback :) Some monsters have higher resistance to different elements. For example, Robots will be unaffected by Life and Plague. While that does fit what you'd expect from a Robot, I made this choice so you'd have to come up with different strategies and not just spam the Life Avatar in every situation, for example. I'll probably revisit the complete immunities in the next few updates so it's not too extreme that you deal 0 damage to those monsters with the Avatars they're extremely protected against.

Play Octagon Octagon Apr. 08, 2015
Not really like "hexagon"/super hexagon, more like Runner...still 5/5 for how fun it is :)
Play MineQuest MineQuest Apr. 07, 2015
Instant 5/5 for the beautiful, simple, polished look :)
Play Slim World Slim World Apr. 04, 2015
I think the offline progress is broken? i've come back on and all of the resources ive gained keep flowing in at a constant rate...a HIGH rate at that
Developer response from omgnoob191

Maybe you've gone out of the game, were still in the old version of the game. Now you should have everything working as it should, if not, report it again :)